Dormio Premium Organic Mattress Collection


The Dormio Premium organic collection is a culmination of pure organic material, creative design and professional craftsmanship. This collection is the most comfortable, luxurious and healthy bedding you and your family will ever experience. Luxury, firm or dual comfort we’re sure one will feel like it was made just for you.

Crafted without compromise

The Dormio Premium Organic Collection — a complete mattress, foundation, bedding, and accessory line provides the ideal sleeping experience and perfect back support in a natural, chemical-free environment.

Why choose Dormio Organics?

Meticulous research has proved that natural, chemical-free materials provide the best sleeping environment for health and longevity. Only the finest materials found in nature are used: 100% organically grown cotton … soft, lightweight wool … 100% natural latex … and untreated Canadian softwood and hardwood. These products provide elasticity, breathability, and a unique capacity to regulate moisture and heat all of which contribute to the conditions for hours of exceptional, toxin-free, restful sleep.
Organic Cotton: SKAL and KRAV Kontrol

The KRAV Sweden stamp of approval, the oldest and most valued guarantee of organic standards, is respected by cotton producers and buyers around the world.

Latex: Eco Umwelt Institut Certification

Dormio Premium uses only the finest grade A natural rubber from Northern Malaysia for its mattresses, certified by a reputable certification agency from the European Union.

Wool: Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Centexbel Certification

Dormio premium uses pure wool from a small island off the coast of Netherlands. This wool meets the highest ecologic quality standard in the industry, the –ko-Tex 100 standard through the –ko-Tex Association in Switzerland.

Huge savings on all Dormio Premium Organic Mattress Collection.


This package include one Natura wool filled mattress pad, one set of Dormio bamboo sheets, 2 wool pillows ( Natura or Dormio) and one Dormio gold bamboo duvet.

Save up to $913

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