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Bits and bites…..interesting little pieces of information

What’s a good natural mattress for a child?

Most children seem to do fine with a medium to firm  mattress. Most of our customers shopping for a child opt for the 6″ latex mattress. A latex mattress is great value due to its longevity (a kindergartner’s new latex mattress may well last them through college)

Organic vs Regular Latex Mattresses

Some companies cash in on the buzz around the word ‘latex’ by pairing a synthetic blended latex (combining natural and petroleum-based latex, and who-knows-what chemical additives) with other relatively cheap materials like polyurethane foam, polyester, rayon, conventional cotton, etc. Simply containing some latex does not necessarily make a mattress comfortable, natural or healthy, so ask a lot of questions and give it the 20 minute test ride before making a purchase. Watch out for companies that ‘green wash’ by making broad health and environmental claims while ‘cutting corners’ on the actual materials and construction of the products. The current trend is to make health and environmental claims for products that contain polyurethane foam that contains 15-20% bio-based (e.g. soy or castor oil) ingredients, but which are still 80-85% petrochemicals and include flame retardants. From our perspective, this is like putting an organic lettuce leaf on a fast food burger and proclaiming it a ‘healthy eco-burger’. Look for retailers that specialize in healthy mattresses.

Dunlop vs Talalay Latex

People researching natural latex mattresses often become confused by these arcane-sounding terms and what they really mean. ‘Dunlop’and ‘Talalay’ are two different processes by which raw latex is made into a durable block of latex foam. The Dunlop method is the original and older method where the latex serum is spun, poured into a mold, then baked (vulcanized). In the Talalay method the latex is spun, then expanded in a sealed mold by applying a vacuum, flash frozen, then vulcanized. In our opinion, both processes result in a very durable and suitable material for mattresses.

How do I know what firmness to choose?

We recommend you try the mattresses for at least 20 minutes relaxing on each of your top favorites before making a decision. If you live too far from our showroom we can conduct a phone interview with you to help you determine which mattress is most likely to be a good fit for you. We take into account what types of mattresses have worked for you in the past, your body weight and height, and whether you are primarily a side or back sleeper. If you are concerned about getting the firmness exactly right but can’t visit the showroom, we would recommend a model with a zippered cover that would allow you to swap out or change the order of the layers if needed. This allows you to fine tune the feel.

How important is wool in a good natural mattress?

When shopping for a natural mattress, wool is a very important ingredient in the natural mattress “recipe”. The unique structure of the wool fiber makes it both breathable and moisture wicking. Thus, the wool layer effectively removes excess moisture and dissipates excess heat, allowing you to sleep in dry and hygienic comfort year-round. These properties explain why wool is a preferred material for hiking socks and other high-performance technical apparel. A mattress’s wool layer also acts as a natural flame barrier, allowing the mattress to comply with fire-resistance regulations.

What about allergies to wool or latex?

In our experience, these are generally contact allergies, and very few people are sensitive to the natural latex and wool which are encased inside our natural mattresses. If you have a diagnosed allergy, then it is best to try sleeping with a sample of the materials inside your pillowcase (we can provide samples). You are never in direct contact with the latex or wool.

Dormio Organic Beds…naturally better

Best selection of natural and organic quality mattresses and bedding in the Toronto area!




What makes a mattress “healthy”?

“Healthy” in this context implies good support for your body (including proper spinal alignment), minimization of pressure points that cause discomfort, and materials that are free of chemicals that can pollute your indoor air and impact your health. Studies that have shown rapidly increasing levels of pollutants in breast milk and umbilical cord blood have caused many people in the past decade to wake up to the health risks of environmental toxins that are ubiquitous in our industrial age society. While Europe has moved ahead in recent years with tighter controls on the manufacture and use of toxics, most other countries lag behind. Only a few hundred of the more than 80,000 chemicals in use in the United States have been tested for safety…Many known or suspected carcinogens are completely unregulated…to a disturbing extent, babies are born”pre-polluted”. In the case of mattresses, chemical flame retardants are a particular concern, as they can comprise up to 30% by weight of the plastic foams used in mattresses.

We all need to practice the precautionary principle for ourselves. We spend one third of our lives in bed. Therefore, one of the ways we can minimize our chemical exposures (and resulting body burden) is to sleep in as clean an environment as we can, allowing that significant time period when we are asleep to be restorative rather than detrimental.

Dormio Organic Beds…naturally better

Best selection of natural and organic quality mattresses and bedding in the Toronto area!


Back and neck pain causes

Back and neck pains are usually caused by hindered blood flow. Latex alleviates pressure points derived from excessive compression from a hard surface. Tests show that latex minimizes pressure points by distributing the weight evenly, resulting in unique comfort and a good night’s sleep.

1) Tension in the neck muscles is often aggarveted by poor sleeping posture or a bad pillow. This tension can lead to headaches and neck pains.

2)Sore shoulders, pressure points will hinder blood circulation causing aching shoulders and numb arms and hands.

3)Lack of support from the mattress will force the spine into an unnatural position causing back pain and stifness. Sleeping on a mattress with incorrect support for prolonged periods may cause spinal joints to slightly dislocate causing chronic back pain.

4)A too firm of a mattress can aggravate the pressure points and hinder blood circulation, this causes hip pain and inflamation of the joints.

5)Pressure points will cause aching in the knee joints, it also leads to numbness and discomfort.

6)Sharp pressure points will cause ankle pain and swollen feet.


Made in Canada the Dormio organic mattresses are some of the best mattresses available in today’s market, and a popular choice for consumers in the high end mattress market.

We offer great support; our mattresses anatomically conform to your body contours, distributing your body weight across the surface, this reduces pressure points, promotes normal blood circulation, relieves back, neck and shoulder pain, and reduces swelling of the legs and ankles.

A fresh, dry and healthy sleep environment for the life of the mattress. This is due to the breathability of the latex and the wool content in all of our mattresses. Ideal for any climate.

Minimal partner disturbance, movement on one side of the mattress does not result in movement on the other side.

A Non-allergenic, anti-bacterial, fungus-free, germ free & dustmite resistant sleep environment. It is the best choice for asthma and allergy sufferers.

A superior green product. 100% recyclable and renewable.

We guarantee customer’s satisfaction of utmost comfort and a better quality of sleep.

Dormio Organic Beds…naturally better

Best selection of natural and organic quality mattresses and bedding in the Toronto area!