How to Use Decorative Pillows to Design a Stylish Bed


Much of the bedroom’s style and design revolves around how well you accessorize your bed. The blankets, duvet, and different types of pillows together can create the perfect bed. An assortment of pillows arranged strategically is the easiest way to give your room a lavish look and make your bed more comfortable. The best thing about using pillows for styling your sleeping area is that there is no right or wrong way of doing it. To ensure your bed is as healthy as it is stylish, consider organic pillows and mattresses, instead of regular ones.

Read on to find how to use the pillows decoratively to enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom, as well as the comfort.

Pillows for Home Decor

Generic Tips on Using Pillows for Decoration:

  • Mix and match

Juxtaposing different patterns or textures together can create some visual interest in your bedroom. If done correctly, it can become the focal point. This kind of décor is perfect for a bohemian themed home and eclectic style. The following are a few ways to mix and match.

  • Group different textures, prints and patterns of pillows in odd numbers.
  • Solid, patterned and floral pillows which have a similar base-colour together can become a statement style.
  • Soft pillows made of velvet or plush have a textured surface which stands out when incorporated in a cluster.
  • If you favour prints and patterns, opt for geometric print pillows as these prints complement each other beautifully.
  • Sticking to the classic colours, prints, styles and layout can never go wrong, irrespective of your décor pattern. To make this work, it is important to choose the right pillows that are decorative and comfortable to use. The best pillows for you are the ones that support your neck and shoulder ideally.
  • Solids, polka dots, chequered, Greek key motifs, animal and geometric prints never go out of trend and are universally flattering when you incorporate them in the décor.


  • Colour coordination

Matching the colour scheme of your pillows, bedsheets and the overall room décor is the essential basis of perfecting the interior. There are several things you can do with colours while arranging the pillows for the bed.

  • Make sure the pillows are cohesive. If one of the pillows in the cluster is a solid colour, the other pillows with patterns must have similar shades along with other colours so that the overall look is balanced.
  • Metallic coloured pillow cases are very vibrant, particularly if the overall colour scheme is neutral and the room has a minimalist theme. However, ensure there are other similar metallic accessories around the room.
  • Bold colours can uplift the somber mood that a neutral colour scheme imparts. If you want to transform a neutral colour-based bedroom quickly, choose the best pillowcases in deep and bright shades.
  • Using monochromes is a fail-proof way to colour-coordinate your room. It is versatile enough to strike a balance in a brightly decorated room as well as in a neutral décor.


  • Abundance

This décor strategy with pillows is particularly suitable for a medium to large bedroom. Too many pillows that are neatly stacked not only imparts a cozy ambience to the room but it is very comfortable too. The key is to use different types of pillows which have different functions. Choose a few kapok pillows or other organic pillows which you will be using while sleeping to get a sound sleep. Here are some ideas on how you can stack excess of pillows without the result being messy.

  • Make a faux headboard by stacking pillows of different sizes against the wall. This can be a very comfortable arrangement to rest your back as well. Stack them such that the size decreases progressively with the largest against the wall and the smallest on your bed.
  • The arrangement should be neat and well-maintained- if your stack is tumbling down it will make your room look messy.

Make Your Bedroom More Stylish the Organic Way

While styling your bed is all about the aesthetics, it is important to keep the health factor in mind as well. Your bedroom can become a healthier place to sleep in if you replace ordinary bedding products and accessories with organic ones. For instance:

  • Use organic pillow covers instead of regular ones. Organic materials like kapok pillows are more breathable and comfortable to sleep on.
  • Choose rugs and blankets made of natural fibre which are comfortable. Avoid embroideries and textures which are rough as they can feel bumpy when you lie down.
  • Arrange organic soy candles, essential oils and diffusers to create a serene and calm ambience.

Pillow Arrangement Tips for King-Sized Beds

King-sized beds are the most spacious, meaning you will have more space for decorating with pillows. Here are a few layout plans which you can try when you have these beds:

  • Place three extra-large pillows against the headboard. Add another three large pillows against the previous stack. Next, set two medium sized pillows against it followed by a large bolster positioned centrally in front of the formation.
  • Place three or two extra large pillows against the headboard followed by two medium-sized pillows against them. Add three accent pillows of varied size in front of the formation in a triangular form or staggered.

Pillow Arrangement Tips for Queen-Sized Beds

Queen sized beds are slightly smaller than kings, but still gives you enough room for pillow décor. However, you cannot use as many pillows here.

  • Keep four standard sized pillows in two rows- one against the other followed by a bolster placed in the middle of the formation.
  • Pile four standard sized pillows one above the other against the headboard with two in each set. Place two accent pillows centrally in front of these piles.

Pillow Arrangements for Twin Sized Beds

These beds are ideal for a small bedroom with limited space and the number of pillows you can use will get limited too. Here are a few formations you can try:

  • Place a standard pillow against the headboard followed by a euro pillow against it. Finish the look by placing an accent pillow in the front.
  • Follow the same placement pattern as the formation mentioned previously and replace the accent pillow with a bolster.

Arranging a few pillows properly can give your bedroom an instant facelift at the minimal cost, making it a great way to alter your bedroom décor. The key is to have an eye for selecting the right pillows and juxtaposing different textures, prints, and styles together.