Are you safe from toxins and chemicals while you sleep? Organic Mattresses are the first step in ensuring a safe and healthy sleep

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Whose responsibility is it to help us evaluate the chemical contaminants present in our daily lives? How much of this responsibility falls on the consumer and what part should our governments play in protecting the public?

We place our trust in environmental regulations to keep toxins out of the environment, assuming that if a substance is not banned or is under investigation, it must be safe. The vast majority of consumer products are not tested for chemical exposure risks and when a product is tested, the information is not passed along to the consumer.

Of the roughly 100,000 chemicals now in common commercial use, only about 2 per cent have ever been tested for carcinogenicity. No wonder the cancers are increasing at an alarming rate. In 1901 cancer was being diagnosed in about 1 in 8,000 North Americans, today that figure is 1 in 3.

Studies continue to show that we are affected by a variety non-food and non-pharmaceutical chemicals. Health experts agree that humans can be harmed by any substance that is persistent, accumulative, carcinogenic or toxic to any of the body’s systems. Chemicals are showing up in all the wrong places, such as human breast milk.


Adopting organic mattresses in your home and sleeping lifestyle is the easiest way to reduce chemicals in at least one third of our lives.  A large proportion of our life is spent sleeping and resting so it is vital to ensure we are not being affected by the chemicals and toxins in our mattresses. If regulatory bodies have not properly tested the materials and chemicals our mattresses contain, that doesn’t mean that consumers should assume they are safe. Every individual should be proactive and personally assess what is good or bad for his health.  Our business is dedicated to providing awareness of potential harmful toxins and chemicals used in conventional mattresses and to provide a safe and healthy alternative for our clients. This is why we carry a wide range of organic sleeping products such as organic mattresses, organic pillows, sheets and bedding accessories. Dormio can provide you with a complete organic sleep system, starting from an organic foundation all the way up to an organic pillow.

Browse through our site to get an idea of what we have to offer. If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will provide you with valuable information to help you form a decision. Our showroom is located in Mississauga just a short distance from Toronto so even feel free to drop by and take a nap on our organic mattresses. No snoring or drooling please! J

Don’t just get an Organic Mattress, get an Organic Bed


One could argue that an organic mattress is the same as an organic bed. Well, kind of but not really.

An organic bed to us is just that, an organic bed. From top to bottom, an organic sleep system.

The platform it sits on or the support system should be free of chemicals. We have a large selection of slat platform beds in many different styles and colours. We only use solid wood from Quebec, grey pine or solid birch. They are hand finished using non-toxic water based stains and varnishes.

Our foundations, (they sit on top of the platform bed to make your mattress higher should you wish a higher bed) are also free of chemicals. They are made from Canadian softwoods, such as kiln-dried spruce. Our slats are strong, and our frames are covered in a heavy duty organic fabric. Nothing in our foundations is ever treated with any kind of chemical.

Our Dormio Organic mattresses are considered by many as the best and cleanest in the industry. Only the best of the best materials are used in the Dormio mattresses. Innovative designs make most of them customizable. Don’t settle for what your partner needs or likes, we can make it just the way you like it on your side.

So far so good and organic, from the floor up to the mattress we have you covered.

How about on top of the mattress? We have a large selection of organic bedding such as mattress pads, organic sheets, duvets and duvet covers. Way too many to mention our selection is massive and a must to see.

We also have the biggest selection of organic pillows you’ve ever seen. If it’s organic we have it, and we are constantly adding to our selection. New products that have just been added or will be arriving soon include Alpaca, kapok and buckwheat. Of course we have dozens of wool pillows and dozens of latex pillows to choose from. We also have a large selection of travel pillows (but they are not really part of your bed). Our ranges of organic pillows are a perfect complement to your organic bed and organic mattress.

So why are we called Dormio Organic beds? We are in the organic bed business. The business of bringing our clients are more natural and healthier sleeping experience.

If it’s part of your bed, we have it and you can rest assured it has no chemical content.

We are naturally better!

Browse our online selection or organic beds and sleeping products, visit If you have any question please feel free to contact us via telephone or even better is to drop by and experience our products in person, contact info is Our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Memory Foam Mattresses May Sound Cool But Are They Safe? Read This Before Considering a Memory Foam Mattress

memory foamMemory foam mattresses have gained quite a bit of popularity in the last few years, its conformity to your body and relieving pressure points have been major selling features. It is important to understand the chemicals involved in creating this type of foam and what the potential health implications of the chemicals may be towards our health. Many popular mattresses advertise the use of memory foam as a selling point, this open cell, temperature sensitive, petroleum based chemical polyurethane foam often claims origins with NASA research. Some of the ads make reference to astronauts using it in space. This of course is absurd since they would be sleeping in a weightless space. NASA never used this product because of its off-gassing. Some companies even claim that they have organic memory foam, making this claim even more absurd. Memory foam differs from conventional polyurethane foam in that it uses a high-hydroxy polyol and different isocyanates. The formula for this material also utilizes surfactants, cell opening polyols and additives. Memory foam is extremely flammable and it must be soaked in chemicals such as boric acid or polybrominated diphenyl ethers to reduce the flammability. These chemicals have not been evaluated for their short term or long term health risks. Boric acid has become a standard method of reducing flammability of cotton fibres. In order to ensure even distribution and adherence to the cotton fibres, the boric acid is ground into a very fine powder prior to application. Now keep in mind that boric acid is a known poisonous pesticide and insecticide. This chemical is known for many health risks including genital damage, brain damage, anemia, infertility and birth defects. One agency in the USA reports that “breathing moderate levels of boron can result in irritation to the nose, throat and eyes. Reproductive effects such as low sperm count were seen in men exposed to boron over a long period of time. Why expose yourself to this?

A safe and healthier alternative to memory foam mattress is a latex foam mattress. While memory foam is created from a mixture of chemicals, latex foam is made from the liquid taken from a rubber tree, it has no chemical compounds. A Due to the flammability of memory foam, it is impossible for it to be truly organic; boric acid is needed to be used to reduce the flammability. Our organic latex mattresses meet flammability standards by using wool beneath the exterior cover. Wool is a natural fire retardant and does not require additional chemicals treatments. We use organic wool to pad the latex foam mattress and then use organic cotton to cover the wool. This mixture of organic components leads to truly organic latex mattresses which are superior in quality and comfort.

Dormio has come a long way in creating the ultimate healthy sleeping experience. Our organic latex mattresses come in 5 different latex densities, different thicknesses of carded wool and types of cotton.  This allows us to create a range of organic mattress types and feel, the difference is we create this without the use of chemicals.

Dormio Organic Beds has a wide range of organic mattresses and sleeping products for adults, children and babies. We are firm believers in not only having a comfortable sleep but more importantly a healthy one. Your mattress should not have the potential to be harmful to your health and all consumers should do their due diligence in understanding what their mattress is made of. If you are looking for latex mattresses in Toronto or the GTA, then be sure to visit our Mississauga showroom and experience a nap on our organic mattresses.

New Pillows Arrive at Dormio Organic Beds. Check them out!

Our pillow selection keeps on growing as that elusive perfect pillow is still out there. We have the largest selection of pillows that you have ever seen and yet we are still looking. We want to make sure that whatever you need in a pillow you will be able to find it with us. We have a wide range of organic pillows made from alpaca fibre, wool, cotton, kapok, buckwheat and much more. Choose from carded or knopped wool pillows, shredded or molded latex pillows, alpaca pillows, kapok pillows, buckwheat pillows and then of course we mix the raw materials sometimes to get special feels and supports. Our travel pillow selection now consists of 6 different models ranging from your standard travel pillow to neck rolls to a Dr Bills, with all of the different types of natural fills. We even have pillows that have been designed just for kids. It truly is an amazing selection. We have high loft pillows, medium loft and low loft; we have firm pillows, and soft pillows. Some have zippers allowing you to adjust the height of the pillow, to make it your own. Some have washable covers, while some of the pillows are completely washable. Here are just a few examples of our pillows.

The Premium Organic Alpaca pillows are filled with 70% alpaca fibre, 30% wool and are 100% organic. Known as the greenest animal on the planet, alpacas are raised in natural, organic settings by farmers who are committed to their care and well being. Covered in a silk-like organic cotton, these pillows will make you feel like royalty.

The Dormio Gold latex pillow creates a breathable, cozy rest for your head. The natural ventilation of the latex allows everything to remain breathable for a temperature-controlled environment. 300% more resilient to dust mites and allergens than other foams. The cotton/bamboo blend cover is super soft and machine washable.

The Dormio Kapok pillow offers down like comfort and softness. Naturally hypoallergenic this pillow is great for people with down sensitivities. A side zipper lets you take out or add kapok fill, truly making this your own pillow. Covered in a soft 100% washable cotton cover.

The Dormio Dream Organic Buckwheat Roll Pillow is the perfect size for neck support and very comfortable. Use it as a regular pillow or travel pillow. Unlike fibre-filled pillows, buckwheat hulls shift to contour to the shape of your head and neck. It’s breathable, remaining cool in warm weather and gently wicking moisture and perspiration away. Dust mite repellent.

Come in and choose your new pillow, lie down on our range of organic mattresses and experience each pillow to determine a perfect fit for you. A  We promise you that you will find one that is right just for you and you will be amazed at the huge selection we carry. We at Dormio believe, the pillow is a very crucial aspect in creating the ultimate sleep experience and unfortunately consumers are not placing as much emphasis on choosing one as is needed. To assist our customers, the Dormio staff is here to help you find the perfect pillow. If you are looking for organic pillows to complement our range of organic mattresses, be it known, we are providing clients in Toronto and all over Ontario a healthier sleeping experience. Come visit out showroom today, and find out what a healthier sleep really means.

Wool Padding VS. Traditional Mattress Padding – Understand Whether the Padding in Your Mattress is Truly Organic

We recently wrote a blog explaining the different components that comprise a mattress. Here is the link:

Now we would like to elaborate on the padding component of a mattress. There are different types of padding used in the mattress industry which include wool, polyurethane foam, convoluted foam, synthetic fibre pads and or polyester fibres. This blog will discuss the use of wool and polyurethane foam in the padding of mattresses as they are sold to clients as being organic, natural or green. Each consumer should understand exactly what an ‘organic’, ‘green’ or ‘natural’ really is when purchasing a mattress.

Wool is the number one animal fibre used worldwide and it has been used for a very long time, as early as 4000 BC when it was used by the Babylonians. It’s cool in the summer, warm in the winter, a natural fire retardant and resistant to bacteria.  This is a hard combination of advantages to beat and a perfect component for a mattress. Primarily composed of a protein called keratin, which creates the fire retardant aspect, wool also has a natural curl that makes it resilient to crushing, making it a great fibre for padding our mattresses. Wool is usually sheared off sheep than washed with water, soap, and soda ash.  It then goes through a process called carding in which the fibre passes through a variety of metal teeth that align the fibres and remove residual organic matter. Wool is sustainable, biodegradable and kinder to the environment than oil based synthetic fibres.  True organic mattresses should be padded with 100% organic wool. Organic wool is sheared from sheep that are not exposed to pesticides and consume only organic feed; in addition they are raised and kept in good farm conditions. Wool from free grazing sheep, treated ethically throughout their long lives represents a traditional small scale industry that once thrived globally. Today many small farmers are returning to this sustainable industry to create clean and healthy wool that is produced without stress to the animals and the environment. Dormio Organic Beds is proud to utilize wool from farmers who treat their animals with care and in humane environments.

Traditional padding is made with polyurethane foam and many manufacturers portray their padding to be ‘green’ or ‘natural’ when in fact only a portion of it actually is. There has been a surge in the production of green polyurethane foam. The many chemicals used in polyurethane foam are recognized as carcinogens, and the fire retardants used in these foams add chemical toxicity. Also keep in mind that polyurethane foams do not decompose in landfills.  What is being referred to today as green foam manufactured with the use of soybean, caster bean or other plant derived polyols is still mostly petro chemical based. Polyurethane is mostly composed of equal parts isocyanates , which is a deadly gas and a polyol. So if you substitute a soy-based polyol for 20 percent of the 50 percent you would have a product that is 10 percent soy and 90 per cent disastrous chemical. If all of the isocynates were replaced with soy based polyols, the product would still be 50 percent isocynates. Hardly green is it?

Altering traditional polyurethane formulas by adding natural and synthetic latex has also become a popular way to claim a greener heritage. If the end product is called polyurethane than that’s all it is.  Just one more point. Polyurethane is extremely flammable therefore fire retardants must be added in its production to make it safe for home use, and this will be the subject of our next blog.

We at dormio pride ourselves in the use of organic wool or natural latex as the comfort layer, making our organic mattresses truly organic. For example our natural latex foam mattress is covered with organic cotton and padded with organic wool. At Dormio, we will explain each component of our mattresses or that of our suppliers so you are able to make a well informed decision when purchasing any mattress. Our motive is to provide our clients with a healthier sleeping experience so you will find a great alternative to your traditional mattress at price levels to match your budget. Visit our showroom today and be sure to check out our latex foam mattress selection.