Organic Baby Bedding

Portrait of happy mother and baby

Organic Baby Bedding & Mattresses collection from Dormio

Unlike adults, babies can’t process chemicals through their systems quickly or efficiently. When choosing a mattress, remember that your baby will be sleeping on it for as many 18 hours a day in his first few months – and every night for the next 2 years. Our Organic crib mattresses feature either an Organic Latex core or a Bonnell Coil core that has had no chemical or oil treatment.  Both are covered in a durable Organic Cotton Canvas with Organic Wool quilting.   The wool ensures our crib mattresses pass all safety and fire regulations in both Canada and the US without the use of chemicals.  The wool and cotton also allow air to flow and ensure your baby’s skin can breathe properly and keep her at a proper temperature — unlike mattresses that have been waterproofed with plastics like polyethylene.  Don’t worry, our Trystan Organic Wool Puddle Pad will handle 99% of all accidents while maintaining the Organic Integrity of the mattress.   We also offer a wide range of nursery accessories such as receiving blankets, mattress pads and duvets.