Customizable Organic Mattresses. Soft One Day, Firm another…..You Decide!


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It‘s amazing how many people associate a firm mattress to be good and a soft mattress to be bad. In fact either firm, medium or soft may work for any individual depending on body weight, height, body shape, sleeping position, health conditions and personal preference. That is the reason dual comfort mattresses make so much sense. Age will also be a factor when choosing the firmness. As we get older, our circulation is not as vibrant, our veins and arteries have less elasticity, and this means that a firm mattress that may have been comfortable when you were younger may now create pressure points that reduce circulation to different areas of your body creating muscle pain and soreness. This is the reason most sleepers have to change position frequently throughout the night or wake up in the morning feeling tired and sore.

Modern commercial mattresses are designed to provide mattress shoppers with a surface that produces an instant soft gratification. Pillow-top mattresses are ideal if the sleeper wants to be surrounded by a soft layer of comfort. However if you have purchased the correct mattress firmness you should not need a pillow top for functional support. A soft pillow top will almost always result in a permanent body impression that will be created over time. A natural latex mattress with a soft natural latex layer topped with wool will increase air circulation beneath the body and reduces pressure points, while always returning back to shape.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the firmness of your mattress:

Sleeping positions should play a part on the type of mattress firmness that is suitable for you. As a rule stomach and back sleepers would be better off on a firmer mattress while a side sleeper requires a softer more forgiving surface.

Weight and height should play a part on the type of mattress firmness that is suitable for you. Generally a heavier person requires a firmer mattress than someone who is lighter

Body shape should play a part on the type of mattress firmness that is suitable for you. Usually someone with more curves requires a softer mattress that someone with less curves.

Your sleeping position, weight, height and body shape is probably different that your sleeping partners sleeping position, weight, height and body shape. Shouldn’t you get a mattress that is right for you?  You definitely should, but that doesn’t mean you and your partner have to share one mattress type!

At Dormio Organic Beds, we are able to offer this feature to our clients because most of our mattresses are dual comfort. This means, you and your partner can individually have your preference in mattress firmness while sleeping on the same bed. And the best part is the mattress layers are changeable within the comfort of your own home. If you want your side of the bed to be softer or firmer, you can simply interchange the layers of the mattress and obtain your desired mattress type.

For example, our Dormio Pacific Organic Mattress consists of 4 layers of 2” natural latex, 3 on each side of the bed and one top piece of 2” pillow top. The cover is organic cotton quilted to organic wool.  By moving these layer up or down you can achieve different comfort levels.

See the picture below for a better visual.

Now it will literally be “my side, your side” or better yet “my organic side, your organic side”.

Let us customize your side and then the other side and put it all together in one mattress. It really is that easy. We have the best selection of organic customizable mattresses anywhere. In-fact this is our specialty.  Dual Comfort and Organic Mattresses, it can’t get better than that!

Drop in and visit our showroom or even better call us and book an appointment and let us show you what real rest on a real mattress is all about.