The Amazing Health Benefits of Silk Bedding

Silk Bedding Health Benefits

Silk duvet covers can help you change the way you sleep. Along with being a luxurious addition to your bedroom, it has several health benefits. Though slightly expensive, it’s a natural fabric which makes it easier on your body. It also responds well to your body temperature. It’s known for being soft on your hair and skin and is a highly breathable fabric. Here are some of the top benefits of silk duvet covers that make them a worthwhile investment.

  • Helps prevent overheating

This is perhaps one of the most important advantages provided by silk bedding. When sleeping under traditional bedding, your body heat and sweat tend to get trapped under the covers with your body. However, this heat and moisture are efficiently vented away with silk bedding. It’s a well-known fact that silk wicks both moisture and heat away twice as fast as cotton does even though cotton can reduce the humidity present in your bed by up to 50%. This means silk can help keep your body at the perfect temperature even on the hottest of nights. The result is you receiving a good night’s sleep and waking up feeling fresh in the morning.

  • Reduces allergies

Allergies can be reduced by removing extra moisture as it prevents allergens like dust mites from living in your bed. This also allows you to breathe easier at night. Additionally, silk is a naturally hypoallergenic fabric. Many people have allergies to cotton or other cheap materials whereas very few people have silk allergies. Thus, you’ll never wake up sneezing or coughing when sleeping under silk bedding.

  • Decreases chemical exposure

Another reason for you to choose silk bedding for your home is that it reduces your exposure to dangerous chemicals which may be used in other kinds of bedding. We are exposed to various chemicals all the time throughout the day. Cotton is usually treated with various harsh chemicals making it wrinkle and fire resistant. Hence, when sleeping under cotton bedding, these chemicals tend to rub against your skin while you sleep at night. You also breathe them in all night long. However, pure silk bedding isn’t treated with any chemicals as doing so may ruin the soft and smooth texture of the fabric. Silk is naturally wrinkle-free and fire-resistant. Hence, you’re protected against exposure to many of these chemicals when sleeping on pure silk bedding.

  • Aids in soothing sore skin

Another benefit is that silk can also help soothe sore skin. It does this by being extremely soft. When sleeping on silk bedding with a rash or sunburn, the fabric glides over the sore areas. Cotton bedding on the other hand, catches on uneven and broken skin, which can irritate it even further. Silk doesn’t chafe the skin and the rash or sunburn has a better chance of healing faster.

  • Improves your complexion

The smooth and sumptuous texture of silk doesn’t just help improve sore skin; it can also help improve your overall complexion. Since it’s so smooth, it reduces the friction caused by your skin. This results in your skin looking even and clear. Your hair doesn’t tear while sleeping on a silk pillow which also helps give it a healthy shine.

You can see the many benefits that silk bedding provides. It greatly improves the quality of your sleep along with your overall health. Because of these qualities, it’s no wonder many people can’t sleep on anything besides silk bedding.