How to Choose the Right Density for Your Memory Foam Mattress


When buying a memory foam mattress, one of the most important things to consider is its density. Density plays a significant role in determining the quality, durability and comfort level of your mattress. If the density of your memory foam mattress is not appropriate it will affect your sleep as well as health. Many buyers fail to understand the concept of density and end up buying just another mattress which is neither comfortable nor durable.

Today’s post discusses the concept of density and how to choose the right memory foam mattress for you.

What’s Foam Density?

The density of memory foam determines the firmness of a mattress. It is expressed in pounds per cubic foot (lbs/ft3). For instance, if the foam density of a mattress is 5 pounds per cubic foot, it means that every foot of foam weighs 5 pounds. Denser foams mean more material is used to make the mattress and it will provide greater support to the person sleeping on it. However, the firmness of foam is not dependent on its density.

Which One to Choose?

Broadly speaking, memory foam mattresses are available in three densities, low, medium and high. The most suitable density depends on what the buyer wants.

Memory foam with a density of 3 pounds per cubic foot or lower is called low-density memory foams. They feel softer than other mattresses and allow you to sink into it. This density is ideal for people who want a nice soft bed at an affordable price as less foam is used to build the mattress. People with a tight budget often opt for low-density foam mattresses but too much sinking into the mattress can affect your sleeping posture.

Medium density memory foam has a measurement of 4-5 pounds per cubic foot. It offers a perfect combination of comfort, durability, and support at reasonable prices. These mattresses allow you to sink without much resistance thus offering a comfort and support to your back while sleeping. It’s a good option for an average sleeper. Consider a medium density memory foam if you’re a first-time buyer.

High-density memory foam measures 6 pounds per cubic foot or more in density. Most of the mattresses available in the market are high-density foam as they offer excellent durability and support. They’re a little expensive compared to other mattresses but provide more support and firmer base foam for greater comfort. It also has stiff support to your back and molds according to your body to relieve pressure joints. If you’re suffering from a backache and want to improve your blood circulation, then high-density memory foam mattresses are the best bet for you.

Consider the foam’s density before buying a memory foam mattress. It plays a vital role in determining the level of support and comfort you get while sleeping on the mattress. If you’re not sure about the density, then buy organic mattresses made of all natural ingredients that allow you to sleep with comfort.