One Month – Organic Beds Toronto

It’s been only about a month since we put up the Open sign in the window, and already you can start to see that all of our hard work is starting to pay off.

And there was a lot of hard work!  Two months of 60-70 hour weeks; painting, building, tearing down, building back up, planning, arranging and setting up our showroom.

I think we did a great job, and I think so will you!  It’s exciting to be a part of something that is truly different.

My name is Steve, and I have partnered with John in this endeavour to create a unique environment to sell the highest quality of healthy natural and organic mattresses and bedding.   I’ve learned a lot from him in these first few months, and yet there is a lot more to learn.  I have no doubt that he is on the right track to success.

Not only will you be taken aback by the peaceful environment of our showroom, but you will love the feel of our mattress line-up.  They are sooo comfortable.  I admit, I have already taken a few naps … for research purposes of course 🙂  It really is a great place to come to work every day, and it’s nice knowing that we are helping people get healthier and living better.

Well that’s all for now, I have to do some more…uh… er… research 😉

Thanks for listening,

Steve Stavrev

Dormio Organic Beds : Organic Beds Toronto

Wool, the Miracle Fibre, Dormio Organic Beds

We’ve put together a whole bunch of events for the month of April.

Our general theme for April is WOOL, THE MIRACLE FIBRE

We will be starting with the NATURA FACTORY AUTHORIZED SALE.

The sale is scheduled to start Saturday April 2nd and run ’til Sunday April 10th.

This is the way it works…… Natura sells Dormio Organic Beds at a discounted price and we match the savings. For every one dollar Natura takes off the price, Dormio will take off two.

We have a huge Natura selection and the savings are going to be BIG.

Let me give you a few examples.

A Queen size mattress at our normal sale price is $1439, but during this sale, it is only $1079.00, saving you an additional $360. Now keep in mind that $1439 is great price to begin with for a natural latex mattress.

If you are looking for a mattress topper, you can’t find anything better than a wool mattress topper, allowing for a deeper, more restorative sleep. Our normal sale price is $197 and for one week only $147 for a queen size.  Another great saving!

Wool pillows are just great to complete the full experience.

Natura makes many different types of wool pillows and we have them all in the showroom for you to try. For the factory authorized sale they are as low as $57

Lets not forget the kids!!

Natura makes a slew of products designed for growing muscles and bones while providing delicious comfort.

An all-latex twin mattress, sale priced at $749, for one week only $561.

You can come in and pre-book your selection but we do ask that you wait for delivery.

The delivery won’t happen ’til mid April. But the savings are substantial so the wait will be well worth it.

Signing off for now, but I’ll be back with more goodies in a couple of days.

John Aprile

Organic Beds Toronto, Dormio Organic Beds,  Wool, the Miracle Fibre

Dormio Organic Beds

Today we launched our new website.

It has taken a long time, but I think you’ll find it very detailed and easy to use.

Most of the items you can purchase online. Others we recommend you personally try before making the purchase. If you do purchase online, we promise to call you to thank you for your order and update you with a delivery date.

Now I wanted to continue on from where I left off from the last blog and acknowledge some people that have helped us get Dormio off the ground.

This is not in any particular order, here goes……

We welcome Natura to our showroom. Thank you Simon for all your hard work and all the phone calls that were necessary to put this together.

If Natura manufactures it, the chances are, we have it in the showroom. It is an awesome selection.

We welcome Hypnos to Dormio, the royal bed of the world.

If it’s good enough for the queen of England, Is it good enough for you?………

We’re using this saying in our postcard mailer. This will be going out the week of March 21st. This is our first of many mailers in our immediate area. We are very serious about making ourselves your one stop quality mattress and bedding shop in your neighbourhood.

Many thanks to Farhan from Hypnos; I’m sure our customers will love your beds.

The Dormio Organic beds line up consists of 3 vendors, all of them Canadian.

Thanks Jonathan for helping in the design of the Dormio Premium Collection. As usual, your understanding of a good quality mattress is easily evident in our units.

Many thanks to Don for putting together our Gold collection. These units made exclusively for Dormio are a great fit and compliment the rest of the Dormio collections.

And finally, many thanks to Paolo.  The Dormio Hush-a-Bye or our Legacy Collection is a great product at a great price.

Magniflex, the only non Canadian product in our showroom fits in great.

Natural memory foam mattresses and pillows from Italy. This is such a great product that it really was a no brainer decision to bring it on. Thanks Richard, Ron and Jazz for looking after us.

As you can see, Dormio didn’t just happen

Again, a great big thanks

John Aprile

Finally – the store is open!!!! Dormio Organic Beds Toronto

We took a bit longer than expected but the extra time allowed us to try new things – the outcome is great!

Wait ’til you see what we’ve created for you!!!!!

All the bases have been covered.

The biggest and best selection ever under one roof!  I think we have created a really great and unique shopping experience!

The number of mattress feels we offer are just too many to count, the built in flexibility is out of this world and all the while sticking to our values – the product has to be natural or organic.

Our vendors have been great to work with, helping us choose the right products and going the extra mile for us.  We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their support.

Our customers are going to love what has been made for them.

Some really exciting things are going to get your attention!

Our 90 day comfort guarantee is designed to make sure you’re sleeping on the right bed.

We have l have the right pillow, pad, topper or whatever else you need to get that great night’s sleep!

Our delivery crew is ready to go. We’ll deliver your new mattress hassle free and recycle or donate your old mattress. We’ll do our best to keep it out of the landfills.

A great big thanks to Steve, you’ve been great to work with. I’m not at all surprised of what you can do but I’ve enjoyed watching you create, develop and make things happen.

Your hard work, willingness and dedication has helped make Dormio a great place to shop!

More details to follow, soon and often

Dormio organic beds…. Naturally better!

John Aprile

Finally – the store is open!!!! Dormio Organic Beds Toronto