5 Benefits of Organic Duvet Covers


The popularity of organic duvet covers has been rising over the past decade. People are becoming more aware of the impact of their consumer choices on the environment.  Organic duvet covers are made with cotton, using environmentally friendly methods. It doesn’t contain synthetic chemicals or genetically engineered substances. It’s grown without pesticides and proves to be a more suitable option than its non-organic counterparts.

  • Healthier beds

On an average, people spend 6 to 8 hours a day in bed. This is the main reason it’s important that all bedding materials promote our health, rather than diminish. Organic cotton duvet covers are hypoallergenic because of the lack of additional chemicals used while harvesting or producing the materials.

People with chemical sensitivities are at risk from non-organic sheets as they can cause respiratory or skin-related problems. Hence, switching to organic duvet covers is extremely important for those with known sensitivities, especially for children and infants. The pesticides, chemicals and dyes can cause a variety of reactions.

  • A Happier Planet

Using organic materials, including duvet covers is good for the planet. Cotton farmed conventionally is taking a huge toll on the planet since farmers use a lot of insecticides to save the crop. The growth of cotton promotes the use of a lot of dangerous pesticides which can easily enter the food chain through run-off water.

Choosing to use organic cotton supports farmers who commit their lives to growing high-quality produce without using toxic methods. Farmers using conventional farming techniques can use this as an incentive to switch to organic methods, improving the overall land quality and health of farmers.

  • Greater Comfort

Organic duvet covers feel better than other materials. The fabric has much less contact with harsh chemicals. This results in a softer experience. The weaving of the cloth determines how soft or crisp the material feels against the skin. Rather than using chemical processing, the weave is used to achieve the desired softness and density. This results in a consistently soft fabric, even after multiple washes.

Organic cotton duvets are naturally breathable and keep away moisture, keeping your body temperature regulated throughout the night. This enhances the comfort provided by sheets made with organic cotton.

  • Natural Durability

Organic cotton duvets aren’t only durable, but also bio-degradable as they are produced using sustainable methods. Though man-made fabric can prove to be quite durable, it won’t break down naturally once it’s worn. The methods used for their production are also not sustainable.

  • Higher Quality

The harvest method is one of the reasons why organic cotton provides higher quality textiles. Conventional harvesting machines mix the cotton with the seeds and oil of the plant. Harsh chemicals are utilised to clean the cotton and remove the other materials.

Organic farmers pick the cotton by hand, which provides a much cleaner product. This method doesn’t require any harsh additives. The cotton is then cleaned with vegetable-based soaps and hot water, rather than with chemicals.

Choosing organic duvets for your bedding is a great way to improve the quality of sleep while also incorporating environmental awareness in life. It reduces hidden chemical dangers, temperature issues and allergies, which can occur from conventional materials.