Dormio Sunderland Organic Mattress

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The Sunderland mattress is the perfect choice for a toddler’s first bed or to switch a preteen into a healthier sleep environment.



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Special Buy!! Twin Size only – very limited quantities!

The Sunderland mattress is 6.5” thick and is ideal for children and adults with a slim build. Built from the finest organic materials available, the Sunderland is comfortable and supportive. The 6” core is medium firm Organic Latex, surrounded with a generous layer of Organic Wool, wrapped in Organic Jersey Cotton. Two sided construction.



6” Medium Firm organic latex core.
Extremely durable, flexible and resilient to mold and dust mites.
Layer of pure organic wool is thermal regulating and acts as natural fire retardant.
Naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic.
Organic jersey cotton cover (pattern not exactly as shown in picture).
Pillows & Foundation sold separately.

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