Are you safe from toxins and chemicals while you sleep? Organic Mattresses are the first step in ensuring a safe and healthy sleep

memory foam

Whose responsibility is it to help us evaluate the chemical contaminants present in our daily lives? How much of this responsibility falls on the consumer and what part should our governments play in protecting the public?

We place our trust in environmental regulations to keep toxins out of the environment, assuming that if a substance is not banned or is under investigation, it must be safe. [...]  read more

Don’t just get an Organic Mattress, get an Organic Bed


One could argue that an organic mattress is the same as an organic bed. Well, kind of but not really.

An organic bed to us is just that, an organic bed. From top to bottom, an organic sleep system.

The platform it sits on or the support system should be free of chemicals. We have a large selection of slat platform beds in many different styles and colours. We only use solid wood from Quebec, [...]  read more

Memory Foam Mattresses May Sound Cool But Are They Safe? Read This Before Considering a Memory Foam Mattress

memory foam

Memory foam mattresses have gained quite a bit of popularity in the last few years, its conformity to your body and relieving pressure points have been major selling features. It is important to understand the chemicals involved in creating this type of foam and what the potential health implications of the chemicals may be towards our health. Many popular mattresses advertise the use of memory [...]  read more

New Pillows Arrive at Dormio Organic Beds. Check them out!

Our pillow selection keeps on growing as that elusive perfect pillow is still out there. We have the largest selection of pillows that you have ever seen and yet we are still looking. We want to make sure that whatever you need in a pillow you will be able to find it with us. We have a wide range of organic pillows made from alpaca fibre, wool, cotton, kapok, buckwheat and much [...]  read more

Wool Padding VS. Traditional Mattress Padding – Understand Whether the Padding in Your Mattress is Truly Organic

We recently wrote a blog explaining the different components that comprise a mattress. Here is the link:

Now we would like to elaborate on the padding component of a mattress. There are different types of padding used in the mattress industry which include wool, polyurethane foam, convoluted foam, synthetic fibre pads and or polyester [...]  read more

Does Your Baby Sleep on a Chemical and Toxin Filled Mattress?

Babies spend 10 to 14 hours each day sleeping or playing on a crib mattress; therefore what’s in the mattress is very important. Physicians and health care professional all agree that early exposure to chemicals can have a negative impact on a child’s health. Many researchers suspect that toxic chemicals are playing a significant role in the dramatic increase in childhood disorders. [...]  read more

What is Your Mattress Made of?

Let’s break down the mattress.

Although every mattress will contain slightly different components, the modern mattress is constructed of 3 basic components.

The covering fabric also known as ticking, the padding or feel layer and the support core.

The ticking:

For years and years traditional mattresses were covered with traditional fibres, such as cotton, hemp, wool or silk. Our modern mattresses [...]  read more

When did Mattresses Become So Full of Chemicals?

Twelve thousand years ago, before we slept on mattresses, humans slept on the ground covered with animal skins. Mattresses only appeared about 5000 years ago and luxury mattresses appeared in the early roman times. Over the years humans have been very creative in trying to create a comfortable sleeping surface.
Here are some examples of our ingenuity over the years.
Piles of leaves, [...]  read more

Are you Sleeping with Chemicals and Toxins?

You may think you are leading a relatively healthy lifestyle, you eat right, you exercise and you don’t smoke. Unfortunately chemicals are everywhere in our environment. They enter our bodies through items we touch, the food we eat and the air we breathe.

There are currently over 100,000 chemicals in use today. And only a very small percentage has ever been tested for human health effects. [...]  read more

Consumers Need to Be Aware of all the Health Hazards Caused by Conventional Mattresses

Organic Cotton Mattresses and Organic Wool Pillows are a healthy and eco-friendly option for Sleep.

Our immune system has its limits. Each night we approach our mattress with minimal or no clothing and lay down for a seemingly restful and restorative night’s sleep. But in reality while resting on a conventional mattress we are breathing in and absorbing through [...]  read more