Hi Dormio,

My wife and I visited the store in Vaughan and what a fantastic experience it was! The day before, we were shopping at a well-known outlet store and I was disappointed at their lack of knowledge regarding added fire retardants and for this reason, I chose to refuse my pregnant wife’s almost newly bought pillow and returned it to the cashier. I then had one upset and angry wife. I promised her the next day “don’t worry, I will find you a wicked store and get you an amazing organic pillow”. Well I don’t know how I found the store, but I did! Needle in the haystack. I was very impressed with the concept of the store and thoroughly enjoyed meeting Laura, the store representative. Not your typical “shark attack salesperson” by any stretch. She treated us with a huge amount of respect, was attentive to our many needs and details, and allowed us a good chunk of her time to go through the ins and outs of the various products. In my modest opinion, Laura is an example of how a customer service rep should be, sincere, friendly, patient, approachable, above and beyond and most of all what struck me the most is how much dedication she has towards her profession. 10 out of 10! Will shop here again in the future!!!


Hi John

Received our order on Tuesday and wanted to let you know we were quite impressed with Khurram. He was very professional, courteous and polite. You are blessed to have such a great employee!

May you all have a wonderful Christmas and all good things to come in the New Year.

Thank you for all your help and expertise! Be blessed and be a blessing.


-Charlene from Caledon


We live in Ontario  Canada,  about 200 miles west of Toronto  and like many of your writers, our old King Size Pillow top bed had seen better days and we (particularly my wife) were beginning to not sleep very well.   After much research (lots on this website) we decided to go with split king, adjustable base and all natural latex mattresses.

We looked around online but based upon your advice, we decided we should look only at brick and mortar locations where we could actually experience the bed we were looking for and based upon this thread, we found ourselves making the trip to Toronto (three times) and “shopping” at Dormio Organic beds.

Selecting a bed from Dormio is not “shopping” it is an experience and a destination.    Their soft and “attentive to your needs” approach is educational and enlightening and at no time did we feel pressured into making any decision whatsoever.   During our initial visit we zeroed in on what we thought we wanted (two Lambert Twin XL mattresses (Premium Plus Collection) and two Leggett S-Cape adjustable Twin  Beds).   Then went home to think about it and returned a week later to confirm, sealed the deal and also ordered some bedding and pillows.   Initially we dealt with Steve (who had to take some time off for a new baby (good reason) and then John, the owner and both were truly enjoyable to deal with.

The bed and bases took about two weeks to arrive.   Due to our distance from Toronto we decided to pick up and assemble the bed ourselves.   John had convinced me that mattress assembly would be simple and due to Dormio’s individual zippered section design, it absolutely was.  He also convinced me that the S-Cape bases required very little assembly and this was also true (but they are heavy)  – the only thing I can recommend is DO NOT INSTALL THE CASTERS – the bed will be too high and in a King configuration you will not want them moving around anyway.   The other thing I am happy to report is that the entire purchase DID fit in our Dodge MiniVan and whoever invented stow-and-go seats, is a genius.    We were very apprehensive about this but everything fit, we got it home and with some borrowed muscle (my son) got everything in the house, assembled and then fit the bases within our existing custom king bed frame and then assembled the mattresses sections on top of the bases, ALL WITH NO ISSUES and all within a couple of hours.

So here is the acid test.   It is now a little over a month later.    We did spend a lot of money (got the mattress underground discount (thank you! ))   But WE ARE VERY HAPPY WITH OUR PURCHASE.     We are getting older, so uninterrupted sleep is seldom but we are definitely more comfortable.  The adjustable bed is wonderful when you wake up due to arthritis pain and need to just “doze” in a supported position and it was a “Godsend” helping me sleep elevated, during a terrible cold with bad chest congestion.

Sleeping on Latex is hard to describe.  It is both soft and supportive.   I am an over-weight, side sleeper,  so I was concerned about this but I can happily report  that our Latex mattress is providing both the support and conform that I require.   Also, some people worry about the split down the middle with a split-king – don’t worry about it, it is not a problem.


– Larry via http://www.themattressunderground.com/
Hi Steve

Happy to have slept in the new mattress last night. Wanted to say that Khurram was a delight. You’ve got a great team member there.

– James from Toronto


Wow Steve

I am very impressed with your determination to get me those beds! I haven’t seen that level of service for quite some time!

– Magi from Toronto


Hi  Steve

Things have been hectic with the move, and It is only now that I have time to thank you for getting that Erinn Bed, rushed on special order, together for me.  It is a beautiful bed (the plum stain is awesome) and assembly was no problem.  Thanks again for making it all fall in place. You guys have a great business: a class act!

– James from Toronto

Dear Margaret and Steve,

Just wanted to say thanks for expediting our new bed. Having it here in time for my surgery was fantastic. The new bed was where I was spending most of my time post surgery, and it was wonderful not to have pressure points and to be able to adjust the bed to suit sleeping, reading, and watching TV. I can’t thank you both enough for getting the bed to us just when I needed it the most.

– Karen from Mississauga


Hi John

Thank you so much for convincing me to buy the All season Silk duvet. It is nothing less than fantastic. Upon all your recommendations I finally had a great night’s sleep. I noticed the duvet cover I inquired about has a zipper. Thank you for finding out that info.

Best regards

– Joy from Toronto


Hi Margaret

We have been using the mattress, bed and pillows for 7 weeks. No back ache for me so far.

For sure we will recommend Dormio to our friends.


– Elizabeth from Toronto


We have never slept better!
Thank you
– Norman from Toronto

Hello John. I wanted to convey to you how much my husband and I are enjoying our new bed. I will honestly tell you that it is the most comfortable, luxurious bed I have ever slept on.  As you said to me in your shop, it has truly changed my sleep experience. The service and set up was excellent and was done in a timely manner. I am exceptionally satisfied with the quality of your product. Thank you kindly.

 – Cynthia from Toronto

Thanks Steve.  Appreciate your extra effort to land the delivery date. Your guys were excellent. I look forward to doing business again in the future. Cheers!
 – Rob

Hi Lance, I just wanted to say we are loving the new bed. Cheers,
– Toby

We‘ve received our mattress today. We are very happy, it’s so comfortable!! And all’s perfect.
 – David from Quebec

My Fiance and I normally do not post reviews unless the company and products are exceptional. We have been in search for an organic mattress and bedding and came upon Dormio which is conveniently located.  We spoke with Lance who was extremely knowledgeable about the products and walked us through the entire store.  He was patient and understanding of our explicit needs. After testing all the products and Lance’s expert advice we decided on the Stratus mattress in king, merino wool duvet, one shredded latex pillow and one knotted wool pillow. It has been a few weeks since we started sleeping on the mattress and bedding and it has been a dramatic difference from our previous innerspring mattress. We have a much more restful sleep as we tend to toss and turn much less. There is very little movement between people and there is excellent back support. The merino wool duvet is a dream. It regulates the heat, so you are always in a cozy warmth even in the coldest days of Toronto. The pillows are supportive and comfy. We are excited to go to bed every night and enjoy a restful and peaceful sleep. Thank you to Lance who helped us make one of the biggest decisions of our life. As well as thanks to John and Steve for their assistance and easy transaction. 10/10 extremely pleased!
-Rob & Liz from Toronto

Hi John, Happy 2015. I am sending an email just to let you know I am sleeping much better on my new bed!”
– Nicole from Toronto

I recently purchased an organic mattress complemented by a wonderful bed frame, organic cotton sheets and duvet from your Dufferin/Castlefield location. I have a new found appreciation for what a comfortable and well rested sleep should naturally feel like — what an amazing bed! Lance was a very knowledgeable and trusted source of information, Steve was very helpful in managing our order with the manufacturer and Troy provided us with a cheerful and comprehensive delivery experience. I can’t say enough great things about dealing the all the folks at Dormio. They sell fabulous products and make the buying experience painless and seamless. A great bed is an investment — we spend almost a third of our lives using it, so making a well informed choice in a quality product is key.”Thanks guys!”
-DOUG and THERESA from Toronto

Delivery guys just left. They were fantastic and very professional. Bed looks great!! Thanks again.
– Jason from Toronto

Hello John and Steve, “Finally I came to the moment after 1 year to give you the praise that you both deserve from your personal level of courtesy, to every question I had before and after I had purchased my wonderful bed set (mattress, box, platform) I mean the whole set, including the silk mattress cover my wonderful wool pillows and my comfortable wool duvet. I love it all. Keep going with your wonderful products. My sincere wishes to you both in the continuation of your success and prosperity.”
– Idalina from Mississauga

I was Extremely happy with both product and service received.”
– Agra from Mississauga

Just wanted to send a quick email letting you know I received my order. I am very happy with the sheets and duvet cover and will definitely order from you again!”
– Christy from Mississauga

“The mattress is heavenly. Just what I needed.”
– Andrej from Toronto

“We received our Cradle wool pillows and they are great!”
– Philip and Susan from Iqaluit, Nunavut

“From the moment we walked into the Dormio store until the delivery of our mattress, the whole experience was wonderful. Thank you very much John for your professionalism, honesty and for sharing your knowledge/wisdom.”
– San from Scarborough

“Hi Steve, So far the bed/mattress is all we hoped it would be. Very comfortable! We also loveddealing with you and John at the store. We would highly recommend you to anyone!”
– Claire from Cambridge

“Hi John and Steve, I haven’t gotten back to you guys to say that our bed is phenomenal and we’re very happy with our purchase. The whole experience has been great!”
– Jim and Julie from Nova Scotia

“Hi John, WE LOVE OUR MATTRESS and pillows!!!”
– Athena from Burlington

“John, I LOVE my Alpaca pillow. It feels so luxurious! Down-like, yet no creatures were hurt (or worse) in the process. With my 5-yr-old, I also don’t have to worry about any allergic reactions.”
– Sue from Guelph

“To John and Steve, I am so impressed with the service and products I received at your store, that I wanted to write to you and extend a big THANK YOU! for all your time and help in purchasing our new bed. The selection of healthy sleep options at Dormio is amazing. The custom made bed arrived in a short amount of time and Steve even came to our home to assemble the bed frame. I am also grateful for how easily you accommodated special requests for pillows and different topper sizes! You clearly went out of your way to make sure that our mattress and accessories were the right fit for us. We love our ‘Crescent Moon’ duvets. They are a perfect weight and comfortable in the summer and winter. We love our pillows and we love our bed! I am happy that our family is sleeping on a bed that is comfortable and healthy 🙂 Thanks again!”
– Kelly from Oakville

“As a kinesiologist, I work with people recovering from injuries, trying to improve their fitness level and in need of ergonomic education.What a lot of people don’t realize is how much dysfunction can occur in the body during a night’s sleep. If you spend 6-8 hours in bed in a poor position or with improper support, it can leave you feeling sore, stiff and not rested for your day. This will translate into less energy, poorer eating habits and decreased motivation for exercise. Don’t underestimate the value of a good nights sleep! Since purchasing my mattress at Dormio, my husband and I are waking rested and without the usual stiffness. It has improved our energy levels for the entire day. I will happily refer more clients to Dormio for their thorough service in helping people choose the right mattress for their needs.”
– Christina from Oakville

“Great Mattress Steve! It’s the perfect firmness and height I wanted! Am enjoying the rest it provides! Thanks for everything!”
– Louise from Richmond Hill

“Thanks Steve, Mattress is great. Huge improvement. If only life wasn’t so busy and we could spend more time in bed!!”
– Tom from Mississauga

“Dear Steve, “I can understand why your customers like your pillows so much. I have had some really good night’s sleep thanks to you. Thank you so much! See you again soon.”
– Barb from Markham

“Dear John and Steve, Thank you for sourcing the organic shredded latex pillow inserts for our new throw pillows. Having enjoyed our Premium shredded latex queen size pillows in our bed for the last six months now, it was only natural that we would want the same quality insert for our throw pillows that are used constantly on our two sofas. Your commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction is second-to-none!”
– Paul and Katia from Woodbridge

“Hi, John: Your service and products are top quality, and you are very personal with a great attention to detail. Our puppies love their mats, and lay on them lots, even though they are allowed on the couches! John goes out of his way to customize for individual needs – we asked for organic pillows with only 1/2 the stuffing to use in travel and night-time crates and John made this happen for us, for which we are eternally grateful as our puppies have allergies and need to be exposed to as few chemicals as possible. Having organic bedding in the crates and mats in the living room has made this possible, and has given us peace of mind. No more worrying about fire retardant chemicals soaking into vulnerable puppies’ bodies. It is possible to get creative with items… just wander around Dormio and ideas will come to fit your individual situation and John will be happy to take the time to consider & discuss the carious options with you along the way and make something for you! John has compassion and integrity and will do all he can to make you & your pets happy & satisfied!! Thanks so much!”

– Inge and Jim from Toronto

“Steve, Just wanted to let you know that my wife and I have been sleeping on our Siesta mattress for the past couple of weeks and its been fantastic! We both have not slept this well in quite some time. Thanks again for all your help and expertise.”

– Anthony from Toronto

“John and Steve, Now that I have had time to experience sleeping and napping on my new bed all I can say is WOW! It’s like being on a cloud. Very comfortable. It was worth the wait. The sheets also are incredible. Soft and warm to the touch.I also appreciate that the bed had no strong odour when first used. You know how a new article can have a strong initial chemical smell when first removed from the package. The bed had none. As well the delivery service was on time if not early, polite and efficient. Thank you.”

– Andrew from Toronto

“John and Steve, I don’t think about you guys that much, since by the time my head hits the pillow I’m out like a light! Thanks a lot the bed has changed my life!”

– Jeff from Georgetown

“Dear Dormio, We have had a couple of bad experiences when purchasing mattresses in the last few years. Tom did quite a bit of research to find out what the best mattress was for the both of us. Armed with this information we specifically sought out a latex mattress with the possibility of a dual sided mattress. We found in the mainstream market most mattress salespeople didn’t know what they were talking about. When we brought up questions about the type of latex or ILD numbers they could not provide any of this information and brushed it off as if it wasn’t important. We were pleasantly surprised by the knowledge that John and Steve have regarding the product they sell. Not only knowledgeable and friendly but very customer focused. We ended up purchasing the Dormio Embrosia Plush Organic mattress with a 6 inch firm core. On top we have a 4 inch medium on Mary’s side and on Tom’s side went with a 4 inch firm on top, due to the difference in our alignment when sleeping. Since receiving our bed we have noticed a big difference in how our bodies feel. We weren’t specifically looking for an “organic mattress” but we also went with the organic bedding to give it a try and we were very pleasantly surprised with the results. Mary’s breathing has significantly improved, and no longer wakes up with a stuffed head or itchyeyes along with the elimination of pain in her hips and back. Tom has suffered from back pain for years and after the first night it feels like his lower back is now in its proper position. His back continues to feel better daily. Who knew that proper spine alignment when sleeping would make such a big difference! We would recommend trying the Dormio difference. The product is fantastic and the service amazing. You will be pleasantly surprised.”

– Tom and Mary from Hamilton

“John, I wish you much success with Dormio and I hope I have the opportunity to buy from you again or send you referrals. Keep up the great customer service and amazing products. You would do great in Montreal. Thank you for everything and for giving megood night’s sleep again.”

– Maria from Montreal

“Dear John and Steve, I wanted to let you know that I really like my new Dormio Beds mattress. Ilove how it feels and I like knowing that I’m not being exposed to all ofthe chemical off-gassing of other mattresses.”

– Michelle from Oakville

“Hi, Steve. I am loving the mattress!I haven’t slept this well in many years.I didn’t expect to sleep this well, ever. It still amazes me that I can feel each set of muscles relaxing before I fall asleep.I love that.(I was used to getting more and more sore as the hours passed on my old mattress.) It is rather difficult to get my kids off of my bed at times, but I really can’t blame them. Thank you so much for your guidance!”

– Lorraine from Mississauga

“We love the new queen bed. So much in fact that my husband has actually started dreaming again!”

– Katerina from Ottawa

“Thanks Steve. By the way, the delivery folks did a good job. Very polite, on time and shoes off without asking. Really nice people.”

– Terry from Toronto

“One thing that’s improved my sleep in this heat was getting my daughter a new bed. How has that helped me, you ask? Well, I can count the times the little dear’s slept through the night on one hand in her 4 years, but since getting her new bed, that’s just what she does. Every night! John and Steve have a thorough understanding of that quaint notion we used to call customer service; they carry exceptional products and stand by them. I can’t waitto get a Dormio bed for myself! See you when I win the lotto!”

– Laura and Marina from Mississauga

“This is to let you know how very happy we are with the new bed.It is so comfortable we are getting a wonderful sleep.With the new latex mattress, wool pad & wool pillows we no longer wake up sweating in the middle of the night or morning.In this summer heat we stay comfortable & I am sure this is contributing to our goodnights sleep.My husband has a shoulder injury from a motorcycle accident from 30 years ago; it causes him a lot of pain.With the new mattress his shoulder is feeling so much better & he doesn’t have any pain!!We know this is a lot of money to spend on a bed but believe me a good night’s sleep is worth every penny! We were delighted with the helpful & informative staff at Dormio Organic Beds.The delivery went smoothly & we were very impressed with the entire experience.I havejust ordered the King Duvet made of wool & based on everything else we have experienced to date I know I will love it. We have told our family & friends to go to Dormio Organic Beds as we have been so happy with the product & the service.”

– Susanne & David from Mississauga

“We are now happy sleepers! Thanks to Steve and John for their exceptional service and communication as we awaited 3 different mattress sets for our family. We highly recommend Dormio!”

– Wendy from London

“Hi Folks, The Dormio natural latex ‘Wonder bed’ arrived and to sleep is now a treat. I spent a number of months researching which bed to choose and after learning from John,changed completely. He was right and I learned.The service and follow-up reminds of the ‘old days’ when service was part of the sale and the showroom an indicationof quality. Thanks and good nite .”

– Bill from Oakville

“My Great Dane Tuco LOVES to sleep, but as he has gotten bigger he was having a hard time finding comfortable places to lay down…. since he’s had his XL Dormiopremium pet bed, I actually have to beg him to hop up on the couch with me now. At least I know that if he does ever decide to steal my bed again I will at least havesomewhere comfortable to sleep! Thanks Dormio!”

– Justin and Tuco from Collingwood

“Thank you John for helping me to select the pillows, comforter and mattress I very much needed. No more neck and back aches, the best sleep I have had in years.I will recommend your store to all my friends and clients.”

– Janis from Toronto 

“With so many mattresses stores jumping on the green washing bandwagon, I was having difficulty separating fact from marketing – especially since most staff knew very little about what went into their products.As a refreshing change, I found the staff at Dormio extremely passionate, knowledgeable and friendly. I did a lot ofresearch on eco-friendly and healthy mattresses, and Ihad a laundry list of questions. The staff were able to answer all my questions with no nonsense and no salespressure. They made selecting the perfect mattress easy and confident. Thanks again Steve and John for the best sleep I’ve ever had!”

– Andrew from Toronto

“Hi Steve: I truly am, more than satisfied with the new bed! (after just 2 sleeps and an unplanned nap) I plan to drop by to pick up some pillows this week. Dealing with you and John and your delivery crew has been a pleasure since day one!”

– Rick from Toronto

“It is refreshing to walk into a bedding store and see high quality bedding on the floor. The store has the look and feel of luxury and a good night sleep.”

– A M from Toronto