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Getting a good night’s sleep in the summer!!!!

Getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult in the summer. Sweltering heat and greater exposure to light in the morning hours makes the summer the hardest time for people to get quality sleep. No one likes the sticky feeling of sweating in your sheets or being awakened prematurely by the sun rising and pouring into your bedroom.

Here are a few tips that will help improve your sleep in the heat

Keep your bedroom as dark as possible……
The human body is very sensitive to light. Even when your eyes are closed, you can perceive light. When the sun rises in the early mornings the first rays hit your bedroom floor, you’ll naturally feel like waking up and it’ll be harder to get back to sleep. To counter this distraction, hang some heavy blinds or curtains in your room. This will create the illusion of permanent midnight.

Keep your bedroom cool…… Keep the A/C on all night. But, for many people this isn’t a great idea for either their pocketbook or the environment. A fan with a bowl of ice in front will keep the room cooler than usual and be a fraction of the price. If your room is warmer than the outside temperature, open a window to keep the room cool. Also, keeping your curtains closed throughout the day will keep your bedroom cooler at night

Sleep on a breathable mattress……
Your Mattress plays a bigger role than you think. A good breathable mattress will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Stay away from memory foam mattresses regardless of how cool you’re told it will keep you. Memory foam is very dense and has very poor circulation. Dormio specializes in natural mattresses, offering unmatched circulation and great breathability.

Sleep on good cotton sheets……
Sleep in 100% organic cotton sheets. You’re most likely going to perspire while sleeping through a hot summer night and organic cotton sheets breathe better, absorb moisture and wick moisture off of your body. Be sure to wash your sheets regularly to keep them fresh. If you want your sheets to be even more appealing when you slip into bed each night, hang dry them outdoors and they’ll absorb a fresh, summery smell.

Try to get rid of or minimize you dust mite exposure
Dust mites peak in the summer months. They thrive in warm, humid environments. If your mattress or pillows contain foams or feathers, they should be replaced. Chances are they’re infested with dust mites. Wool or latex go a long way in reducing or eliminating dust mite exposure.

Wear as little as possible
If you don’t have heavy curtains or blinds to block the sun’s rays in the morning, sleep masks can be very effective at helping you stay asleep when the sun hits the sky. Although this may seem a little risque, sleeping in the nude will keep you coolest, but most people prefer pajamas. Heat escapes the body through the head, hands and feet, so be sure that your extremities are uncovered while you sleep.

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What You Eat Affects How You Sleep !!!!

We’ve all heard of warm milk’s magical ability to send us off to dreamland. Dairy foods contain tryptophan, which is a sleep-promoting substance. Other foods that are high in tryptophan include nuts and seeds, bananas, honey, and eggs.

Carbohydrate-rich foods complement dairy foods by increasing the level of sleep-inducing tryptophan in the blood. So, a few perfect late night snacks to get you to sleep might include a bowl of cereal with milk, yogurt and crackers, or bread and cheese.

If you struggle with insomnia, a little food in your stomach may help you sleep. Keep the snack small. A heavy meal will tax your digestive system, making you uncomfortable and unable to get to sleep.

Avoid high-fat foods, research shows that people who often eat high-fat foods not only gain weight, they also experience a disruption of their sleep cycles. A heavy meal activates digestion, which can lead to night time trips to the bathroom.

An evening cup of coffee might disrupt your sleep. Even moderate caffeine can cause sleep disturbances. Also try to avoid chocolate, cola and tea. For better sleep, cut all caffeine from your diet four to six hours before bedtime.

Some over-the-counter and prescription drugs contain caffeine, too, such as pain relievers, weight loss pills, diuretics, and cold medicines. These and other medications may have as much or even more caffeine than a cup of coffee. Check the label of non-prescription drugs or the prescription drug information sheet to see if your medicine interferes with sleep or can cause insomnia.

Alcohol may help you fall asleep faster, but you may also experience frequent awakenings, less restful sleep, headaches, night sweats and nightmares. If you’re consuming alcohol in the evening, balance each drink with a glass a water to dilute the alcohol’s effects. For a good night’s sleep, avoid alcohol four to six hours before bedtime.

Lying down with a full stomach can make you uncomfortable, since the digestive system slows down when you sleep. It can also lead to heartburn. Make sure to finish a heavy meal at least four hours before bedtime.

Protein, an essential part of our daytime fare, is a poor choice for a bedtime snack. Protein-rich foods are harder to digest. Try to skip the high-protein snack before bedtime and opt for a glass of warm milk or some sleep-friendly carbs, like crackers.

While it is a good idea to stay hydrated throughout the day, try to curtail your fluid intake before bed. You’re sure to have interrupted sleep if you’re constantly getting up to go to the bathroom.

Also avoid nicotine, as it is a stimulant, with effects similar to caffeine. Avoid smoking before bedtime or if you wake up in the middle of the night.

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Back and neck pain causes

Back and neck pains are usually caused by hindered blood flow. Latex alleviates pressure points derived from excessive compression from a hard surface. Tests show that latex minimizes pressure points by distributing the weight evenly, resulting in unique comfort and a good night’s sleep.

1) Tension in the neck muscles is often aggarveted by poor sleeping posture or a bad pillow. This tension can lead to headaches and neck pains.

2)Sore shoulders, pressure points will hinder blood circulation causing aching shoulders and numb arms and hands.

3)Lack of support from the mattress will force the spine into an unnatural position causing back pain and stifness. Sleeping on a mattress with incorrect support for prolonged periods may cause spinal joints to slightly dislocate causing chronic back pain.

4)A too firm of a mattress can aggravate the pressure points and hinder blood circulation, this causes hip pain and inflamation of the joints.

5)Pressure points will cause aching in the knee joints, it also leads to numbness and discomfort.

6)Sharp pressure points will cause ankle pain and swollen feet.


Made in Canada the Dormio organic mattresses are some of the best mattresses available in today’s market, and a popular choice for consumers in the high end mattress market.

We offer great support; our mattresses anatomically conform to your body contours, distributing your body weight across the surface, this reduces pressure points, promotes normal blood circulation, relieves back, neck and shoulder pain, and reduces swelling of the legs and ankles.

A fresh, dry and healthy sleep environment for the life of the mattress. This is due to the breathability of the latex and the wool content in all of our mattresses. Ideal for any climate.

Minimal partner disturbance, movement on one side of the mattress does not result in movement on the other side.

A Non-allergenic, anti-bacterial, fungus-free, germ free & dustmite resistant sleep environment. It is the best choice for asthma and allergy sufferers.

A superior green product. 100% recyclable and renewable.

We guarantee customer’s satisfaction of utmost comfort and a better quality of sleep.

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The bed and bedding connection

Who of us has not felt like the sleep-deprived fairy tale character in The Princess and The Pea who tossed and turned all night and couldn’t sleep? We’ve tried our best – no caffeine late in the day, no “Dagwood” sandwiches before bed, a fresh well-ventilated bedroom and ear plugs to muffle traffic sounds or spouse’s snores!

Even the bed looks so inviting. The mattress is tall, with multi-comfort layers and a pillow-top. The sheets high thread count cotton, a wonderful collection of pillows and the down duvet in it’s beautiful decorator cover. Surely we have created a good sleeping environment. But have we forgotten the most important thing:

How do our bodies function while we are asleep?

Our metabolism slows during sleep but continues to produce heat and moisture vapour. In order to maintain natural body temperature and a restful state, this heat and moisture vapour must be dissipated or thermal stress will result. Heart rate and blood pressure rises, perspiration occurs and the bed covers will be thrown on and off. Our sleep patterns are broken and we wake up restless and uncomfortable.

Most popular mattress materials such as memory foam, cotton, polyester and polyurethane foam have very poor breathability and virtually no moisture control ability. Combine these bed materials with high thread count sheets, heavy decorative duvet covers and downproof material on the duvet itself, and our bodies are in a constant state of thermal stress and unhealthy sleep patterns.

The simple choice of a Dormio wool duvet, wool mattress pad or even a wool pillow will greatly improve sleep quality. Only wool creates a microclimate which assists in regulating body temperature and humidity, thus relieving thermal stress and promoting a deeper more refreshing sleep.

Thermal stress, a leading cause of poor sleep, is now eliminated, but other health issues still need to be solved.

Polyurethane foams are a major component of most popular beds and mattresses, even though years of studies have proven the chemicals used in their manufacture are known carcinogens. As well, many sleepers are negatively affected by the chemical off-gassing of both polyurethane and memory foams. For some, these sensitivities are mild, but for others they can be very debilitating and can cause major health problems.

Ergonomic problems with bed support, comfort and lack of mattress longevity also negatively affect sleeping patterns. Compression of muscles and joints by too-hard mattresses cause tossing, turning and restlessness. Lack of support and mattress breakdown can cause back and neck problems. The choice of a 100% natural latex mattress will help solve these concerns.

So how do our bodies sleep with Dormio Wool Bedding Products and Latex Mattresses? Great!

Has our sleep quality improved? YES!!

No more thermal stress, no more ergonomic problems with support and comfort, and great psychological comfort in the knowledge you have made the correct, natural bed and bedding choices to ensure better quality, healthier sleep.

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Do you find sleeping difficult?

If you find it difficult to sleep at night, you should start searching for the cause. Getting a good night’s sleep is absolutely vital, but sometimes, people go for months or even years without sleeping well. Sometimes, in order to change one has to be sick and tired of being sick and tired.

What’s keeping you awake? For some, it’s allergies. Some people are allergic to the various materials used in their mattress. Sleeping on this mattress causes their allergies to flare up, leading to a lack of good, quality sleep. Organic mattresses, on the other hand, contain no chemicals, pesticides, or other harsh materials. This allows you to rest without suffering from allergies, thus making it possible to sleep again.

What Are Organic Mattresses Made Of?

Mattresses in general are made from many different materials, but organic mattresses are made from very special few items. Latex, wool and cotton.  Wool is gathered from sheep from different parts of the world, although Argentina and New Zealand seem to be of exceptional quality. Once the wool is sheared from the sheep, it is cleaned using a non-toxic soap. This soap contains absolutely no harsh chemicals or anything that will cause you to have an allergic reaction. Another material used in organic mattresses is natural latex rubber. Organic cotton is also used in many organic mattresses. Latex rubber, wool, and cotton all replace things like polyurethane, memory foam, and other types of materials designed for comfort. Natural latex rubber is safe, good for the environment, and can provide just as much comfort, if not more, than your traditional polyurethane or memory foam mattress.

Is an Organic Mattress Always Organic?

Just because something says it’s organic doesn’t necessarily mean it truly is. Since organic has become such a buzzword these days, some companies are calling things organic even when they really are not. You need to make certain the mattress you’re purchasing really is completely organic and doesn’t just contain mostly organic materials. Any mattress that has been treated with a chemical flame retardant is not organic. Likewise, any mattress that contains chemical or synthetic foam, formaldehyde, plastic, polyester, or glue is not organic. Natural or organic memory foam does not exist. Avoid any mattress that contains these materials even if it claims to be an organic mattress.

Supplement Your Organic Mattress with Other Organic Products

Buying an organic mattress may not have that much effect on your sleeping habits if you don’t use other organic products with it. In addition to an organic mattress, you should buy an organic or wool duvet, wool or latex pillows and organic cotton or bamboo sheets. These will add to your overall well being by creating a complete, toxin free sleep environment.

Benefits of Organic Mattresses

In addition to providing relief from allergies, organic mattresses have other benefits as well. They can help with orthopaedic problems and assist you in getting more rest.  Organic mattresses are also environmentally friendly. The main benefit, though, is for anyone who suffers from allergies.  Many organic mattresses include lanolin, which is part of sheep’s wool. Lanolin naturally repels dust mites, so organic mattresses tend to be cleaner and healthier overall. If you need to get a good night’s sleep but have found that impossible to do on your mattress, try out an organic mattress. You may be surprised at just how much it helps.

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