Does Your Baby Sleep on a Chemical and Toxin Filled Mattress?


Babies spend 10 to 14 hours each day sleeping or playing on a crib mattress; therefore what’s in the mattress is very important. Physicians and health care professional all agree that early exposure to chemicals can have a negative impact on a child’s health. Many researchers suspect that toxic chemicals are playing a significant role in the dramatic increase in childhood disorders. While some chemicals (pbdes) used in crib mattresses for years have been recently banned many others that have never been tested on babies are still widely used.

Some manufactures will have you believe that a limited amount of chemicals or only certain types of chemicals are ok to use in baby products. For example, food-grade polyethylene also sounds like you could eat it when in fact it is produced using petrochemicals. A foam crib mattress using food grade polyethylene and covered with organic cotton doesn’t result in an organic crib mattress, its still foam made with petrochemicals. Also keep in mind that anything claiming to be waterproof has also been lined with some kind of polyurethane or polyethylene backing.  Some will even claim they use non harmful chemicals. Why expose your new baby to any chemicals at all, and what is a non harmful chemical anyways? Who determines this and has any long term study been conducted to null any negative health impacts from these chemicals?

The other buzz words are eco friendly or green. Plant derived or soybean foam crib mattresses are at least 70% petroleum based and not really made from soybeans. Bamboo may start out organic but certainly does not stay organic by the time it’s woven into a fabric. These eco materials may sound good, but are the really natural or organic?

Babies can’t process chemicals through their system quickly or efficiently, so when choosing a crib mattress remember no chemical exposure is best. All baby organs are very delicate since they are developing so parents need to be extra cautious about what their child sleeps on.  At Dormio our baby products are 100% organic. We are committed to providing safe and healthy organic crib mattresses, organic baby bedding and crib accessories.  In our organic crib mattress selection we offer both natural latex or coil systems, always with a generous layer of organic wool and also always covered with organic cotton. Dust mite and allergen resistant, these crib mattresses are comfortable and completely chemical free. In addition, our range or organic baby bedding, pillows and accessories will turn your baby’s room into an organic sleep haven.

Just remember, a healthy baby is a happy baby! And most importantly, we as parents need to provide safety and comfort for our children and a healthy sleep is the least we can give them.

Visit Dormio Organic Beds and experience what an organic sleep system has to offer. The Dormio staff will be glad to help and answer any questions, inquiries or concerns you may have. We look forward to meeting you!