5 Tips to Choose the Best Organic Mattress for a Good Night’s Sleep

Organic Mattresses


It’s time to bid adieu to toxic mattresses and choose organic beds instead. We all have purchased different kinds of mattresses in our lives. But, buying an organic mattress is a slightly different process and you need to follow certain tips to get the right one for your room.

Here are five tips that will help you in buying the appropriate organic mattress for your cosy space. Keep reading to find out more:

  • Consider the materials

Unbleached, without any chemical treatment materials, are the mattresses to look for in an organic mattress. If you think checking the outside is enough then think again. You need to check the inside of the mattress and not just rely on what you see on the outside. Once you’re sure of all the materials and that they are untreated, you can go ahead with the selection.

  • Check deeply

If you want to be super sure with the materials used for the organic beds then you have to be extra cautious in knowing the sources of the materials. If the citations are not labelled, you can demand the details.

  • Don’t avoid a product just because it’s labelled ‘latex’

The term ‘latex’ refers to something that is made from a rubber tree. This means that the presence of latex in a mattress doesn’t mean that it isn’t chemical-free.

When latex is compared to other man-made products, it’s proven to be longer-lasting because of its similarity to rubber.

  • Never select spring for padding

You shouldn’t opt for spring or coils for padding in an organic bed. Always select the mattress that has natural foam and will provide a firm support to the back when you lie down on the toxic-free bed. This also prevents dust mites the possibility of colonizing your sleeping space.

  • Don’t compromise on the size

Consider the space needed for tossing and turning, whether you sleep alone or share the bed with someone.  Make sure that you have at least one foot of space on all sides.

Following the above-mentioned tips will aid you in buying the best natural eco-friendly bed for your comfort. You can also ask around for suggestions from your friends and neighbours if they have purchased any organic beds recently.