Do you need to spend $24,000 to buy a good quality mattress?


Well, you can but you don’t have to.

Magniflex, Italy’s largest mattress manufacturer was founded by Giuliano Magni over 50 years ago.  They make environmentally and technologically advanced mattresses.

They also manufacture a 24,000USD mattress called the Magniflex Gold Mattress. The Gold Mattress is a 22 carat gold yarn covered mattress. Gold possesses a natural resistance to bacteria, is anti-inflammatory, anti-stress and resistant to dust mites. The Magniflex Gold mattress uses the Magniflex Memoform Core.

This is the same core found in our DOLCE VITA mattress and available for a fraction of the price.

To rest on such a fresh feeling mattress is like resting on soft grass.

The Magniflex DolceVita Lavender mattress has an internal Eliosoftcore layer that gently supports the spine and the body lies comfortably, also thanks to a Memoform Magnifoam layer quilted to the fabric and an extra 1.25″ Memoform Manifoam layer on top of the Eliosoft layer that guarantees incredible softness. The Lavender infused cover has a breathable 3d band along the sides that allows an exchange of air between the inside and the outside of the mattress. The cover can be removed for cleaning.

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