6 Top Reasons to Buy Organic Wool Pillows for Your Toddler


When it comes to buying pillows for your toddler, you need to be extra careful to make sure they’re made from organic, eco-friendly materials. Doing so helps prevent respiratory problems, allergies and other health-related issues. Natural materials are non-corrosive, making them more suitable for your little one’s gentle skin. Additionally, no synthetic materials or harmful chemicals are used during its manufacture, making it the safest option.

By using an organic wool pillow, you ensure your toddler is safe and enjoys a peaceful night’s sleep. Wool pillows are especially ideal for children with sensitive skin.

Here are some reasons why you should buy them for your toddler.

Why Choose Organic Wool Pillows for Your Toddler

For parents looking for a chemical-free pillow, look no further than organic wool.

1. Peaceful Sleep

Wool is a natural material that promotes sound, comfortable sleep. Wool pillows help toddlers remain in the REM (rapid eye movement) portion of their sleep cycle longer, which is necessary for their development.

These soft and comfortable pillows also help reduce disturbances during the night. Since wool responds to fluctuations in body temperature, it prevents them from experiencing sudden chills or overheating.

This quality also makes them great for use all year round. During spring and summer, woollen pillows wick away moisture from your toddler’s skin to keep it cool; during winters it helps them stay pleasantly warm. This also makes it a great choice for young children who experience night sweats or hot flashes while they sleep.

2. Hypoallergenic Material

When parents think about pillow fillings, they generally think of goose feathers and synthetic fibres. However, these materials aren’t great for neck support, and most options aren’t allergen-free. Wool, being naturally hypoallergenic, helps prevent skin rashes and common allergies.

It can also absorb and release moisture rapidly, making it naturally resistant to mould and mildew. To keep your toddler’s bedroom free from allergens, which can put their health at risk, use organic wool mattresses along with using woollen pillows.

3. Fire Resistant

One of the main components of wool, lanolin, makes it naturally combustion- and fire-proof and therefore a safer bedding option for toddlers. Additionally, no harmful or toxic fire retardants are used during the manufacturing process. These pillows also pass through strict flame-retardant tests without the use of any artificial chemicals.

4. Sustainable

Wool is a biodegradable material that is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

For best results make sure that the manufacturer only uses wool obtained from sheep raised in a cruelty-free environment. Your best bet is to choose eco-friendly organic wool pillows.

5. Firm and Soft

Wool pillows are great for toddlers as they offer great head support while they sleep. The material adjusts to the weight of their head and averts neck pains common to sleeping on the wrong type of pillows. It’s this natural softness along with durability that offers the right balance and optimal support to ensure your toddler gets a peaceful night’s sleep.

5. Heat Regulation

Contrary to popular belief, wool isn’t an insulator but a regulator. This means it can regulate body temperature in the same way that it does for the animals from which it’s obtained. As body temperature increases, wool transfers both moisture and heat along its fibre and simultaneously releases it into the drier and cooler environment. Also, when temperatures cool down, it can retain heat and offer a snug and cozy material upon which to sleep. Organic wool pillows follow the same process. However, the more the material is spun and woven, the more chances it has to lose its ability to regulate heat. So, it’s best to buy products that are made using wool the same way as it is found on the sheep’s skin.

Your child’s safety is your top priority. By investing in a wool pillow for your toddler, you ensure they sleep on a material that resists mildew, mould and dust, making it a good choice to ensure their health and well-being. Additionally, these pillows will help your little one sleep comfortably while having no contact with harmful chemicals.