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The correct pillow can be just as important as a good mattress in ensuring a restful night’s sleep. There are few other products that you spend as much time with than the pillow. The right pillow can help ease allergies, prevent neck pain, upper back pain, and headaches.  The right choice will make you more comfortable and can be essential to long-term health. Finding the pillow for you can be an adventure, that is why offer such a huge selection.  Let us help select the right pillow for you.

Alpaca Pillows

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Alpaca’s hollow structure makes it one of the best thermal regulating natural fibres available.  Alpaca fibre batting is excellent at wicking moisture away from the body.  Also, due to its dry porous nature it is dust mite resistant.  No chemicals, dyes or bleaches are used when the fibre is processed. Because of it’s moisture wicking and thermal regulation properties, it is the perfect fibre for use in pillows.
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Wool Pillows

Wool-filled pillows help regulate temperature so you sleep warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  They are available in different lofts to accommodate your personal needs and some of our filled pillows allow you to remove or add fill for further customization.  Naturally occurring lanolin in the wool fibre provides natural dust-mite resistance to reduce allergic reactions.  Breathe easier and sleep soundly cradled in luxurious comfort.
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Latex Pillows

A healthy alternative to traditional and synthetic fills, latex pillows are resilient, cuddly and malleable. Naturally dust-mite and mold resistant, they are a great choice for allergy sufferers.  We offer solid and shredded latex options, plus, many of our latex pillows allow the user to customize the loft to ensure the perfect fit.
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Buckwheat Pillows

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Natural buckwheat pillows support and relax your head and neck muscles and release stress while you sleep. The natural, eco-friendly buckwheat filling allows free air circulation around your head and neck as you sleep and lets you awaken sharp and refreshed. It is breathable, remaining cool in warm weather and gently wicking moisture and perspiration away.  Our buckwheat pillows allow the user to adjust the fill so it matches their needs exactly.
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Kapok Pillows

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Kapok fibre comes from the fluffy seed covering of the kapok tree, also known as the silk cotton tree, which grows in tropical rain forests around the world.  They are soft yet offer a lot of support when compressed making for a unique feel.  Our Kapok pillows are zippered allowing you to easily remove stuffing to customize the loft of the pillow.
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Travel Pillows

When travelling it’s important that you travel in comfort.  A good travel pillow can make the difference between a great and a not-so-great travelling experience.  To make sure you have the right travel pillow, our selection lets you choose from Alpaca, wool, shredded latex, kapok and buckwheat fills.
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Body Pillows

Not just for pregnancy anymore!  Discover the comfort and enhanced sleep quality that can be afforded by a body pillow.
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Pillow Protectors

Clean fresh pillows are important to a great nights sleep and overall health.  Dormio Pillow Protectors offer a wide variety of options letting you choose the most appropriate protection for your pillows.
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