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The Benefits of Organic Mattresses for Babies

Organic Baby Bedding

Parents always want to give their baby the best possible in life. Minimizing exposure to harmful substances present in the environment is usually one of the first concerns as babies typically have more sensitive skin than adults.

Also, infants tend to sleep a lot, especially during the first few months. This means that they have much more exposure to materials and chemicals present in beds than [...]  read more

Moisture Control in Mattresses and Bedding

Moisture control in mattresses and bedding.

Often overlooked by traditional manufacturers, moisture control in mattresses and bedding is probably the most important factor in creating a successful sleep environment.

When we sleep we perspire.  If that moisture remains next to our body we get clammy and hot.  Often to alleviate this issue we will throw off the blankets causing the moisture to evaporate [...]  read more

We should know better…

Is the old crib mattress that you got from your friend or family member as a gift, because it’s just like new, good enough for your baby? How about the one you used on your first baby, should you use it again? ┬áPlease read below and then answer that question.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), the surface material used in nearly all baby [...]  read more

Why Natural Crib Mattresses

Why Natural Crib Mattresses?

Traditional crib mattresses are a primary source of chemical poisoning in babies.  Several scientists even claim that toxic gases released from crib mattresses, when breathed or absorbed by a sleeping baby, can cause crib death or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)  These claims have not been 100% scientifically proven, nor have they been disproven, and there is urgent [...]  read more