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All Dormio Organic Mattresses are Canadian made using the finest of organic materials. We build 5 different collections, all designed to offer the perfect natural sleep system. We use organic latex only, encased in organic wool and organic cotton.  More info on Organic Mattresses >


Our Premium Plus Collection is our most luxurious.  It offers dual comfort customization with 6 different comfort levels available per side.  Zoned latex in the main core make sure that every part of your body is perfectly supported.  Since the Premium Plus Collection incorporates our modular design  and zippered covers, future customization to reflect changes in your needs as you age is a breeze.  You may never get out of bed.

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Our Premium Collection offers incredible comfort with a great deal of customization options. The dual comfort feature and can be adjusted to fit your body weight and shape with 9 possible support levels per side. This collection is what thinking outside the box can produce. More flexible than anything we have ever put together, the Premium Collection is like nothing you’ve ever seen, modular design combined with zippered covers mean the comfort and support layers are completely interchangeable and put you in the driver’s seat.  Completely handmade and 3rd party organic certified. Dormio by design and only available at Dormio. Come try one today.

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Our Premium Gold Collection is our best and our most flexible.  The Premium Gold Collection takes advantage of our Internal Layering design allowing almost limitless customization.  The dual comfort feature means either side can be customized to fit either partner’s body weight and shape.

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Our Legacy Collection was our first and initial design and it has a strong proven track record. The support core is always 6″ of firm or medium density 100% Natural Latex, from there we build comfort with and additional layers of Natural Latex.  Our dual comfort option is available for all Legacy Models for a small premium.  The covers are removable and the tops washable making these mattresses perfect for kids. Truly amazing comfort each night.

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The Dormio Classic Collection is made with 100% Natural Latex, nature’s most durable cushioning material. This collection was specifically designed for the price conscious consumer. This simple yet comfortable collection offers great value, provides excellent pressure point relieving support is extremely durable and naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

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Give your child a head start on sweet dreams with an Organic mattress. From bedtime stories to sweet dreams, cuddling up with comfort is naturally healthy. Let mother nature watch over your precious bundle. Organic wool, covered with organic cotton on top of 100% Natural/Organic latex or coil system. Furnish your child’s room with an enviro-friendly mattress for a naturally healthy sleep.

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Unlike adults, babies can’t process chemicals through their systems quickly or efficiently. When choosing a mattress, remember that your baby will be sleeping on it for as many as 18 hours a day in his/her first few months – and every night for the next 2 years. 100% Natural/Organic crib mattresses are natural and naturally flame retardant and pass  all safety and fire regulations in both Canada and the U.S.

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As a member of your family, your pet deserves a good night sleep as well.  Because of their smaller size pets, like children, can be even more quickly and profoundly impacted by chemical exposure.  Plus, with a great bed of their own Garfield and Snoopy won’t be taking over yours anymore.

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