Finally – the store is open!!!! Dormio Organic Beds Toronto


We took a bit longer than expected but the extra time allowed us to try new things – the outcome is great!

Wait ’til you see what we’ve created for you!!!!!

All the bases have been covered.

The biggest and best selection ever under one roof!  I think we have created a really great and unique shopping experience!

The number of mattress feels we offer are just too many to count, the built in flexibility is out of this world and all the while sticking to our values – the product has to be natural or organic.

Our vendors have been great to work with, helping us choose the right products and going the extra mile for us.  We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their support.

Our customers are going to love what has been made for them.

Some really exciting things are going to get your attention!

Our 90 day comfort guarantee is designed to make sure you’re sleeping on the right bed.

We have l have the right pillow, pad, topper or whatever else you need to get that great night’s sleep!

Our delivery crew is ready to go. We’ll deliver your new mattress hassle free and recycle or donate your old mattress. We’ll do our best to keep it out of the landfills.

A great big thanks to Steve, you’ve been great to work with. I’m not at all surprised of what you can do but I’ve enjoyed watching you create, develop and make things happen.

Your hard work, willingness and dedication has helped make Dormio a great place to shop!

More details to follow, soon and often

Dormio organic beds…. Naturally better!

John Aprile

Finally – the store is open!!!! Dormio Organic Beds Toronto