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Natural Organic Wool Duvets an essential ingredient in Luxury Mattresses and Luxury Bedding

Natural organic wool is commonly referred to as a miracle fibre. It is an outstanding insulator, excels with moisture control, possesses natural flame resistant properties, is incredibly resilient and a host of several other great characteristics.

For thousands of years man has enjoyed the beneficial properties of this unique fibre. However it is only now in modern day times that science has unravelled the mystery as to why natural organic wool holds the title as the miracle fibre and what makes it the ideal choice for luxury mattresses and luxury bedding products. The answer to the mystery lies in each natural organic wool fibre.

Moisture Control

The core of each natural organic wool fibre is exceptionally absorbent – able to absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture. Compare this number to cotton which absorbs just 8% while most synthetics are as low as only 2%. The fact is that natural organic wool is the most hydrophilic (able to absorb moisture) of all the natural fibres. Natural organic wool fibre is unique in that it will release moisture slowly by evaporation. It helps you stay warmer in the winter months, cooler in the heat of summer and eliminates dampness in luxury bedding overall.

Natural Temperature Control

As the natural organic wool fibres release absorbed moisture, heat is also given off.  In fact, a single gram of natural organic wool gives off 27 calories of heat when it goes from damp to dry.

Naturally Non Allergenic

The keratin in natural organic wool is the same protein as in nails and hair.  Dust mites – a leading cause of allergies – prefer a damp, not dry location. The tiny scales which cover each natural organic wool fibre further assist in creating inhospitable conditions for dust mites.

How to choose a natural organic wool duvet for your luxury bed

The natural organic wool fill should be high bulk to retain lots of air for insulation, resilient and light weight for a luxurious feel. A flat, heavy wool duvet indicates lesser quality wool that will not offer the same level of insulation or luxury.

The cover should be luxuriously soft, breathable and allow the natural organic wool fill to contour to the sleeper’s position. If the cover is too stiff, rustles or lacks breathability it means the cover is probably down proof cotton which will cancel out the beneifits of wool’s moisture controlling properties.

Dormio Organic Beds has a huge selection of natural or organic Duvets to complement your luxury mattress. We have organic, all season, winter, summer and washable luxury duvets. It’s an amazing selection and our knowledgeable staff is here to consult with and assist you in making the most luxurious choice for you bedding needs.


Should you ditch your chemical mattress in favour of a new luxury organic mattress?


A couple had waited anxiously for delivery of their new memory foam mattress, after months of hearing their friends rave about how this high tech material conforms to your body.  When they received and un-wrapped it, they noticed a strong pungent odour.  After only two nights of use and feeling  very nauseated and one of them suffering an asthma attack, they decided to return the mattress. Unfortunately the odour lingered in their bedroom for weeks.

We hear these types of stories regularly and you will loose some sleep if you find out what’s really inside a memory foam mattress 

Since the 1960’s, the majority of mattresses have been constructed of polyurethane foam, a petroleum-based material that releases volatile organic compounds that may cause skin and respiratory issues.  Formaldehyde, commonly known as the preservative from science class, is used to form a bonding agent that holds these mattresses together and has been linked to asthma allergies and various cancers.  In addition, there are cotton pesticides and flame-retardant chemicals that may cause cancer as well as nervous system disorders.

While PBDE, the polybrominated diphenyl ether family of chemical flame retardants have been phased out since they were banned back in 2007, mattress manufacturers still had to pass an open flame test of thirty minutes of exposure for any mattress sold in the United States.  The exact ingredients in their formulations are considered trade secrets but it has been speculated that they still contain some potentially dangerous toxins such as antimony oxide (a carcinogen) and melamine resin (which contains formaldehyde).

In a 2005 study, Walter Bader author of the book “Toxic Bedrooms” shipped several mattresses to an Atlanta based test laboratory.  One of the memory foam models was found to release sixty-one chemicals including the carcinogens benzene and naphthalene.

Now consumers are seeking out alternatives, including luxury mattresses made of natural latex, organic cotton and organic wool.

So should you ditch your conventional bed in favour of an organic luxury mattress?

We at Dormio Organic beds, use a simple natural way to fireproof our mattresses, by  wrapping them with a layer of organic wool which is a natural fire retardant and exceeds the present regulations.  These natural latex and luxury mattresses are also very durable and can last over twenty years and do not release any toxic chemicals. If there is a down side of these natural luxury mattresses, it is their initial investment cost but amortized over the lifetime, they represent a great value. In the long run it is cheaper to buy an organic mattress that lasts 20 years or more than to buy a few chemically laden mattresses that need to be replaced often.  A Dormio organic luxury mattress is a worthwhile investment for peace of mind and a healthy night’s sleep.

Dormio Organic Beds,  offers the largest selection of natural and organic mattresses and bedding accessories in Canada. We are naturally better.

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