7 Tips for Finding the Perfect Organic Mattress for Couples


Choosing the best organic mattress for you and your partner is tricky. Individual specifications such as firmness and motion transfer need to be considered. Couples often have different sleep preferences; meaning it’s common for one person to sleep well while the other stays awake and uncomfortable.

A good night’s sleep is essential for both your physical and emotional health, while poor sleep can take a toll on the best relationship. That’s why a bed that’s comfortable for both partners is incredibly important.

To ensure both you and your partner get good rest, you need to select your mattress carefully. Here’s how.

How to Choose the Perfect Lovers Mattress to Sleep Comfortably

Finding the ideal organic mattress for you and your partner is challenging. You need to consider several factors including sleeping preferences, weight and support. Tough job? Don’t worry! We can help.

Here are seven key points to consider when purchasing an organic mattress as a couple.

1) Evaluate Your Needs

Start your search for the perfect organic mattress by discussing what’s wrong with your current one. Then decide what you need to look for in a new organic mattress to better your sleeping conditions. For example, if your partner’s feet routinely extend out over the end of the bed, the problem is the mattress’s size. Or, if you’re waking up with body aches and soreness, then it isn’t supporting you properly. This discussion should result in a list of what each of you wants in a mattress to narrow down your search.

2) Get the Right Size

Couples that have full or double mattresses often complain of having less room per person than if they sleep alone on a twin-sized mattress. It’s advisable to purchase either a queen or king-size mattress to get adequate space for both partners.

For example, if you prefer sleeping close together without struggling for space, queen size is ideal. If you prefer more space, make it king size. If you and/or your partner are tall, consider a California king size mattress as it’s longer than traditional king size.

3) Look for Great Support

Couples with a significant difference in their weights can fail to get proper support when sleeping, especially if their mattress slopes in the middle when the heavier partner rolls. As a result, their spine isn’t aligned, causing neck and back pain.

That being said, couples resting together exert more pressure on the mattress which is why an ideal couples mattress should have individual weight distribution on each side. Your best bet is to avoid mattresses for a box-spring (they’re bouncier and less stable) and choose an organic latex mattress that offers excellent support and quality material. The heavier parts of the body, such as shoulders and hips, sink into the latex, yet lighter areas are still strongly supported to align the spine naturally. Furthermore, with good pressure distribution, blood circulation is improved.

Organic Latex Mattress

4) Check for Motion Transfer

When one partner tosses or turns, the other partner shouldn’t feel it. If you’re wondering how to reduce motion transfer in bed, you need a mattress ideal for a restless partner. An organic latex mattress is a solution. It supports your back and has a motion transfer elimination feature so your slumber isn’t jeopardized because of your partner’s sleep habits.

5) Strike a Balance Between Durability and Noise Control

When looking for a perfect lovers’ mattress, consider both situations of sleeping all night and not. (You know what we mean.) An organic mattress is both durable and silent.

6) Test Out the Options Together

When buying an organic mattress as a couple, it’s best to test out the options together as a mattress that’s comfortable for you may be uncomfortable for them.

When you find a mattress that interests both of you, remove your shoes and lie on it for about 20 minutes. (If possible, lie in the position you and your partner typically fall asleep in). Roll around and see if your partner is being disturbed and whether you’re both getting ample room. You may feel awkward at first, but it’s common to test the mattress before buying.

7) Customize Your Mattress

A couple’s mattress that offers dual comfort through customization is perhaps the best choice. This type of mattress allows you to adjust the thickness and firmness on both sides. This way, neither of you needs to compromise your comfort

At Dormio Organic Beds, you can pick different firmness levels in one mattress. Our Premium, Premium Gold and Premium Plus Collections offer dual comfort, internal layering and zippered covers to adjust each side of the mattress according to your needs.

Whether your partner is restless or taller, finding the perfect lovers’ mattress is complicated. It needs to be comfortable for both of you when you’re tired and, let’s say when you’re not. Keep these tips in mind when you go on a couple mattress shopping. Remember, a great organic mattress will help you relax and sleep better, thus enhancing your relationship, and will turn bedtime into the best time.