Premium Gold Organic Collection


Proudly made in Canada!!

The Premium Gold Organic Collection is all about customised and personalised combinations for each sleeper. Dual comfort is standard and Premium Gold Collection mattresses are available in 12” heights so there is one for every body type.  All latex used is 100% Natural.  The Premium Gold Organic Mattresses have a cover made of 100% G.O.T.S Certified Organic Cotton quilted to G.O.T.S Certified Organic Wool for the absolute best temperature regulation and moisture control.
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Features available in Premium Gold Collection Mattresses:

Customized Internal Layering

The Gold Collection mattresses are built in layers. Choose from firm, medium, soft or extra soft layers to create the perfect combination for you.  These 12″ units consist of 3 or 4 layers of 100% Natural Latex layers on each side. The layers can always be re-organized to change the feel and support anytime during the life of the mattress.Customized Internal Layering is available in all Premium Gold Collection Mattresses.
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Dual Comfort

Dual comfort offers each sleeper customized supreme comfort. One side can be firm and one side soft or other options in between. Changing one side never effects the other side. Your sleeping position, weight, height and body shape is often different than that of your sleeping partner and this is why we make dual comfort mattresses. We call this “My side, Your side.”  As a rule stomach and back sleepers would be better off on a firmer mattress while a side sleeper requires a softer more forgiving surface.
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Butterflied Latex

butterflied 2
Butterflied Latex provides an additional 5% softer area in the shoulder, neck and head area of a mattress.  A 3″ thick piece of latex is trifurcated 30″ down from the head of the mattress creating the subtle extra softness that offers welcome pressure point relief for those with problems in that area.  Butterflied latex is available in our Roehampton mattress.
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Head to Toe Customization

For extreme body types only!  One layer on each side of the mattress is split into 3 zones that can be customized with firm, medium, soft or extra soft latex.  This allows support and pressure point relief to be adjusted outside of the limits of a normal latex mattress.  Heat to Toe customization is available in our Dormio Sleep System.
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Zippered design

zipper with logo option
We build the premium gold collection with zippered removable covers. If for any reason you need to change the feel or support of your mattress, it is as simple as unzipping the cover and moving the layers. Even though we do our best to put together the best possible mattress for you, the only way to truly know if it’s 100% right is to sleep on it. So, if your new mattress needs to be just a bit softer or just a bit firmer, no problem. These minor adjustments can be made right in your home.
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