Natura Organic Mattress Collection

Natura Organic Mattress Collection

In an industry that focuses on romancing features and benefits, it can be hard to pin down nitty gritty details. Lots of companies claim organic but skirt the issue of organic certifications.

Until we have common guidelines, here’s what you need to know about Natura’s organic latex mattresses. Natura’s organic line is made with certified organic materials, which means it’s chemical and pesticide free. All queen size mattresses in this line are made with 8 lbs of 100% certified organic wool.

Latex is harvested as a milky substance from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree in Asia. The trees grow naturally in forests – without the use of herbicides, pesticides or large farm equipment. Harvesting of our latex is done by hand and, like tapping for maple syrup, the trees aren’t harmed. Natural rubber changes consistency very quickly when exposed to air. The latex is processed the same day and near the harvest site to reduce the need for chemical stabilization or contamination during transportation. The latex is whipped into a thick froth, flash frozen and then heated to cure it into the flat slabs. Nothing is added to it and it’s 100% natural latex.

But if you’re an organic guru, you know that latex itself can never be certified organic – by any mattress manufacturer. Latex must be cleaned with soaps during processing to be considered safe for consumer use. Latex proteins, benign to most of us, can cause severe allergic reactions in some people and are carefully regulated. Natura produces a line of organic mattresses that are 99.9% natural, including the latex, but only the wool and cotton are 100% certified organic by a third party source.

Natura’s organic latex mattresses have no artificial additives, harmful chemicals or fire retardants. They pass and exceed fire regulation laws with purely organic materials. They’re hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and will not support mildew or bacteria growth.

Dormio is the only retailer in Toronto displaying the entire new Natura Organic mattress line-up. Quality built like the old line up, this new series is more luxurious and offers more distinct comforts.

Natura Eco Revive

They are all on display and on Sale.

Dormio Organic Beds….naturally better

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Hypnos Royal Comfort

Hypnos Royal Comfort


Hypnos Royal Collection: Hypnos has years of success behind the family-run company and has been producing handmade beds for over four generations – beds that have given countless nights of comfortable sleep to many thousands of people. A proud holder of two Royal Warrants, the Hypnos philosophy of quality and comfort is maintained throughout their product range. The Chairman, Peter Keen is the great grandson of the original founder and the product has been hand-crafted using traditional methods from the very first day of existence.

Hypnos Handcrafting: It begins with hand layering of sumptuous natural materials. Using genuine hand side-stitching, the sides of the mattress are sewn directly to the top and bottom of the coil system. This time consuming procedure results in unprecedented overall structural strength. To ensure the even and correct positioning of all materials, traditional hand tufting is used, where twine is passed through the entire mattress and is tied-off with Wool Rosettes. The Hypnos handcrafting procedure will ensure you a quality mattress that will stand the test of time.

Hypnos Coils: Each Hypnos mattress contains from 1000 to over 2000 full height, individually pocketed coils. Each coil is calico wrapped, for the ultimate in moisture control, and then nested in a honeycomb arrangement. Honeycombing eliminates the gaps between the coils ensuring the highest level of full body support. Now each coil can react independently, providing support to even the smallest area of your body.

Natural Fills: Only the finest natural materials and white fibres are used in the construction of a Hypnos mattress. In addition, unique blends of Cotton, Wool and Silk are incorporated for complete climate control and added comfort. A special blend of teased white cattle hair maximizes the support, resiliency and breathablility of the mattresses.

Body Support: Many people confuse firmness with support and contrary to traditional thinking, a hard bed is not the best way to relieve a painful back. Mattresses typically use foam of different density to support the curves of your body. Unfortunately foam breaks down and collapses over relatively short periods of time, losing its supportive abilities. A Hypnos mattress is specifically designed to provide the ultimate in healthy support for your spine. A long lasting steel coil system supports your physique and aligns your spine. Hypnos combination of high coil counts and honeycombing of the individual pocket coils, will give every inch of your body many years of consistent and correct support.

Dust Mite Control: We lose about 11 pounds of skin yearly. Dust Mites feed on dead skin. Dust Mites thrive in moist, warm areas. Chemical treatments are not long lasting.
Hypnos takes 2 steps to control Dust Mites naturally. Use extremely tight woven Belgium damask, which will help prevent dead skin from penetrating into the mattress, and the moisture control system.



Moisture, Mold & Mildew Control: To control mold and mildew Hypnos reduces or eliminates moisture. By using natural fibres, calico wrapped coils and brass or silver air vents, the Hypnos mattress is designed to breath, so that the cup of moisture you lose each night can be taken from you and passed out of the mattress. The end result is the inside of the mattress is cleaner and you wake up feeling more refreshed.


No Foam: Foam, from the day of manufacturing, starts a transformation into a powder, slowly providing less support and comfort. In addition, small amounts of gaseous fumes are emitted. These fumes may affect people with sensitive skin or breathing problems. Further, foam retains night time moisture loss. By not using FOAM, Hypnos eliminates these potential problems and creates a mattress that breathes, stays clean and provides a safe, healthy sleep environment.

Hypnos Eminence on Pocket Coil Foundation

Come see our full display of the Royal Comfort Mattresses


Dormio Organic Beds……naturally better

Best selection of natural and organic quality mattresses in the Toronto area!

An Educated consumer is the Best consumer

Part 1 – Latex Production

There are two different production processes used to make latex mattresses, the differences in which are largely a matter of personal preference. The older, more established process (dating back over 75 years) is known as Dunlop, while the newer, more involved (and more expensive) process is known as Talalay. In the Dunlop process, liquid latex is “whipped” with air until it becomes wet foam, at which time it is poured into a mold, hardened, and vulcanized. In the Talalay process, the wet latex foam is similarly poured into a mold, but extra room is left at the top of the mold. Once the mold is sealed, air is vacuumed out of the mold, causing the foam to expand such that it fills the empty space inside the mold. The mold is then frozen and quickly vulcanized, locking in the expanded structure of the foam.  Talalay latex is generally softer and less dense, while Dunlop latex tends to be firmer and heavier

Typically, a latex mattress consists of 1 piece of latex. Here at Dormio our mattresses have anywhere from 2 to 8 pieces of latex pieces. The core, which provides the underlying support for the mattress, tends to be about 6″ thick and is typically made from relatively dense latex.  The upper layers, also known as the “comfort” layers, are designed to give the bed a softer feel and are most often made from softer latex.

We have the best selection of latex mattresses in the Greater Toronto Area.

All chemical free and natural.

Dormio Organic Beds….naturally better

Dormio Gold Sandman Mattress

The Dormio Gold Sandman Mattress…organically luscious

The Dormio Sandman mattress is constructed to provide each sleeper with supreme comfort, long-lasting support and provide correct natural body alignment using healthy natural materials. Each side can be customized to match the sleeper’s body weight, shape and desired comfort. The Sandman mattress, 10″ high, consists of 8 pieces of natural rubber, 4 layers on each side. Covered with a 1.5″ thick layer of carded 100% New Zealand wool quilted to a 100% certified Organic Cotton removable cover to provide maximum moisture control and act as a natural fire retardant. Naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, there is also no movement transferred from one sleeper to the next.

Dormio Gold Sandman


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Bonus, receive a free wool duvet with purchase , value $227

Press Release – Dormio Orangic Beds

Dormio Organic beds specializes in organic mattresses and bedding products.

With so many mattress stores around, this one is truly different.

Located in Mississauga in the Home and Design Centre, it’s just a stone throw away from the 403, 401 and QEW.

You know something is special as soon as you walk in the door.

Peaceful atmosphere, nice natural smells fill the air and the sound of the forest in background make it a perfect setting for mattress shopping.

Everything in the store is natural or organic. The selection is huge. Whether it’s a natural mattress, a topper, a pad or a pillow you’ll be amazed at the selection.

There are over 50 pillows on display, many wool or silk duvets to choose from and the best selection of organic mattresses available anywhere.

Hypnos, the Royal bed of the world is displayed in its own room. This is the bed that the queen sleeps on.  Handmade, you’ll be taken aback at the quality craftsmanship.

There’s a real commitment to offer great selection and service.

Delivery distance doesn’t seem to matter as Dormio delivers anywhere in Canada for a small fee.  Locally, your old mattress is recycled or cleaned and donated if possible.

It truly is a great shopping experience and worth the visit.

Dormio Organic Beds….. Naturally Better