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When did Mattresses Become So Full of Chemicals?

Twelve thousand years ago, before we slept on mattresses, humans slept on the ground covered with animal skins. Mattresses only appeared about 5000 years ago and luxury mattresses appeared in the early roman times. Over the years humans have been very creative in trying to create a comfortable sleeping surface.
Here are some examples of our ingenuity over the years.
Piles of leaves, [...]  read more

Are you Sleeping with Chemicals and Toxins?

You may think you are leading a relatively healthy lifestyle, you eat right, you exercise and you don’t smoke. Unfortunately chemicals are everywhere in our environment. They enter our bodies through items we touch, the food we eat and the air we breathe.

There are currently over 100,000 chemicals in use today. And only a very small percentage has ever been tested for human health effects. [...]  read more

Consumers Need to Be Aware of all the Health Hazards Caused by Conventional Mattresses

Organic Cotton Mattresses and Organic Wool Pillows are a healthy and eco-friendly option for Sleep.

Our immune system has its limits. Each night we approach our mattress with minimal or no clothing and lay down for a seemingly restful and restorative night’s sleep. But in reality while resting on a conventional mattress we are breathing in and absorbing through [...]  read more

Avoid Toxins and Chemicals in your Bedroom! Switch to Organic Mattresses and Organic Pillows to Sleep Healthy

Toxic emissions from bedroom chemicals can be one of the most significant source of daily exposure to pollution and the cause of countless maladies. Yet when was the last time your doctor asked you what you sleep on.

We believe beds are the most overlooked culprits in people’s health problems.

Some people will argue that they don’t experience any noticeable reactions to their bed; [...]  read more