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Dormio Tranquility Mattress…wholesome and organic

Proudly Canadian

The Dormio Tranquility mattress is constructed to provide each sleeper with supreme comfort, long-lasting support and provide correct natural body alignment using healthy natural materials. The Tranquility mattress is built in layers of latex gold to provide flexibility. These layers can be moved to achieve different firmnesses. A thick layer of carded 100% Organic New Zealand [...]  read more

Just for fun

Re-inventing the hide a bed!







Thanks for having some fun with us.

Dormio Organic Beds…naturally better

Best selection of natural and organic quality mattresses and bedding in the GTA!

Magniflex Geoethic Series Pillows……Made in Italy

The Magniflex GeoEthic pillows are comfortable and made to last.

The Magniflex pillows contain no materials that are toxic or non-biodegradable. Magniflex strongly believes that environmental safety, both for their employees and customers, and safeguarding the earth’s natural resources must play an integral part in the manufacturing process.

If you love traditional memory foam pillows but don’t [...]  read more

Another Dormio Organic Beds Exclusive Latex Pillows

Natural shredded latex Pillows are just great, both for kids and adults alike.

Natural shredded latex provides a healthy, supportive and resilient pillow.

Theses pillows are dust free, antimicrobial, breathable, washable, resilient, flame resistant, comfortable, long-lasting and easily shaped for different sleeping positions.

Now, how can you possibly make these pillows any better???

Sometimes the obvious [...]  read more

What is memory foam?

Memory foam is polyurethane with additional chemicals increasing its viscosity and density. It is also often referred to as visco-elastic polyurethane foam.

Even though toxins can now be found in nearly all common household products; from carpets to microwaves, paints, couches and children’s clothing, many of these toxins accumulate in the body and are never expelled. Unfortunately, memory [...]  read more

A bit more about wool….


Renewable and Sustainable. Wool is a renewable resource that can be shorn from sheep annually. It is biodegradable and kinder to the environment than oil-based synthetics, which contribute to global pollution. Wool is sustainable. Wool from free-grazing sheep, treated ethically throughout their long lives, represents a traditional small-scale industry that once [...]  read more

Is your pillow making you sick?

We spend all night with our faces pressed against them, but your pillow could be a fungi breeding ground.

As we drift off to sleep, few of us spend much time considering the mites and fungus that inhabit our pillows, but they can have serious health implications.

 [...]  read more

Why do we use wool from Argentina?

All Dormio Premium mattresses use 100% organic wool fillings and batting from Argentina.

The pure wool used in the quilting process is shorn from sheep that have grazed only in pastures free from pesticides and herbicides.  The wool is washed without detergents, chemicals, chlorine or bleach  just hot water and soap.  It is processed without the use of oils or bonding agents, so it just doesn’t [...]  read more

Do you find sleeping difficult?

If you find it difficult to sleep at night, you should start searching for the cause. Getting a good night’s sleep is absolutely vital, but sometimes, people go for months or even years without sleeping well. Sometimes, in order to change one has to be sick and tired of being sick and tired.

What’s keeping you awake? For some, it’s allergies. Some people are allergic [...]  read more

Maybe the obvious? (part 2)

Wool and skiers was the topic of a blog a little while ago. ┬áNow let’s talk about babies and wool.

If you’re new to the world of cloth diapering, you may have heard of parents using an organic wool diaper cover to keep their little ones dry. However, wool fabric is incredibly dry and has been used for ages as part of a cloth diapering system. Furthermore, wool diaper covers are 100 percent [...]  read more