6 Benefits of Organic Duvet Covers (Updated for 2020!)


Organic bedding products like duvet covers have gained in popularity recently as consumers become aware of the impact their product choices have on the environment.

Several surveys also indicate a shift in consumer purchasing decisions. According to the 2019 Canadian Consumer Insight Survey, 33% of respondents were willing to pay a premium for non-food items that are either sustainably or ethically produced. Another survey found that consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious with their purchases. This can include choosing ‘green’ duvet covers over synthetic ones.

Apart from being sustainably sourced and manufactured, organic duvet covers have other benefits that make them popular among homeowners.

Read this post to learn how using them can help you and the environment.

Why Choosing Organic Duvet Covers Is a Good Idea

With more consumers willing to buy eco-friendly products, sustainably-manufactured items like organic duvet covers have gained in popularity. They’re not only beneficial for our planet but our health. Here’s why.

1) Say Goodbye to Allergies

On average, we spend about 26 years sleeping and 7 years trying to sleep. That’s a lot of time spent with bedding. If you use non-organic duvet covers, you’re exposing yourself to chemicals as they’re made with cotton harvested using chemicals and pesticides. The dyes used to colour the covers are also chemical-based. Prolonged exposure to these products can trigger allergic reactions in those with chemical sensitivities, causing respiratory and skin-related issues.

While non-organic duvet covers can put you at risk of several health issues, organic ones are hypoallergenic. Made of sustainably-sourced cotton or a bamboo/cotton blend, they’re free of both chemicals and pesticides, thus making them ideal for children, infants and people with chemical sensitivities.

2) Contribute to the Health of Your Planet

Organic duvet covers are made with organic cotton harvested with untreated seeds. It takes less water than regular cotton (as crop rotation is practiced) and is produced using natural predators to kill pests. This is unlike non-organic covers that contain synthetic fabric or conventional cotton harvested from genetically modified seeds using more water and pesticides that damage the soil. In short, when you purchase duvet covers made from organic cotton, you’re not only contributing to your health but that of the planet.

You can learn more about the difference between the production of organic and conventional cotton with the help of this infographic.

3) Sleep Comfortably

Duvet covers made with organic cotton or bamboo fibres have natural antibacterial properties that wick away moisture. These fibres have large pores for airflow to maintain an optimal sleeping temperature; this helps you stay cool at night. They’re also lightweight and soft to the touch which enhances your overall comfort when you wrap them around your body while sleeping.

4) Easy Maintenance

Many homeowners shy away from buying organic bedding because of the misconception that it’s difficult to maintain. The truth is that washing duvets covers and maintaining them is easy.

First, it’s perfectly safe to wash them. In fact, the washing process softens them. And as they’re made of natural cotton, there’s no need to add fabric conditioner. Just make sure you follow these tips to ensure your organic bedding stays in good shape.

  • Wash duvet covers separately to avoid pilling due to abrasion from other fabrics.
  • Don’t wash in warm water. This can harm the natural fibres.
  • Choose a cold wash (preferably 30°C to 40°C). High temperatures can shrink the fabric.
  • Don’t use bleach or bleach alternatives as these can cause discolouration.
  • Put the machine on a gentle, hand wash or delicate cycle.
  • Remove the covers immediately after washing to prevent creasing.
  • Air dry them outside as putting them in the dryer weakens the fibres.
  • Do not place them directly in the sunlight. This can cause discolouration.

5) Enjoy High-Quality Bedding

The harvest method is one of the reasons why organic cotton provides higher-quality textiles. Therefore, duvet covers made with organic cotton are durable and comfortable.

Conventional harvesting machines mix cotton with the seeds and oil of the plant. Harsh chemicals are then used to clean the cotton and further process it. Organic farmers, by contrast, pick the cotton by hand which results in a much cleaner product.

This method doesn’t require any harsh additives. The cotton is cleaned with vegetable-based soaps and hot water rather than chemicals, thus producing a high quality, biodegradable material that won’t wear down easily.

In short, buying an organic cotton duvet cover ensures that you get premium bedding without compromising on product quality.

6) Use the Bedding in Many Ways

Although the duvet covers mainly protect duvets against dust and dirt, they can be used in multiple ways. Let’s find out how to use a duvet cover

An organic duvet cover is a versatile bedding item. It’s also an excellent replacement for a blanket in summer and can be used as a soft top sheet when synthetic sheets irritate your skin. Since organic duvet covers come in a wide variety of colours, you can use them as bedspreads to enhance your bedroom’s aesthetic appeal.

Choosing organic duvet covers is a great way to improve sleep quality while incorporating environmental awareness into your life. They reduce hidden chemical dangers, temperature issues and allergies provoked by non-organic bedding.

Incorporating sustainably sourced and ethically manufactured products like organic bedding into your life ensures that you’re doing your bit for the planet. The best part? You don’t have to compromise on comfort or product quality to make an eco-friendly decision.