Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Natural Mattress


There’s a good chance it’s been a while since you went mattress shopping. After all, the average lifespan of a natural mattress is approximately eight years, depending on the quality of materials and how well it’s taken care of. Other varieties, like natural latex foam mattresses, can last even longer.

We understand that it can be overwhelming to choose the best option from so many choices. To help you make the right choice, we have compiled this list of mistakes to avoid when buying a mattress. Take a look, so you know what not to do when shopping for a natural mattress, whether you want a latex foam mattress or any other variety.

Let’s get started.

Natural Mattress Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

Let’s explore some of the most common mistakes made when shopping for natural mattresses and how to avoid them when buying.

1. Don’t Buy Based on Someone Else’s Experience 

It’s natural to ask friends for their opinions about big purchases. But when it comes to buying a natural mattress, keep in mind that your body is different from theirs. Plus, we all have unique preferences in terms of mattresses, and the one we purchase should fulfill these needs.

For instance, you may have issues with your back or shoulder and prefer sleeping on a softer mattress. Someone else may prefer a firmer surface. Your sleeping position plays a big role in choosing a suitable mattress and may not be the same as the person making the recommendation.

So, whether you are searching for a natural or organic latex foam mattress or an organic cotton one, stay away from specific recommendations and focus on your own experience.

2. Don’t Choose the Least Expensive Option

Who doesn’t love a great deal on household items? But when it comes to buying a mattress, the cheapest option is unlikely to be the best one. Inexpensive mattresses are generally made using a single piece of foam and don’t offer good support to the back, spine, shoulders or hips. Plus, they aren’t built to last and will likely need to be replaced sooner than a higher-quality variety.

Instead, you should be able to purchase a comfortable, supportive and affordable natural mattress from a reliable provider. Remember, some mattresses may cost more than others within the same price range. For instance, innerspring and memory foam mattresses typically cost about the same, but latex foam mattresses tend to cost a bit more because of the cost of harvesting latex and manufacturing.

3. Don’t Limit Your Options to What You Know 

The mattress industry is continually evolving thanks to advances in technology, so it can be scary to try out a new product. If you spend time researching your options and find one that seems like a good fit, you may be compelled to purchase it. In such instances, it’s best to find a mattress company that allows you to try the product before you commit. Fortunately, many mattress companies offer a trial period on their products. This gives shoppers the freedom to try out a product while still having a way to opt out if they realize it isn’t a good fit.

4. Don’t Buy Without Checking the Return Policy and Warranty

Before buying, determine the store’s return policy and product warranty. Avoid stores that charge you for returning an item or offer a warranty of fewer than 10 years. Reliable mattress providers typically offer a minimum 10-year warranty and easy returns.

5. Don’t Pick a Mattress That’s Too Soft or Firm 

Many people think a firm mattress is very supportive. However, mattresses that are too firm can be uncomfortable, as they may exert too much pressure on hips and other pressure points. Alternatively, soft mattresses can cause back pain as they don’t amply support the spine.

The secret lies in finding a mattress that isn’t too firm or soft. Speak to your mattress provider about your sleeping position and ask for their advice.


The most important thing is to find a mattress that offers great support to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. Along with helping you get the rest you need, it will prevent aches and pain in the morning. An unsuitable mattress can result in a wide range of problems. That’s why it’s best to consider these tips before purchasing any product, whether it’s a latex foam mattress or any other natural mattress option.