Getting a good night’s sleep in the summer!!!!


Getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult in the summer. Sweltering heat and greater exposure to light in the morning hours makes the summer the hardest time for people to get quality sleep. No one likes the sticky feeling of sweating in your sheets or being awakened prematurely by the sun rising and pouring into your bedroom.

Here are a few tips that will help improve your sleep in the heat

Keep your bedroom as dark as possible……
The human body is very sensitive to light. Even when your eyes are closed, you can perceive light. When the sun rises in the early mornings the first rays hit your bedroom floor, you’ll naturally feel like waking up and it’ll be harder to get back to sleep. To counter this distraction, hang some heavy blinds or curtains in your room. This will create the illusion of permanent midnight.

Keep your bedroom cool…… Keep the A/C on all night. But, for many people this isn’t a great idea for either their pocketbook or the environment. A fan with a bowl of ice in front will keep the room cooler than usual and be a fraction of the price. If your room is warmer than the outside temperature, open a window to keep the room cool. Also, keeping your curtains closed throughout the day will keep your bedroom cooler at night

Sleep on a breathable mattress……
Your Mattress plays a bigger role than you think. A good breathable mattress will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Stay away from memory foam mattresses regardless of how cool you’re told it will keep you. Memory foam is very dense and has very poor circulation. Dormio specializes in natural mattresses, offering unmatched circulation and great breathability.

Sleep on good cotton sheets……
Sleep in 100% organic cotton sheets. You’re most likely going to perspire while sleeping through a hot summer night and organic cotton sheets breathe better, absorb moisture and wick moisture off of your body. Be sure to wash your sheets regularly to keep them fresh. If you want your sheets to be even more appealing when you slip into bed each night, hang dry them outdoors and they’ll absorb a fresh, summery smell.

Try to get rid of or minimize you dust mite exposure
Dust mites peak in the summer months. They thrive in warm, humid environments. If your mattress or pillows contain foams or feathers, they should be replaced. Chances are they’re infested with dust mites. Wool or latex go a long way in reducing or eliminating dust mite exposure.

Wear as little as possible
If you don’t have heavy curtains or blinds to block the sun’s rays in the morning, sleep masks can be very effective at helping you stay asleep when the sun hits the sky. Although this may seem a little risque, sleeping in the nude will keep you coolest, but most people prefer pajamas. Heat escapes the body through the head, hands and feet, so be sure that your extremities are uncovered while you sleep.

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