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More about Hypnos……

Hypnos holds Royal warrants. The Queen along with the entire royal family rests on Hypnos- as does the queen of talk shows, Oprah Winfrey.

This all natural mattress is upholstered in a custom-made damask with an especially tight weave that prevents skin cells (and dust mites) from penetrating the mattress. Honeycomb nested coils are centre tied so that they work independently to minimize movement in the mattress.

Best for long term use. The queen mother used the same mattress for more than 70 years.

These mattresses (queen size) range from $2500 (machine made) to $6500 (handmade)


Dormio Organic Beds…naturally better

Best selection of natural and organic quality mattresses and bedding in the GTA!


What is a luxury mattress…

Your bedroom can be your ultimate sanctuary. Besides providing you with a place to sleep, your bedroom can be a refuge from the daily stresses of life. Creating your sanctuary can be as simple as surrounding yourself with the things that make you feel content. In the ultimate sanctuary you create an environment that creates more than contentment, but will also facilitate the best possible sleep you can achieve: in short, a sleep sanctuary.

Regardless of age, gender or social status, a good mattress is one of the four key factors in building a sleep sanctuary, according to the Better Sleep Council. When the Queen Mother was building her sanctuary, she turned to Hypnos, for her mattress. Over Hypnos’ 100 year history, they have become the holders of an unprecedented two Royal Warrants and have been supplying the British Royal Family for over 40 years.

According to Forbes Magazine it has been said, “the two things that kept the Queen Mother alive to the age of 101 were her gin and tonic and her Hypnos mattress”. Maybe this is also why so many of the very posh Hotels in London use Hypnos mattresses. According to enRoute magazine the Hypnos mattresses in The Metropolitan Hotel in London are one of the main reasons they consider it number 2 in their list of the 5 best places in the world to call home.

Oprah, Elton John, Kim Cattrall

In the last few years the Hypnos story has spread around the globe, as more people have found sanctuary in a Hypnos mattress. Including many well-known individuals; Oprah, Elton John, Vladimir Putin, Kim Cattrall (Sex & the City) and the The King of Malaysia.

Beauty, luxury and relaxation.Three ingredients of the Ultimate Santuary.

The Better Sleep Council states “Correct support is the essential ingredient for a healthy body”. This is why Hypnos uses individually pocketed coils that are honeycomb nested for the ultimate in body support. Combine this ultimate coil system with natural fibres like cotton, wool, silk and cashmere. Meticulously build it by traditional handcrafting methods, and you have, as Hypnos puts it, the Most Comfortable Bed in the World. Further, Hypnos has been touted as the perfect mattress for people with allergies. Right from natural fibres to the unique and natural methods to control, if not eliminate, things like mold, mildew and dust mites, are all part of Hypnos’ claim to fame. As you begin your venture into creating your unique sanctuary, be sure to budget for the creme de la creme of mattresses. A mattress of this quality is well worth the investment to make your sanctuary, the ultimate sanctuary. Mike from British Columbia, “After sleeping on this bed for six months, both my wife and I have noticed a considerable increase in the quality of our sleep. Having traveled and staying at many quality hotels worldwide, none have met the benchmark of our Hypnos bed.“ Kathie and Michael from Alberta, “Both of us have various sports related aches and pains (back, shoulders and neck) that have made a peaceful sleep impossible. All that has changed with our new Hypnos mattress!!“ Fran Gloger of Potomac “We decided to go for something really great and bought a Hypnos,” said Gloger, 44, a stay-at-home mom with a 6- and 7- year-old. “My hips were giving me a lot of pain,” she said, but after the first night in their new bed, “I woke up the next day and didn’t have pain in my hips.”

Dormio Organic Beds and Sleep Products are the proud purveyors of The Hypnos Royal line up.

Are fire retardants used in mattresses sold in Canada?

Mattresses and pillows are “doused” in flame-retardants. It seems completely absurd to use a flame-retardant chemical on something that we spend a third of our lives sleeping on.

In Canada, mattresses are covered under the Hazardous Products Regulations. Health Canada has set fire safety standards that require that all mattresses and futons sold in Canada must resist catching fire from a smouldering cigarette. Because the vast majority of mattresses are made from a variety of petroleum-based materials, they are not naturally fireproof. So, in order to make these incredible fuel sources fire proof, manufactures apply fire retardants to them and this is where things start to get sticky.

The most commonly used class of flame retardants were the brominated flame retardants (BFRs).  BFRs contained PBDEs (poly-brominated diphenyl ethers), a group of chemicals that are highly persistent and which bio-accumulate in the environment and in the food chain. PBDEs have been detected in household dust, human blood and breast milk and they are suspected hormone disruptors and may cause cancer, as well as reproductive and developmental disorders. Individuals residing in North American have higher levels of PBDEs in their bodies than their European counterparts, where some PBDEs have been banned.

Some mattress manufactures voluntarily phased them out as more and more people become increasingly concerned about the long-term health impacts of these and similar chemicals. These companies that voluntarily removed PBDEs from their mattresses then began using another chemical group that has the acronym TCEP, which represent the chlorinated phosphate esters and these, too, are facing restrictions in the European Union.

So, how the heck do you find a mattress that won’t suddenly burst into flames but isn’t dipped in a bath of chemicals? Well that depends on what you’re willing to spend. Dormio Organic Beds retails latex mattresses made with 97 percent pure rubber tree milk stabilized with zinc oxide as its bonding agent. It is covered with 100 per cent certified organic cotton, and wool batting is added for moisture control and for its natural flame retardant properties. These mattresses start around $1500 for a queen.

The bottom line is that most mattresses on the market are either petroleum-based, coated in one flame retarding product or another, or emit significant levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). To purchase a truly green and healthy mattress you will likely have to spend more than you are probably used to spending on a mattress. That said, we do spend a third of our lives in our beds and, when it comes down to it, a good, toxic-free sleep is priceless.

Dormio Organic Beds…naturally better

Best selection of natural and organic quality mattresses and bedding in the GTA!