Reasons for Expectant Mothers to Buy Organic Bedding


Pregnancy is one of the best phases of many women’s lives. That first kick feels amazing. You become extra careful to ensure your baby’s proper growth. You read books and watch videos about what you should do and what to eat. Your body goes through a lot of changes to accommodate your child. Under such circumstances, your surroundings should be dust-free and as hygienic as possible. And what about your bed? Is it healthy enough? Here are a few reasons to buy organic bedding while you are expecting.

Buying Organic Bedding

Buying Organic Bedding for Pregnant Mom

Risk factors to baby

Organic bedding is not just for pregnant women, but it is a must for them. The main reason is that non-organic bedding items often contain toxic chemicals that can even lead to abnormal brain development in developing fetuses. The flame retardants used in mattresses, sofas and other household items have reported health risks. Cancer, infertility, obesity, autism and brain disorders are some of them.

According to recent news, high levels of chemicals, including lead and mercury, in expectant mothers can result in learning deficits and decreased IQs in their newborns. Therefore, use of organic products, which includes bedding, mattresses, pillows and pillow covers, bedsheets and even paints, are best for unborn children. Pregnant women should also cut down on their use of toxic cleaners and high-VOC paints.

Sleep a Little Longer

Pregnant women also require more energy and extra healthy sleep. An expectant mother requires on average of 9 – 11 hours of sleep every night to ensure her baby’s healthy growth. Sleeping a little longer during pregnancy can help both you and your unborn child.

Since there are a lot of hormonal changes during this period, mothers-to-be may experience mood swings that leave them anxious, depressed, and pinballing between positive and negative thoughts. Inadequate sleep can exacerbate these problems. Therefore, the right amount of sleep will help calm their mood during this time.

The major issue is whether these eleven hours of sleep is hygienic and effective for the baby. If the bed sheets, mattress and room are not clean, the unhygienic ambience might adversely affect growth. Consider using organic bedding to positively impact said growth.

Pregnant Woman Sleeping

Comfort Along with Hygiene

For a pregnant woman, comfort is key. At 30 to 32 weeks, hygiene may not be your top priority but comfort certainly is. It is important to find organic items that are both hygienic and comfortable. Therefore, if you want to get organic products, it is better to rely on someone who can promise both comfort and safe material for a pregnant woman.

You will also need to plan your nursery. An organic cot with mattress may be the best option. You want to give your little one the best and purest gift, therefore parents need to be careful about what elements you choose to decorate your newborn’s room. From mattress to pillow, from toys to cutlery, everything needs to be safe.

Decorating the Nursery

The average newborn sleeps 14 to 17 hours a day. This is required for their proper growth and rapid healing, so it is important to give them a safe and clean environment. Conventional mattresses have formaldehyde, polyurethane foam and fire-retardant chemicals. These toxic chemicals can harm your newborn, including its growth.

An organic bed with a soft mattress and pillow is a great way to protect them. The nursery can be as decorative as you want, but always make sure that whatever you choose is safe for your child. There is no statutory warning on conventional mattresses, but they are still not good for you or your family.

Decorating the baby nursery.

Postpartum Stress and Sleeping Disorders

Parenthood is never easy, but it is also one of the cherished phases for both parents and children. The postpartum period, though, can be even more stressful. Babies wake frequently and parents need to adjust to taking care of them with little sleep. This can lead some mothers to experience postpartum depression. With sleep so rare, what you do get should be comfortable and relaxing. And that is best guaranteed with a neat and clean organic bed.

Organic bedding items are the best option, especially when you are expecting. Pregnancy is a special feeling, but it is also a huge responsibility. The use of organic products will make sure that your baby is protected and grows properly.

With advances in scientific awareness and consumer demand, organic beds are sure to attain even more popularity. Bedding manufacturers are constantly looking for safe and organic materials to distinguish themselves in a crowded market. Organic bedding plays a vital role in changing the aura inside your home, especially when you are pregnant.  Switching to organic bedding is a smart move that is good for you and your baby.