We understand that strong Customer Servce is the key to our success!

We are a different kind of store. This is evident as soon as you enter. Our showrooms are clean, quiet and have an air of total relaxation. We take the confusion out of mattress shopping. Each mattress is on display in different available comfort levels, clearly priced for each size. We believe in giving you all the tools available, for you make a good informed decision. We encourage you to remove your coat and try our beds. All of our mattresses have clean sample pillows and a clean foot protector for your shoes…… LET THE DORMIO EXPERIENCE BEGIN.
Whether you want to shop by yourself and refer to the wall charts explaining the mattress composition or engage our very knowledgeable sale staff, you’ll find shopping our store easy. Our goal is to simply provide you with the tools you need to make the best possible decision. Buying a mattress doesn’t have to be confusing.
Comfort and support are the two most important aspects when choosing the right mattress. We’ll recommend certain units based on size, weight and shape of an individual. When we are dealing with 2 persons on the same mattress we recommend accordingly never forgetting about individual needs. You would be amazed on what we can put together for you. You don’t have to settle, we can make your side of the mattress just the way you want it. Dual comfort and support is the norm for us.
So, spend as much time as you want or need when you visit us. We’ll make sure to greet you at the door and make you feel welcome right away. Tell us that you need our help and we will gladly assist you or take your time and try things out by yourself. Everything in the store is clearly priced and easy to try. Our website is always on and ready somewhere in the store if you want or need to reference something. There’s a small play area for kids if you happen to bring them with you and a movie is always ready to be loaded and keep them entertained while you shop.

Comfort Exchange:
“At Dormio we really take the time to find the best mattress for you.  Our sales process isn’t rushed and we will analyse your posture on various mattresses with different firmness levels to find the right one for your body type and preferences.  Occasionally, some customers discover after sleeping on their new mattress for a time that they would prefer something softer or firmer.    To ensure you have the mattress you need, we offer our comfort exchange program. Our zippered design allows us to change layers within the mattress to adjust the comfort level.  If within 90 days of delivery you want to make a change to the firmness of your mattress, let us know and we will make the adjustment right in your home for local customers, or via courier for out of town customers.*

*Applies to mattresses only.  Comfort exchange options limited to scope of firmness choices available to that particular mattress.  One comfort exchange available per mattress or one comfort exchange for each side in the case of dual comfort mattresses.  California King & Twin XL sizes excluded from comfort exchange program.”