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Getting a good night’s sleep in the summer!!!!

Getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult in the summer. Sweltering heat and greater exposure to light in the morning hours makes the summer the hardest time for people to get quality sleep. No one likes the sticky feeling of sweating in your sheets or being awakened prematurely by the sun rising and pouring into your bedroom.

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Designed for Healthy Sleep

Designed for Healthy Sleep

Healthy sleep is one of the most important prerequisites for the natural regulation and regeneration of all body systems. The SAMINA sleeping system has been designed to satisfy the needs of the human body during sleep, providing support and comfort in an environment that is hygienic, warm and dry.

Relief from back pain

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SAMINA has enjoyed much success both in Austria and internationally, with SAMINA products now available in a number of countries including Belgium, Germany, France, India, Italy, Canada, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Austria, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, the USA, and Australia.

SAMINA healthy sleep products are made by hand from carefully selected, natural raw materials at the SAMINA headquarters in Frastanz, [...]  read more