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Moisture Control in Mattresses and Bedding

Moisture control in mattresses and bedding.

Often overlooked by traditional manufacturers, moisture control in mattresses and bedding is probably the most important factor in creating a successful sleep environment.

When we sleep we perspire.  If that moisture remains next to our body we get clammy and hot.  Often to alleviate this issue we will throw off the blankets causing the moisture to evaporate quickly and cooling us so fast we get a chill.  Then we repeat the process over and over destroying any hope of a decent night sleep.

To ensure the comfort of our mattress and bedding products we use two natural fibres – Wool and Alpaca.  I will expand on Alpaca later but first let’s look at why wool is great for moisture control.  Wool will continue to feel dry even when it has absorbed 30% – 50% of its weight in moisture.  Capillary action (wicking) moves the moisture along the fibres and away from your body.  Wool has a very fast drying rate so it releases the moisture that has been drawn away from you into the air keeping you warm and dry; not hot and sweaty.  Alpaca’s fibre is hollow and it works like wool but even better with faster drying and better capillary action.  It does not contain lanolin which we love for its antibacterial and anti-dust mite properties so we use Alpaca in pillows and duvets, blended with 30% to 50% wool.

In closing, research with tell you there are many synthetic wicking fibres on the market today.  They are used in sportswear and some traditional mattresses and show excellent capillary action. Unfortunately tests show they do not offer the quick drying ability of wool and also have the problem of trapping fats and bacteria in the fibre pores resulting in odour.  Most of us have purchased these high tech garments and have been stunned by the seemingly impossible to remove smell after just a few workouts.  Manufacturers combat this problem by adding even more chemicals to combat the odour – something none of us need in our chemical soaked environment.  This is why we have no doubt Wool and Alpaca are the best fibres for moisture control in mattresses and bedding.

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Lets us tell you a bit about silk………………………….

Silk bedding is a perfect cooling choice in the hot summer months and a warm cozy choice in the winter.

How can it be both?

Silk is breathable so it wicks away the moisture from sweat, keeping a person cool and comfortable.  It is also a naturally draping fabric that gently hugs the body, eliminating air pockets and thereby holding in body heat better which will keep a person warm in the winter.  It is a self adjusting fabric that seems almost magical.

Silk is Hypoallergenic

Silk is made from the cocoons of silkworms.  Like nearly anything in nature, there are natural occurring substances in the cocoon of the silkworm that protect from various threats. Because the process of turning those cocoons into silk is a gentle one that does not strip away those natural substances, the benefits of them are still in the silk when you purchase silk bedding.  Dust mites, mold and funguses all do not like those substances and stay away from silk. This means that a silk duvet is a perfect choice for people suffering from asthma and from certain types of allergies such as being allergic to dust mites.

That means that a silk duvet, unlike down filled duvets, is not a haven for dust mites.


A fibre of silk that is of the same diameter as a fibre of steel is said to be stronger than the steel.  That is pretty durable, although it is important to know that all silk is not equal. Cultivated silk is more durable than wild silk because silkworms grown in captivity are fed an exclusive diet of mulberry leaves and care is taken to ensure the cocoon each of the silkworms weaves is kept intact, so that when it is softened and unwound into a silk thread filament, it stays in once piece.  And as amazing as it sounds, a single cocoon of a cultivated silkworm can be up to 1600 yards long!

Silk will not deteriorate over time because of its natural fungal repellency and because chemicals are not used in processing.

Easy to Care For

Silk duvets are easy to care for and are nearly maintenance free.  A silk duvet can have a duvet cover on it to protect it.  You can wash the cover regularly and air out the silk duvet periodically.  The silk duvet should not need to be cleaned because it naturally repels mold, mildew, and dust mites.

Silk Caresses you in softness

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