What Are the Benefits of Latex Mattress Toppers?


A mattress topper is a removable piece of bed linen that is placed on top of your mattress for increased comfort. A good topper strikes a balance by providing support to a mattress that’s gotten too soft while providing softness to the one that has become too stiff without reducing its support. An organic latex topper is a great tool for adding some extra mileage to your mattress. You may argue that a new topper is unnecessary as the bedding already come with padding, but these are more than just covers for your bed.

Here are the reasons why you should consider getting a latex topper.

Benefits of Organic Latex Toppers

  • Cost-Effective

There arise situations, where you don’t always need a new mattress but can enhance the qualities of your existing one. Maybe your bedding has gotten older and just needs a little extra support. Whatever the situation is, a good-quality latex topper is a much cheaper option in increasing the life span and comfort of your old bed linen. This way, you save a lot of money while resting peacefully on your bed.

  • Free of VOC

Even everyday items in your home can emit harmful VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds. These chemicals enter your bloodstream through breathing and cause numerous health hazards for years. This is often the most looked down upon issue when it comes to your home, but you can significantly improve your health by reducing the VOCs on the mattress. Natural latex toppers are 100% VOC-free and you can rest assured without having to worry about harmful chemicals being released into the air.

  • Hypo-Allergenic

This is a crucial point if you are suffering from allergies. A product like the 100% Organic Wool 4” Soft Dormio Stratford Latex Topper is naturally hypoallergenic, prevents the spreading of various allergens, and is resistant to dust mites, bed bugs, fungi and mould. This is a blessing for people with allergies or asthma. 

  • Pressure Relieving

The pressure-reliving property of natural latex toppers is what sets them apart. This is very beneficial in combining comfort and support to relieve the pressure and pain from your hips, shoulders, knees and back. Regular padding is not always sufficient to provide the right amount of support to obese people. If you want to enjoy the full benefit of pressure-relieving, then a 100 percent natural latex is just what you need.  The 2” soft Hudson Latex Topper with 5 lbs of wool has a G.O.L.S (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified latex core to draw tension and stress from the body to give you a weightless night’s sleep.

  • Antimicrobial

Microbes thrive in the layers of materials that provide the warm dark depths, perfect for holding moisture and create the nesting place for sickness causing microbes. The topper works as a barrier between you and the bed because natural latex mattresses and latex toppers are hostile for these microbes to flourish.

  • No Unpleasant Off-Gassing

100% natural latex toppers do not off-gas, unlike some mattress toppers and hybrid latex toppers, which emit a foul smell from the time of packaging. Not only are these gases unpleasant, but they cause headaches, asthma attacks, and even distress to your upper respiratory tract.

  • Cooler Than Most Toppers

Most toppers consist of a memory foam layer to hold the warmth, that causes sleep disruption and makes you sweat more in the middle of the night. The breathability factor of organic latex foam wicks away your body moisture. This helps in keeping you cool in summer while giving a cozy feeling in chilly winter nights. Also, the extra moisture works as the perfect breeding space for disease-causing microbes. The wicking nature of a latex topper keeps the balance between body heat and moisture so you get to sleep peacefully without worrying about germs.

  • Environment-Friendly

Latex comes from a natural resource, the sap of a rubber tree. Even the vulcanization method of creating foam is eco-friendly. Since no chemicals are used in the entire process, it is not harmful to the planet. These products are 100 percent recyclable too. The best part is that they increase the longevity of your regular bedding, so you don’t need to throw them out in the landfill. So, the next time you buy a natural topper, you can feel good about the contribution you are making to the planet.

  • Long Lasting

Each product is different from the other in terms of features and level of durability. Sadly, while most toppers work as a temporary way out, organic latex toppers can provide a long-term solution. Latex toppers are made with the same quality material that is used for manufacturing latex mattresses and have about the same, 20 years long, lifespan. 

  • Excellent Motion Transfer Eliminating

If you are sleeping beside a partner, then your sleep can get disturbed with their tossing and turning. With the motion transfer elimination feature of latex foam toppers, you can sleep without any trouble.

When Are Latex Toppers Most Beneficial?

Above are few reasons mentioned to explain why people opt for latex toppers, but the “when” is just as important as the “what”. Here are a few situations when these are going to be perfect for you.

  • If you have a spring bedding that is a little out of shape, but you are not quite ready to part with it yet.
  • You just purchased a new bed, but it doesn’t seem to provide the same level of comfort as a mattress.
  • Your needs have changed over time because of an injury, illness, surgery, pregnancy, or even due to ageing. Changing your mattress at the drop of a hat isn’t always pocket-friendly and you can create the same effect with a less expensive topper.

When it comes to latex mattress toppers, each manufacturer has something different to offer. Dormio Organic Beds offers 100 percent natural latex toppers that are two to four-inch-thick with distinctive firmness levels. Feel free to explore our collection that comes in various sizes like twin beds, twin XL, double, queen, king, and California King, and are available with 100% organic cotton covers.