Avoid Toxins and Chemicals in your Bedroom! Switch to Organic Mattresses and Organic Pillows to Sleep Healthy


Toxic emissions from bedroom chemicals can be one of the most significant source of daily exposure to pollution and the cause of countless maladies. Yet when was the last time your doctor asked you what you sleep on.

We believe beds are the most overlooked culprits in people’s health problems.

Some people will argue that they don’t experience any noticeable reactions to their bed; even so you are being exposed to low level dosages of chemicals that can create havoc with your health.

There’s no way one can avoid all of the chemicals that surround us on a daily basis. But one has to try. Make your home as chemical free as possible, drive a car with a good air filter or cultivate an organic garden to help avoid every possible chemical.  We have seen an increase in all things organic and now if you think about it, you spend maybe 30 percent of your day in your bed so shouldn’t this be organic?  It would only make sense to ensure your mattress and bedding is organic. Switching to organic mattresses and organic pillows, will make help reduce the toxins and chemicals from your bedding bringing you closer to enjoying a healthier lifestyle

Information about chemical exposure is not easily found, most of the general population is still under the illusion that government agencies are protecting our health and that product labels give them accurate insights into product health risks.

Avoiding environmental contaminants in your mattress and bedroom is not that difficult.

Switching your family over to organic beds is easier that you think. Changing your pillows to organic pillows made with organic wool and cotton is a great start. Tackle the bedding next, the sheets and duvets and you’ll feel the difference this small step can make. The most significant difference will come when you replace those expensive, popular brand name mattresses with true organic mattresses.

Remember that a healthy sleeping environment will give your body a chance to recover from the toxins and stress that it is exposed to throughout the day. Given the fact that we have almost exclusive control over our furnishings we put in our homes, it is up to us to safeguard our health by making our bedroom as healthy and environmentally safe as possible.