All Natural Latex Mattress Buying Tips


Look for 100% natural latex and don’t be afraid to ask about their source for their latex and what process they use for making the latex foam.

Always purchase from a reputable company. You can usually tell how a company operates by the neatness or chaos in their showroom.

Always purchase from a company that offers a vast selection of natural latex mattresses. A selection of one or two mattresses is like having no selection at all.

Look for mattresses that offer different comforts for different sleepers.  Dual comfort should be the standard not the exception. If you are sleeping with a partner you should not have to compromise your personal comfort. A good quality all natural latex mattress will offer a different feel on each side.

Look for mattresses that are built in layers allowing you to change the comfort of the mattress. After all, these mattresses may last up to 30 yrs and you may want to change the feel in the future.

Ask to see certificates for the components in the mattress. It’s easy to say things are natural or organic but the proof is in the certificates.  Ask to see these certificates to make sure they exist.

The warranty should be a minimum of 10 years – a 20-year warranty is best.

Shop at retailers that specialize in these types of mattresses.

Make sure the outside mattress cover is produced from a breathable material – very important so the latex can breathe. Wool and cotton seem to compliment latex best.

Opt for latex mattress construction that features Dunlop latex . Dunlop latex provides good support.

Latex mattresses are delivered most frequently via freight delivery companies who will not bring the mattress into your home due to the weight of these types of mattresses. Look for retailers that offer full service. Delivery and set up.

An all natural latex mattress may be just the right fit for you, but take your time researching the companies and the products to ensure you get the best mattress for your needs. A serious natural latex mattress retailer will have dozens of units to choose from.

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