Luxury Mattress definition


What makes a mattress a “luxury” mattress?


Are they just the same standard materials that you get on any store mattress at any run of the mill retailer?


What really sets apart a luxury mattress from a regular mattress that justifies the premium financial investment from you?


Is the luxury mattress you are considering just the same usual construction and design?


How long is the manufacturer willing to stand behind their product with their warranty?


How much of that warranty is prorated?


How about the comfort and the longevity?


The average spring or memory foam mattress needs to replaced at least every five to seven years due to wear and compression of the materials. Sometimes in as little as one to three years time.


If you like so many other purchasers have paid several thousand dollars for a mattress that felt and looked great in the store and you were sure because you had paid a large amount of money that you must have gotten a high quality luxury mattress only to discover a short time down the road the mattress had to be replaced due to wear and lack of support then you are not alone.


This is an all too common scenario. A truly high quality product such as a luxury mattress should be defined not only by its comfort but by its quality, the quality of the materials, the quality of the service and also its longevity and the manufacturer’s willingness to back their product with their warranty in writing.


Brand name mattress companies offer warranties on their products ranging anywhere from one year to twenty years. Ten years or less is more the standard length of warranty in most cases with the “premium” models at the higher end of the range but at a much higher price point of course.


Here at Dormio our standard mattress warranty is twenty years with the first ten years non-pro rated.


For a luxury mattress to truly be able to worthy of the term luxury mattress, the materials cannot be the same as any other typical mattress out there, they must exceed the standards of the conventional. If you are familiar with the retail clothing industry and the extremely high mark ups then you know your usual cotton mill is producing cotton at extremely low costs and with chemical fertilizers, rodenticides, fungicides etc.


Just like how a great chef will only use the best organic ingredients in his or her dishes, we only use the best organic materials in our mattresses. We have scoured the four corners of the Earth to bring you the best certified organic cotton, certified organic wool and certified organic latex from rubber trees and crafted them together in Canada to delight the palate of the bedding connoisseur.


What is another major defining factor of all luxury products? Exclusivity. You won’t find our beds in department stores, big box chain stores, discount retailers, ebay, flea markets, etc. Regardless of the inquiries we have had to wholesale our goods to other retailers, we have declined these offers to ensure the brand and its quality and service are represented at its best by our own staff who are not selling just any brand of many on their showroom floor for a commission.


Personalized fit. Much like a great suit made by a great tailor on Savile row in London, our extensive lineup and modular options allow us to tailor the bed to give you as much of a  bespoke feel that a bed can offer. Add to that an electrically adjustable base option and you have the continual customization at your finger-tips that even Royalty of eras gone by would have envied.


So to sum up here are the great features that make Dormio Organic Beds a luxury mattress


Highest quality certified organic materials

Crafted in Canada

Chemical free





20 year warranty

Modular adjustability and personal customization to suit your personal preferences


All these features together create the ultimate luxury sleep oasis