A Complete Guide to the Benefits of Silk Duvets


Silk has remained a symbol of luxury for centuries. The long threads of the fabric are highly durable and give a luxurious feel to touch. This lightweight material is extremely gentle on the skin, which is why it is preferred for making comfortable organic duvets and other bedding products.

Silk duvets are chosen for their ability to regulate heat and prevent sweat. You can count on silk duvets if you are looking for a good night’s sleep. They outweigh their counterparts made from duck or goose down feather, which are known to cause allergic reactions and make you more prone to serious health hazards. This blog-post from Dormio Organic Beds, reveals the advantages of choosing silk duvets over other variants.


Why Choose Silk Duvets?


Adjustable to any season, silk duvets offer several benefits. Read on to know in detail about each of them.

·       Breathability

This natural product is much more breathable than synthetic fibres and maintains comfortable body temperature at all seasons. Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk there is, making these products very sought after. Natural silk is hypoallergenic in nature, making it a great choice for people with allergies. It is resistant to dust mites and bacteria as well. But you will need to keep them in organic duvet covers for better protection. You get a much healthier sleeping environment with cotton or silk duvets rather than down feather ones, as they are anti-fungal too.

·Effects on the Skin

The benefits of silk on the skin is a well-known fact. But how does it work?
Well, it has a lot to do with the different qualities of the material.

  1. It’s 100% natural, and the amino acids present in the product matches that of the human body. These acids help moisture penetrate the skin, naturally healing it.
  2. The second quality has to do with the durability of the product. Silk is lightweight and 75% stretchable, which means that a 10 cm (4’’) material can be stretched up to 17.5 cm (6 1/2’’). The half a mile-long fibre gives the fabric its lustre and extra smooth surface.
  3. The natural material helps in making your wrinkles appear much smoother and removes marks.
  4. Silk does not absorb face cream which is an issue with other materials. So, you get the benefits of both the products, (the cream and the duvet) all night, and after being well-rested, you wake up replenished.

·Body-Fitting Material

Silk-made bed linen fits your body like your favourite sweater. It is soft and flexible compared to a down feather bedding. Down duvets may be soft too, but nothing compares to the feel of silk, the smoothest material there is.

·Hair Care

How can silk be the reason behind a good hair day you ask? Well, the natural protein present in silk protects your hair from drying out and becoming matted overnight.

  • High-Quality Thermal and Humidity Control

The method in which silk strands are processed is an intricate one. It involves placing the silk strands on top of each other till the desired weight is achieved. This design is the reason that silk can regulate heat according to your internal body temperature allowing the heat to escape while keeping you warm and comfortable underneath. The texture of the product allows a cozy and warm feel in the winter while keeping you cool and comfortable in the summer. According to a study by the World Health Organization, the thermal effect caused by silk, when used in bedding products, is unparalleled.

  • Comfort and Feel

If you are yet to be convinced about why you should opt for a silk duvet, then you need to experience sleeping in it at least once. The light, airy feel of the material will help you get good sleep all year round. The fabric drapes your body snugly without the heavy feeling of a down filled duvet and you will love cuddling up with it.

·Low Maintenance

The natural silk fibre is resistant to mould and mildew which makes maintaining it much easier. Also, silk causes less sweat, which means less body oil is released and the prevention of bacterial growth on the sheet. Since you don’t need to clean them as often, their quality and durability are retained for longer. The lighter feel of the bed linen makes changing your bed a fun and easy activity as well.


Silk Vs Wool


Wool is also a popular choice when it comes to organic luxury duvets.  Other than lanolin, which is washed away during processing, the substance is chemically inert, has no sign of dust mites, and is a rather stable material. The absence of lanolin removes the barnyard smell from your wool duvet. And even though sheep don’t like being sheared, it is a humane part of ovine care to free them of their fleeces to prevent overheating. Wool absorbs moisture from your body because of its ‘wicking’ properties and keeps you warm but not sweaty. But this substance is expensive and not washable in machines. Therefore, silk remains a little ahead in the contention.

Silk duvets are very low-maintenance, suitable for all seasons, and is within your budget. When you contact a top organic bedding store for a new duvet, these qualities are what you need to consider to ensure a good night’s sleep.