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Dormio Toronto Store

Tuesday April 8th, the store is finally open and the weekend has come and gone.  Our grand opening of the Toronto store has successfully happened.  Our grand opening specials will continue and the celebration will go on for several more weeks.  Look for our newsletter in the next few days with more specials and bargains.
Our new store has the same look and feel as our Mississauga/Oakville [...]  read more

October Special – Receive 20% in Bedding Accessories

Now that you have made the big decision to invest on your health and buy an organic mattress, you have to reconsider your choice of bedding.

Mattress pads, sheets, pillows and duvets should also be replaced to compliment your new organic mattress. Most likely the bedding you are using now is synthetic, full of chemicals and offers poor breathability.

Here at Dormio we just love wool. Wool is renewable [...]  read more

June 2011 Newsletter

Did You Know??

… that Magniflex, the largest mattress distributor in Europe, is over 50 years old and is certified by OEKOTEX?

As an independent institute since 1992, the International Oeko-Tex Association tests for harmful substances.  The classification of Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 applies to textile products of all types which pose no risk whatsoever to health for adults as well as babies.

Dormio partners with Magniflex

Dormio Organic Beds has expanded on our Magniflex mattresses in an effort to offer our customers a high quality natural memory [...]  read more

May 2011 Newsletter

May 2011 Issue

Did you know ??

… that wool is the most hydrophilic of all natural fibres. That means it is able to absorb moisture.  Each wool fibre can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp.  Comparatively, cotton absorbs 8% and some synthetic fibres as low as 2 %.

The Gift of Wool Keeps on Giving

Wool is the perfect choice for natural, healthy bedding.  It regulates temperature, [...]  read more