Dormio 100% Natural Latex is now Certified Organic by G.O.L.S!


Dormio natural latex has always been 100% natural.

Now we are proud to announce our latex has been Certified Organic by the Global Organic Latex Standard Control Union (or G.O.L.S.)

From their website:

“The “Global Organic Latex Standard”, GOLS in short, is the newly introduced standard for sustainable processing methods of latex products from organic raw materials. This mainly addresses the standards which need to be maintained with relevance to processing, manufacturing, packing, labeling, trading and distribution of latex products. In addition to the use of organic raw material, this standard also concentrates on aspects such as human health, safety and welfare, and environment in the manufacturing process of latex products”

It is the same extremely comfortable, supportive chemical free latex but now we have an extra little bit of peace of mind for our customers.

More details regarding the standard can be found here: