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Our Premium Plus Collection

Premium Plus Collection

The Dormio Premium Plus organic collection is a culmination of pure organic material, creative design, old and new together to achieve some pretty special and unique feels. The Premium Plus collection is most comfortable and very luxurious. It’s madeĀ of Natural latex forms the core that is the support system in our Dormio Premium Plus collection mattress.

We start with the Serenity available [...]  read more

Chemical free, natural organic mattress

There are many reasons why people choose a chemical-free, natural or organic mattress.

If you are sensitive to chemicals or the off gassing of powerful chemicals then you and your family may suffer negative side effects when sleeping on a regular mattress. Our bedrooms are intimate and where we lay our new born babies with us. These chemicals are concentrated in the surface of our mattress are absorbed [...]  read more

What is an organic bed?

One could argue that an organic mattress is the same as an organic bed.

Well, kind of but not really.

An organic bed to us is just that, an organic bed.

The platform or the support system your organic mattress sits on should be free of chemicals. We have a large selection of slat platform beds in many different styles and colours. We only use solid wood from Quebec, grey pine or solid birch. They are [...]  read more