How to choose the best pillow for you

A deep restful night’s sleep is at the heart of a productive and pleasant day and a comfortable natural or organic pillow that supports your sleeping style is part of that equation. The correct pillow can be just as important as a good mattress in ensuring a restful night’s sleep. There are few other products that you spend as much time with than the pillow. The right pillow can help ease allergies, prevent neck pain, upper back pain, and headaches. The right choice will make you more comfortable and can be essential to long-term health. Finding the pillow for you can be an adventure, that is why offer such a huge selection.

A pillow should feel just right and it should be thick enough to fill in the gap between the head and the mattress while keeping the head aligned to the body.

Department store pillows are one pillow fits all, this is like wearing size 7 shoes when you in fact need size 9. Most department store pillows are synthetic or down filled. These types of pillow fills become full of allergens over time and are unhealthy for us.

At Dormio we have over 50 different types of natural and organic pillows, ranging from very soft to very firm and from very low to very high lofts and everywhere in the middle. Most have zippers, allowing you the user to adjust the feel or height of the pillow. Natural or organic pillows are not treated with any chemicals to make them antimicrobial, They just are because we only use natural fills. Nature as a way of making these types of fibres antimicrobial without the use of any chemicals. All of our natural or organic pillows breathe very well and never make you hot. A natural or organic pillow if chosen with care can deliver a luxurious night sleep.

Natural or organic pillows tend to be pricier than your standard department store, synthetic and down filled pillows, but they don’t need to be replaced every six months to one year. They are long lasting and stay clean of allergens for a very long time. A good organic wool pillow can last a life time. Dormio specializes in everything to do with the natural and organic bed. Imagine walking in and being faced with the job of selecting the right pillow out of a selection of 60. We use the process of elimination, this is good, but this is better and this is one is even better. With our help, we can easily make the selection feel easy. Once you’ve chosen the right pillow, most can be tweaked at home by adding or removing as much fill as needed to truly make it your own.


Why choose a Natural Crib Mattress or Organic Crib Mattress?

Why choose a Natural Crib Mattress or Organic Crib Mattress?

Conventional crib mattresses are a leading source of chemical poisoning in infants. Several scientists even claim that the toxic gases emitted from crib mattresses, when inhaled or absorbed by a sleeping baby, can cause crib death or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). These claims have not been 100% scientifically proven, nor have they been dis-proven, and there is an urgent requirement for more further research.

In the mean time you can help safeguard your child from exposure to the harmful effects from these substances by using an organic crib mattress or natural crib mattress.

The bulk of traditional mattresses presently contain polyurethane foam, vinyl (PVC), phthalates, chemical fire retardants, and a lengthy list of added industrial chemicals. These chemicals can leach out of the mattress (otherwise known as off-gassing) and leave us exposed via inhalation and absorption through the skin. This can cause anything from minor skin irritations, to allergic reactions to major health issues. This can also happen through the womb. Women that are with child need to also steer clear from these types of non organic and non natural mattresses.

Our organic crib mattresses and natural mattresses do not contain these harmful substances.

Chemical exposure in mattresses is particularly problematic for babies because of the lengthy duration of time they spend early in their lives asleep and in a crib. Sleeping on a typical crib mattress, babies breathe and absorb these chemicals for ten to fourteen hours a day or more. This exposure is continuous for two years or more during the critical developmental period of their brains, nervous systems and immune systems.

Your alternative

Purchasing a natural or an organic crib mattress can eliminate the threat of harmful chemicals or phthalates. Dormio’s collection of crib mattresses fit these criteria. We use latex (natural rubber) in the core of most of our models as it creates a firm supporting core, and then we add natural or organic wool and cotton. Organic materials are vitally important when choosing a mattress but the main feature to look for is whether the mattress in non-toxic and safe for your baby.

Wool is used in our mattresses and bedding products since it is naturally fire resistant material. It does not provide a favourable environment for dust mites and it handles moisture well by retaining 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet. Dormio’s wool crib pads can also be added on top of the mattress to protect the surface from moisture. It is naturally moisture resistant and dries quickly. Wool can also help in regulating temperature during babies sleep. Not too cold and not too hot.

Organic cotton is the perfect fabric for covering the crib mattress and for other crib bedding. Cotton is natural, non-toxic, and highly breathable.

Investing in a proper, healthy crib mattress and bedding for your newborn is one of the most important decisions you can make as a parent as you will be providing a healthy environment for up to 70% of your child’s early life. New and expecting parents can do some research and become well educated before making these critical purchases.

At Dormio our mattresses and bedding accessories are natural or organic.

Dormio Organic Beds… naturally better!

Mattress support for your spine

When it comes to sleep, we don’t always consider how our beds can affect our backs and our overall quality of life. We are on them for about one third of our entire lives. If you do the basic math that works out to be roughly twenty-four years for the average person.  No other piece of furniture in your home is used as much or impacts your overall health more than your mattress.  By choosing the best sleeping products (i.e., the mattress, foundation, bed sheets and pillows) that are available, it will improve your rest and your quality of life.

A poor night’s sleep will contribute to a decline in overall health and increase aches and pains. The spine, in particular, greatly benefits from an adequate sleep with proper support. The spine is under pressure all day especially if the natural spinal curves are compromised from lack of good support at night. A quality nights rest is essential. A poor sleeping surface can compromise this critical repair time and dysfunction can begin to snowball with each subsequent night. An organic latex mattress can offer you the support your spine needs and the comfort to relieve pressure points. Come try one of our many latex mattresses and natural pillows in store and feel the difference. Choose from the soothing colours of our organic bed sheet sets and duvets.

A peek inside the mattress

A peek inside the mattress

The modern conventional mattress with all the trick features they market to the public are not necessarily better for you when you consider the petrochemical based materials they are constructed from. Much has changed in mattress materials since half a century ago. Despite the new and improved features and designs modern mattresses tote, the main ingredients that go into them are now chiefly synthetic foams such as visco-elastic and or polyurethane that may contain the hazardous material toluene discarnate TDI. In addition, conventional mattresses are laden with flame retardant chemicals and even fungicides and pesticides. The flame retardant chemical Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether or PBDE was banned back in the 1970’s.

Several health problems such as autoimmune deficiency have been linked to petrochemical exposure. Also the volatile compounds that petrochemicals emit have been connected to irritation of the respiratory system.

Breathing in the off gassing from adhesives used in the manufacturing of conventional mattresses in such close proximity to our beds results in prolonged exposure as we spend approximately a third of our lifetimes in our beds. Many of these glues can be carginogenic due to their formulations including substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and methylene chloride and can also cause eye and skin irritation. Adhesives can also contain solvents that are known to damage the central nervous system.

Our organic natural latex mattresses and organic pillows, natural pillows and natural bedding products are made without visco-elastic or polyurethane foams. We simply use natural or organic materials.

Dormio Organic beds….naturally better
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Luxury Mattress definition

What makes a mattress a “luxury” mattress?


Are they just the same standard materials that you get on any store mattress at any run of the mill retailer?


What really sets apart a luxury mattress from a regular mattress that justifies the premium financial investment from you?


Is the luxury mattress you are considering just the same usual construction and design?


How long is the manufacturer willing to stand behind their product with their warranty?


How much of that warranty is prorated?


How about the comfort and the longevity?


The average spring or memory foam mattress needs to replaced at least every five to seven years due to wear and compression of the materials. Sometimes in as little as one to three years time.


If you like so many other purchasers have paid several thousand dollars for a mattress that felt and looked great in the store and you were sure because you had paid a large amount of money that you must have gotten a high quality luxury mattress only to discover a short time down the road the mattress had to be replaced due to wear and lack of support then you are not alone.


This is an all too common scenario. A truly high quality product such as a luxury mattress should be defined not only by its comfort but by its quality, the quality of the materials, the quality of the service and also its longevity and the manufacturer’s willingness to back their product with their warranty in writing.


Brand name mattress companies offer warranties on their products ranging anywhere from one year to twenty years. Ten years or less is more the standard length of warranty in most cases with the “premium” models at the higher end of the range but at a much higher price point of course.


Here at Dormio our standard mattress warranty is twenty years with the first ten years non-pro rated.


For a luxury mattress to truly be able to worthy of the term luxury mattress, the materials cannot be the same as any other typical mattress out there, they must exceed the standards of the conventional. If you are familiar with the retail clothing industry and the extremely high mark ups then you know your usual cotton mill is producing cotton at extremely low costs and with chemical fertilizers, rodenticides, fungicides etc.


Just like how a great chef will only use the best organic ingredients in his or her dishes, we only use the best organic materials in our mattresses. We have scoured the four corners of the Earth to bring you the best certified organic cotton, certified organic wool and certified organic latex from rubber trees and crafted them together in Canada to delight the palate of the bedding connoisseur.


What is another major defining factor of all luxury products? Exclusivity. You won’t find our beds in department stores, big box chain stores, discount retailers, ebay, flea markets, etc. Regardless of the inquiries we have had to wholesale our goods to other retailers, we have declined these offers to ensure the brand and its quality and service are represented at its best by our own staff who are not selling just any brand of many on their showroom floor for a commission.


Personalized fit. Much like a great suit made by a great tailor on Savile row in London, our extensive lineup and modular options allow us to tailor the bed to give you as much of a  bespoke feel that a bed can offer. Add to that an electrically adjustable base option and you have the continual customization at your finger-tips that even Royalty of eras gone by would have envied.


So to sum up here are the great features that make Dormio Organic Beds a luxury mattress


Highest quality certified organic materials

Crafted in Canada

Chemical free





20 year warranty

Modular adjustability and personal customization to suit your personal preferences


All these features together create the ultimate luxury sleep oasis