4 Ways to Improve Your Sleeping Posture

An average person sleeps for eight hours. This means that on an average, you spend one-third of your life while sleeping as that’s one-third of a day. Humans spend so much time sleeping because it’s the best remedy for almost all ailments. It is as important as exercise to keep you happy and healthy. Another important thing to keep in mind is your sleeping posture. It plays a vital role in your overall health as it affects you even after waking up.

Bad sleeping posture is one of the biggest reasons for back pain and insomnia. Even your physical and emotional well-being is affected if you don’t maintain the right posture while sleeping.

If you’re unable to sleep because of an achy back, then consider improving your sleeping posture. Here are 4 ways to do so.

1) Avoid Sleeping on Your Stomach

Sleep in a position that maintains the curve in your lower back. The best posture will be to sleep on your side or back. Many people have the habit of sleeping on their stomachs which creates unnecessary stress on their neck, back, joints and muscles as their spines fail to reach a neutral position. If you have trouble lying on your back, then put a pillow or cushion under your knees or on your side to sleep comfortably.

2) Change Your Mattress

If you’re suffering from a backache, even after sleeping in the right position, then consider upgrading your mattress. A lumpy and uncomfortable mattress fails to provide adequate support to your back, thus affecting your sleeping position. Replace your too soft and lumpy mattress with a firmer one to give support to your back. You can also consider buying organic mattresses as they are flexible, yet stable and offers a firmer surface to sleep on.

3) Consider Your Pillow’s Size

Pillows are an essential part of your sleep routine. A bad pillow can cause problems in the neck if used for an extended period. Make sure that your pillow is neither too soft nor too stiff so that your neck gets adequate support and stays in a neutral position while sleeping. If the height of your pillow is too high, it will bend your neck out of alignment causing strain in your muscles and joints, thus leading to a headache. If your pillow fails to provide proper support to your neck, it can restrict the air flow in your wind pipe and result in obstructed breathing, thus disturbing your sleep.

4) Stretch Your Muscles before Going to Bed and After You Wake Up

Loosen up your muscles before going to bed to achieve the right posture while sleeping. Sitting for a prolonged period presses your pelvis forward, thus making it difficult for you to lie down at night. Go for a walk around your house at night to stretch your muscles. After you wake up in the morning do some light stretching such as rotating your shoulders. It will be a good way to start your day.

Sleep has the power to keep you healthy. Make sure that you follow a proper sleeping posture to fully benefit both physically and emotionally. Make the above-mentioned changes in your bed and habits to sleep peacefully at night.

How to Choose the Right Density for Your Memory Foam Mattress

When buying a memory foam mattress, one of the most important things to consider is its density. Density plays a significant role in determining the quality, durability and comfort level of your mattress. If the density of your memory foam mattress is not appropriate it will affect your sleep as well as health. Many buyers fail to understand the concept of density and end up buying just another mattress which is neither comfortable nor durable.

Today’s post discusses the concept of density and how to choose the right memory foam mattress for you.

What’s Foam Density?

The density of memory foam determines the firmness of a mattress. It is expressed in pounds per cubic foot (lbs/ft3). For instance, if the foam density of a mattress is 5 pounds per cubic foot, it means that every foot of foam weighs 5 pounds. Denser foams mean more material is used to make the mattress and it will provide greater support to the person sleeping on it. However, the firmness of foam is not dependent on its density.

Which One to Choose?

Broadly speaking, memory foam mattresses are available in three densities, low, medium and high. The most suitable density depends on what the buyer wants.

Memory foam with a density of 3 pounds per cubic foot or lower is called low-density memory foams. They feel softer than other mattresses and allow you to sink into it. This density is ideal for people who want a nice soft bed at an affordable price as less foam is used to build the mattress. People with a tight budget often opt for low-density foam mattresses but too much sinking into the mattress can affect your sleeping posture.

Medium density memory foam has a measurement of 4-5 pounds per cubic foot. It offers a perfect combination of comfort, durability, and support at reasonable prices. These mattresses allow you to sink without much resistance thus offering a comfort and support to your back while sleeping. It’s a good option for an average sleeper. Consider a medium density memory foam if you’re a first-time buyer.

High-density memory foam measures 6 pounds per cubic foot or more in density. Most of the mattresses available in the market are high-density foam as they offer excellent durability and support. They’re a little expensive compared to other mattresses but provide more support and firmer base foam for greater comfort. It also has stiff support to your back and molds according to your body to relieve pressure joints. If you’re suffering from a backache and want to improve your blood circulation, then high-density memory foam mattresses are the best bet for you.

Consider the foam’s density before buying a memory foam mattress. It plays a vital role in determining the level of support and comfort you get while sleeping on the mattress. If you’re not sure about the density, then buy organic mattresses made of all natural ingredients that allow you to sleep with comfort.

Are Organic Mattresses Worth the Cost?

Everyone wants to have a more healthy, comfortable and cleaner life. This extends to all aspects of life, like buying organic vegetables or incorporating solar power in your energy source. Textile businesses have picked up on this demand and are making their own entry into the organic industry. However, these materials are often costly and not within everyone’s reach. If you find yourself wondering whether it’s a good idea to invest in a non-toxic organic mattress, look no further. The information and facts mentioned here will provide you with the answers you need.

  • Harmful effects of chemicals

Mattresses, by law, must be flame retardant. To make them fire resistant, mattresses are often treated with several chemicals. To reduce the chemical exposure or allergies that your skin is exposed to, buy an organic mattress. Even if you’re not allergic, reducing chemicals you’ is an important step to avoid health issues which may arise later in life.

  • Organic Mattress Vs. Traditional Mattress

All mattresses traditionally have an exclusive fibre layer and foam composition. Traditional mattresses, on the other hand, are composed of pressboards, polyester fabrics, and other fibres, organic mattresses are made using paddling filled with cotton and wool.

  • Organic Mattress Vs. Natural Mattress

Mattresses types are not limited to traditional and non-organic types. Mattresses labelled ‘natural’ aren’t organic, but they have latex, poly foams and natural fibres.

Pros of Organic Mattress

  • They’re made using non-allergenic materials, making it a beneficial option.
  • They’re free from pesticides and chemicals, making it a healthier option for people with asthma or other allergy-induced diseases.
  • They’re an easily customizable option as they come in several shapes and styles.
  • They’re a healthier and comfortable option.

Cons of Organic Mattress

Although a great option for your bedroom, organic mattresses too, have certain disadvantages

  • Limited availability often makes them a costlier option.
  • The options might be limited with not much room for customization of choices of colour.
  • Shopping can for one can get confusing as most of the choices might seem the same.
  • Are non-toxic mattresses a better option?

Though there are many companies offering certified organic mattresses, there are other non-toxic varieties which can solve your problems as well. These non-toxic options can do the job without burning a hole in your pocket. Organic mattresses have latex, cotton and wool in common, but they might not be a great support option. Some people are also allergic to latex. Also, many people complain of lack of sleep and back pains which are caused by the extremely soft filling.

The choice of purchasing an organic mattress is a personal one when it comes down to it. At the end of the day, you know what’s best for you and your family. The best thing to do is to choose wisely based on what you want in order to spend wisely.

5 Benefits of Organic Duvet Covers

The popularity of organic duvet covers has been rising over the past decade. People are becoming more aware of the impact of their consumer choices on the environment.  Organic duvet covers are made with cotton, using environmentally friendly methods. It doesn’t contain synthetic chemicals or genetically engineered substances. It’s grown without pesticides and proves to be a more suitable option than its non-organic counterparts.

  • Healthier beds

On an average, people spend 6 to 8 hours a day in bed. This is the main reason it’s important that all bedding materials promote our health, rather than diminish. Organic cotton duvet covers are hypoallergenic because of the lack of additional chemicals used while harvesting or producing the materials.

People with chemical sensitivities are at risk from non-organic sheets as they can cause respiratory or skin-related problems. Hence, switching to organic duvet covers is extremely important for those with known sensitivities, especially for children and infants. The pesticides, chemicals and dyes can cause a variety of reactions.

  • A Happier Planet

Using organic materials, including duvet covers is good for the planet. Cotton farmed conventionally is taking a huge toll on the planet since farmers use a lot of insecticides to save the crop. The growth of cotton promotes the use of a lot of dangerous pesticides which can easily enter the food chain through run-off water.

Choosing to use organic cotton supports farmers who commit their lives to growing high-quality produce without using toxic methods. Farmers using conventional farming techniques can use this as an incentive to switch to organic methods, improving the overall land quality and health of farmers.

  • Greater Comfort

Organic duvet covers feel better than other materials. The fabric has much less contact with harsh chemicals. This results in a softer experience. The weaving of the cloth determines how soft or crisp the material feels against the skin. Rather than using chemical processing, the weave is used to achieve the desired softness and density. This results in a consistently soft fabric, even after multiple washes.

Organic cotton duvets are naturally breathable and keep away moisture, keeping your body temperature regulated throughout the night. This enhances the comfort provided by sheets made with organic cotton.

  • Natural Durability

Organic cotton duvets aren’t only durable, but also bio-degradable as they are produced using sustainable methods. Though man-made fabric can prove to be quite durable, it won’t break down naturally once it’s worn. The methods used for their production are also not sustainable.

  • Higher Quality

The harvest method is one of the reasons why organic cotton provides higher quality textiles. Conventional harvesting machines mix the cotton with the seeds and oil of the plant. Harsh chemicals are utilised to clean the cotton and remove the other materials.

Organic farmers pick the cotton by hand, which provides a much cleaner product. This method doesn’t require any harsh additives. The cotton is then cleaned with vegetable-based soaps and hot water, rather than with chemicals.

Choosing organic duvets for your bedding is a great way to improve the quality of sleep while also incorporating environmental awareness in life. It reduces hidden chemical dangers, temperature issues and allergies, which can occur from conventional materials.

Is Your Mattress Causing You Back Ache?

Back ache can often inconvenient and perplexing as its origin is never straightforward.  If your daily routine is always the same, what is the reason for it? The answer may be as simple as your mattress.

How can you tell?

There may be several causes for back ache, so it can be rather difficult pointing out exactly what’s causing it. However, there are a few clues which may point you in the right direction. The first sign is when your back starts aching. Stretching once you’ve woken up may provide some relief. This is a major sign that your mattress is causing harm to your physical well being. Also, if you wake up in the middle of the night and find yourself shifting to find a comfortable position, you should start to suspect that your mattresses may be the problem. Ideally, they should be changed within 8-10 years.

Picking out a good quality mattress

Different people tend to have different preferences. This makes it particularly difficult to find a mattress which suits their needs. A good way to go about it would be to select one that is neither too soft, nor too firm. A firm mattress may put pressure on specific pressure points resulting in misalignment, whereas a soft one will permit your body to go downwards into it, resulting in bad posture while asleep. This can be a leading reason for your back aches.

It’s always a better idea to invest in superior quality. Current financial times might make this difficult, but think of it as a one-time investment. It’s a rather important piece of furniture in your home since you spend considerable time on it. Never be thrifty when it comes to investing in a mattress.

Is getting an adjustment preferable?

A chiropractor could give you a wellness adjustment. It’s a good idea to get one before shopping for a mattress. It may help you maintain a better body posture and provide support to your body while you’re asleep. A chiropractor can also provide with preferred positions to maintain while sleeping, and also give a recommendation what is suitable for your needs. It is advisable to seek guidance from a chiropractor since they’ve probably had other patients who have suffered from the same conditions as you.

What other steps can be taken?

Changing your mattress should be your priority. A habitual mini-stretching session can also be incorporated into your routine. Try to do a few after you’ve woken up and before you’re to sleep, as this will help your spine become more flexible. It is helpful to practice some positions for sleeping from which you can benefit. Most experts will tell you it’s best to sleep on your side, and placing a small pillow between both your legs. Ths will provide support to your lower back and hips. There are pillows available, which help diminish the back and neck ache while you’re sleeping.

It’s advisable to change your mattress to get rid of any pain in your back. Sleeping is an extremely important part of your daily routine, and mustn’t be compromised. Invest in a mattress which will help your body relax and rest peacefully. Before you purchase, it’s worthwhile to try them out and see which one best suits your needs. You mustn’t be hasty while doing so, as a bad choice may result in you having long-term issues with your back.