Latex Mattresses………Because Sleep Is So Critical

latex mattressSleep is so critical, that it isn’t any wonder why everybody is trying to design a mattress that will help people get a better night’s rest.

Mattress manufacturers have tried to reinvent the mattress for many years using different materials for spring mattresses. Then the memory foam mattresses or the “natural” memory foam mattresses were introduced. All of them gained some sort of popularity and crept its ways into the homes of many consumers. Some were more comfortable than others but always with the use of many chemicals. The search for the ultimate sleep system still remains, one that is both comfortable and chemical/toxin free. Is it more important to be comfortable or safe while sleeping? Hard question, but I think both, no comprises.

You may be wondering now, is there a mattress both comfortable and organic. You better bet on it, the people at Dormio Organic Beds have been working on this solution and have created a range of options. The Dual Support Natural Latex Foam Mattresses are both comfortable and chemical/toxin free.

What is a latex mattress and why is it so comfortable?

Natural latex foam is very eco friendly since it is made with hevea milk from a rubber tree. Hevea milk is referred to as the “milky” sap from a rubber tree. It’s extracted much like the maple syrup from the maple trees here in Canada. Natural latex foam is durable and the latex foam mattress we offer is made with 100 percent natural foam which is expected to last more than 15 years.

Latex mattresses aren’t new, they are just becoming more popular and here’s why:

Latex is natural and stays naturally clean.

Latex is durable, unlike petroleum based foams which are very resilient and always bounces back.

Latex is able to take your body shape without creating pressure points, thus reducing tossing and turning during the night.

Latex doesn’t transfer motion. Your partner’s movements won’t disturb you.

Latex breathes, its tiny holes allow it to expand and contract with you, keeping you at a comfortable temperature.

Dormio has designed the most comprehensive latex line available anywhere in Canada.

Built entirely in Canada, the Dormio line up is designed for comfort. Not just for now, but for many years to come.

All of the units are zippered. This simply means that you can open up the casing and change the feel of your mattress by stacking the latex layers in a different order, or by simply adding new ones. You are not stuck with the same mattress feel forever, and since latex mattresses last for so long we think this a key factor when deciding what mattress to buy. Buy it for now because you like the way it feels but also buy it for the future because you can change the way it feels.

In addition to the latex, we also use a lot of wool. Wool is critical, as this allows us to avoid using chemical as fire retardants, as it meets fire regulations naturally.  Wool also adds “plushness” and controls temperature in our beds. And yes, the wool we use is completely organic.

Latex, combined with wool is the ultimate in sleep comfort. You can change the feel of your mattress anytime as your life changes. Oh, did we mention that most of our mattresses offer dual comfort. The mattress can feel the same throughout or the left side could feel different than right side, you decide. This means, you and your partner can each have the desired firmness/softness.

Our many years of experience tell us that the Dormio line up is as good as it gets. Contact us via phone our visit us at our comprehensive Mississauga Showroom.

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Sleep Healthy,

We Use Pure Organic Wool to Create the Dormio Organic Latex Mattress


Wool is the perfect fibre for mattress padding, which is the reason we use wool whenever possible in our Dormio organic mattresses, organic wool pillows and organic wool toppers. It’s a natural, safe and mildew resistant fibre that science cannot imitate for its versatility, practicability, fire retardency and breathability. Wool keeps you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter so it’s the ideal material for organic mattresses. Wool can absorb one third of its weight in moisture before feeling wet, yet water evaporates quickly due to its air channels between the fibres. Its excellent wicking action is perfect for keeping us dry when sleeping. We produce about a pint of water vapour during an eight hour sleeping cycle. Wool keeps a sleepers skin dry instead of wet and clammy.

Wool is renewable and is harvested without slaughtering the sheep. Organic wool is produced on farms where the sheep are raised organically; they are fed and cared for without the use of chemicals. The sheep do not go through routine chemical treatments such as drenching, dipping for parasites, antibiotics, vaccines, or growth hormones. Sheep that are raised organically graze on organic fields and are fed organic food. Only hot water and biodegradable soaps are used to wash organic wool and no sulfuric acid solution is ever used. The wool is then hand selected for carding.

Not only is organic wool the most breathable and insulating natural fibre on the planet, when used properly on an organic mattress, but  it’s also a great substitute for fire retardants, as wool is a natural fire retardant. Organic wool lets us produce a chemical free mattress for clients looking for a safer and healthier sleep.

Now you may be wondering how our organic wool is exactly utilized in the creation of our organic mattresses. There are 3 components which go into our organic mattress.

  • Natural Latex is used as the core of the mattress.
  • Organic Cotton used to cover the entire mattress (also known as the ticking)
  • Organic Wool is used as the padding for the mattress

The organic wool is an essential part in adding to the comfort of the natural latex which is used as the core. Due to the natural latex, organic mattresses are sometimes referred to as organic latex mattress or natural latex mattress.

At Dormio we just love wool and use it generously on most of our products. Our organic latex mattresses use wool, we have the largest selection of Organic wool duvets you’ve seen anywhere. We even use wool in our Organic Alpaca duvets, a 30/70 blend works wonderfully and then of course we have the largest selection of organic wool pillows available anywhere in Toronto and GTA. Visit us today and browse our large range of organic latex mattresses, organic pillows, sheet and duvets. We are sure you will find something to help you get a healthier sleep. You can even call us for more information or continue browsing our site. You will find a list of products at

Customizable Organic Mattresses. Soft One Day, Firm another…..You Decide!

dormio matress

It‘s amazing how many people associate a firm mattress to be good and a soft mattress to be bad. In fact either firm, medium or soft may work for any individual depending on body weight, height, body shape, sleeping position, health conditions and personal preference. That is the reason dual comfort mattresses make so much sense. Age will also be a factor when choosing the firmness. As we get older, our circulation is not as vibrant, our veins and arteries have less elasticity, and this means that a firm mattress that may have been comfortable when you were younger may now create pressure points that reduce circulation to different areas of your body creating muscle pain and soreness. This is the reason most sleepers have to change position frequently throughout the night or wake up in the morning feeling tired and sore.

Modern commercial mattresses are designed to provide mattress shoppers with a surface that produces an instant soft gratification. Pillow-top mattresses are ideal if the sleeper wants to be surrounded by a soft layer of comfort. However if you have purchased the correct mattress firmness you should not need a pillow top for functional support. A soft pillow top will almost always result in a permanent body impression that will be created over time. A natural latex mattress with a soft natural latex layer topped with wool will increase air circulation beneath the body and reduces pressure points, while always returning back to shape.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the firmness of your mattress:

Sleeping positions should play a part on the type of mattress firmness that is suitable for you. As a rule stomach and back sleepers would be better off on a firmer mattress while a side sleeper requires a softer more forgiving surface.

Weight and height should play a part on the type of mattress firmness that is suitable for you. Generally a heavier person requires a firmer mattress than someone who is lighter

Body shape should play a part on the type of mattress firmness that is suitable for you. Usually someone with more curves requires a softer mattress that someone with less curves.

Your sleeping position, weight, height and body shape is probably different that your sleeping partners sleeping position, weight, height and body shape. Shouldn’t you get a mattress that is right for you?  You definitely should, but that doesn’t mean you and your partner have to share one mattress type!

At Dormio Organic Beds, we are able to offer this feature to our clients because most of our mattresses are dual comfort. This means, you and your partner can individually have your preference in mattress firmness while sleeping on the same bed. And the best part is the mattress layers are changeable within the comfort of your own home. If you want your side of the bed to be softer or firmer, you can simply interchange the layers of the mattress and obtain your desired mattress type.

For example, our Dormio Pacific Organic Mattress consists of 4 layers of 2” natural latex, 3 on each side of the bed and one top piece of 2” pillow top. The cover is organic cotton quilted to organic wool.  By moving these layer up or down you can achieve different comfort levels.

See the picture below for a better visual.

Now it will literally be “my side, your side” or better yet “my organic side, your organic side”.

Let us customize your side and then the other side and put it all together in one mattress. It really is that easy. We have the best selection of organic customizable mattresses anywhere. In-fact this is our specialty.  Dual Comfort and Organic Mattresses, it can’t get better than that!

Drop in and visit our showroom or even better call us and book an appointment and let us show you what real rest on a real mattress is all about.

How to Shop for an Organic Mattress

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Ask anyone what the most important criteria is when shopping for a new mattress and they will most frequently reply “comfort”. A high level of comfort can be achieved by choosing the right materials in the manufacture of an organic mattress. As a bonus, organic mattresses are safe too.

Natural latex is an excellent core material for mattresses. It is resilient to mold, mildew and bacteria, in addition dust mites don’t find this a hospitable material. Natural latex mattresses provide excellent support and instantly conform to any sleeping position. Natural latex has been proven by pressure-sensing tests to produce fewer pressure points than memory foam mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are never organic or natural despite claims made by some. A natural memory foam mattress cannot and does not exist.

Natural latex comes from the milk of a rubber tree; the sap is collected much like the same way as farmers collect sap from maple trees. When choosing a latex mattress it is very important that the latex be 100% natural and not blended latex. Blended or synthetic latex is partly latex sap (up to 30%) and the rest is made up from petroleum derivatives.  Natural latex mattresses are great for light sleepers as they absorb approximately 85% of normal sleeping movements. You will hardly be aware of your partner getting up or turning over in the bed. Its elastic properties give natural latex mattresses the ability to retain their shape and original firmness for many, many, many years. They also offer excellent heat and moisture regulation, air circulation and a metal free sleeping environment

On top of the latex in our organic mattresses we always use organic wool. Wool is safe, natural and mildew resistant, till date science has not been able to duplicate its properties.  Wool is nature’s ideal insulator keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Wool can absorb one third of its weight in moisture before feeling wet, yet water evaporates quickly from it due to the air channels between the fibres. Since we produce about a pint of water vapour during an eight hour sleeping cycle wool provides excellent wicking action that keeps your skin dry instead of wet and clammy. These characteristics make it extremely comfortable and relaxing to sleep on.

Organic cotton should always be the covering in an organic mattress. Organic cotton is grown naturally free of chemicals. Did you know that a single pound of cotton will use one third of a pound of chemicals to grow. Do not accept substitutes such as “green cotton, unbleached and undyed cotton or 100% natural cotton”. These cottons are still grown using pesticides and other chemicals.

When shopping for an organic mattress look for a retailer that specializes in organic mattresses, and not a retailer that has one or two on display because they have had some demand in organic mattresses. An organic mattress retailer has a unique understanding of the importance of organic and chemical free materials used in the mattresses.

At Dormio we offer the largest and most comprehensive organic mattress line up available anywhere in Toronto, GTA and even Ontario. We have assisted many satisfied customers in obtaining a more comfortable and healthier sleep. Our showroom and range of organic bedding displays our dedication to providing a chemical and toxin free sleep experience for our customers. There are certain chemicals and toxins we are obligated to face on a daily basis and we don’t have much control over reducing them significantly. One aspect we can control is the environments in our homes, where our families will feel safe and be out of harm’s way. Turning your bedroom into a chemical and toxin free zone is the first and foremost step you can take to ensure a healthier home. Organic mattresses, sheets, pillows and other organic bedding items are important products in this task.

Contact us today and we will happily assist you in turning your bedroom into an organic haven.

Sleep Healthy,

Are you safe from toxins and chemicals while you sleep? Organic Mattresses are the first step in ensuring a safe and healthy sleep

memory foam

Whose responsibility is it to help us evaluate the chemical contaminants present in our daily lives? How much of this responsibility falls on the consumer and what part should our governments play in protecting the public?

We place our trust in environmental regulations to keep toxins out of the environment, assuming that if a substance is not banned or is under investigation, it must be safe. The vast majority of consumer products are not tested for chemical exposure risks and when a product is tested, the information is not passed along to the consumer.

Of the roughly 100,000 chemicals now in common commercial use, only about 2 per cent have ever been tested for carcinogenicity. No wonder the cancers are increasing at an alarming rate. In 1901 cancer was being diagnosed in about 1 in 8,000 North Americans, today that figure is 1 in 3.

Studies continue to show that we are affected by a variety non-food and non-pharmaceutical chemicals. Health experts agree that humans can be harmed by any substance that is persistent, accumulative, carcinogenic or toxic to any of the body’s systems. Chemicals are showing up in all the wrong places, such as human breast milk.


Adopting organic mattresses in your home and sleeping lifestyle is the easiest way to reduce chemicals in at least one third of our lives.  A large proportion of our life is spent sleeping and resting so it is vital to ensure we are not being affected by the chemicals and toxins in our mattresses. If regulatory bodies have not properly tested the materials and chemicals our mattresses contain, that doesn’t mean that consumers should assume they are safe. Every individual should be proactive and personally assess what is good or bad for his health.  Our business is dedicated to providing awareness of potential harmful toxins and chemicals used in conventional mattresses and to provide a safe and healthy alternative for our clients. This is why we carry a wide range of organic sleeping products such as organic mattresses, organic pillows, sheets and bedding accessories. Dormio can provide you with a complete organic sleep system, starting from an organic foundation all the way up to an organic pillow.

Browse through our site to get an idea of what we have to offer. If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will provide you with valuable information to help you form a decision. Our showroom is located in Mississauga just a short distance from Toronto so even feel free to drop by and take a nap on our organic mattresses. No snoring or drooling please! J