How to Choose the Best Mattress for an Aching Back


Several factors can cause you to suffer from an aching back. Wrong sleeping posture and the wrong mattress are the major ones among them. Replacing your old bedding with a new ergonomically correct mattress may be a bit expensive, but it can prevent back pain due to sleeping on a hard surface. The firmest bedding being the best for an aching back is a myth, because there is not one single type that suits everyone.

Here are a few factors you need to keep in mind to choose the right mattress when you are suffering from chronic back pain.

Alignment of Your Spine

Maintaining the right posture while sleeping is crucial because bad posture is a major reason for back pain. Every individual has a different body type, and the preference of firmness varies accordingly. For example, a relatively softer surface may be better for people e with wider hips, while a firmer one works better for someone with a narrower hip bones structure.

Your spine has three sections, which are:

  1. The “C-shaped” curves of the cervical spine of the neck
  2. The lumbar spine of the lower back
  • The reverse C-shaped thoracic spine of the mid-upper back and chest

A mattress that is too firm or soft, will not be able to support these curvatures of your spine at the neck and lower back the way it should. The best you can do is make sure that all the natural curves of your spine are maintained when you are trying out a new bed.

Level of Comfort

It is important to strike a balance between the comfort level, spinal alignment and support of your bedding. Since sleeping on a surface that is too firm will cause pain on the pressure points of your body, choose a medium-firm one to allow your shoulder and hips to slightly sink in. If you are under any medical treatment and require firmer bedding for supporting your back, then you can get one that has thicker padding for the extra comfort.

Ideal Sleeping Temperature

If your body gets heated while sleeping, it can be frustrating.  A lot of factors like your bodyweight, the climate, age, lifestyle, and the structure of your home can cause this. If you want a cooler sleeping experience, then you need to rethink your sleeping arrangement of your bed first. When you are considering the comfort and support of the bedding, make sure that the material has breathability to keep you cool while you sleep.

Level of Firmness

If you are confused about the firmness of your bed linen, then the best thing to do is to choose a medium-firm one. Although there has not been much research on the subject matter, one particular study shows that the people who sleep on a medium firm mattress, tend to suffer less from back pain than those who sleep on firm ones.  Another study that supports this research, says that a medium-firm surface can reduce back pain by 48%. A product like the Dormio Premium 11 comes with 5 different levels of firmness and gives you the control to choose the support level of 15 different options.

Physical Parts of the Mattress

Mattresses have a different number of coils and springs in them.  For pain relief and a comfortable sleeping experience, you need to choose the coil number, padding type, and thickness level according to your own preference. Traditional innerspring mattresses will not be able to provide you with the amount of back support for pain relief, especially if you are a side sleeper. This is mainly because side sleepers tend to put a lot of pressure on their hips and much of the body weight is transferred there while sleeping on an innerspring. To make things worse, they don’t even support your waist and as a result, your spine contorts, Thus, choosing a memory foam mattress or a natural latex alternative can be the best solution in this situation.

Need to Buy a New One?

Everyone sleeps better on a new bed, regardless of the model. Just like everything else, your bedding has an expiry date too, and you need to assess the right time to replace it with a new one. Putting boards under a sagging mattress is not a long-term solution, and you just have to accept when it is time to let go. The medium to higher-priced beds can provide you the comfort and support that you want, despite the model type.

Additional Tips

  • Sleeping in an inclined or semi-upright position with the help of an adjustable bed can often prove to be more relieving than lying down flat. These beds are not just advantageous for those with orthopaedic problems but can help injuries heal much quicker by improving circulation in the affected area.
  • Supporting your back with pillows by leaning on the wall is a thing of the past. In today’s fast paced lifestyle, you can use your bed to work in a comfortable position.
  • If you spend a night in a hotel or a guest room and wake up pain-free, don’t forget to note down the model number of that mattress for future reference.

Always give your new mattress some time before you can make a decision.  And remember that, the right bedding, together with proper pillows and correct sleeping postures can help minimize your back ache.