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William and Kate

The queen mother slept on it, Queen Elizabeth sleeps on it and now William and Kate will be sleeping on it. Hypnos the holder of 2 Royal Warrants, completely natural and hand-made.

The most comfortable beds in the world are now available at Dormio Organic Beds.  On display in their own room and available for private shopping, come visit us and try one out.  They are not us expensive [...]  read more

Marriage is a Major Milestone in Life

Marriage is a major milestone in life. For many people, it’s the first time that they really have to think about a mattress purchase and what they should sleep on.

Most young couples rely on their parents for guidance and usually end up buying a mattress based on what they think is good. Others purchase what is on sale that particular week or may even buy a mattress because some stores give [...]  read more

What are Moulds?

Moulds are simple plants without the green color. They’re all around us feeding on other plants and animal matter and growing wherever moisture is present. You usually need a microscope to see moulds, but as they grow, they become visible and can become a health problem, releasing microscopic spores that aggravate symptoms of allergies and asthma in some people.

Moulds belong to the group known [...]  read more

3 Day Sale

3 Days Only

Thursday April 28

Friday April 29

Saturday April 30

Receive an additional

15% OFF

our already sale prices

For 3 days only take off another 15% off our tagged prices.  Most of the items are already on sale, but for 3 days only we are discounting everything an additional 15%.

Take the Hush-a- bye mattress for example.

The queen mattress is regularly $2499, on sale for $1499 and for 3 days only you save another $225

That’s a total saving [...]  read more

The Comforts of Latex Mattresses

One of the greatest revolutions in the mattress industry is the discovery of this type of bed. According to sleep institutions and experts, latex mattresses are capable of rejuvenating a person by having a night’s full of relaxing and comforting sleep. Believing that sufficient sleep helps keep a person energized and mentally alert, all these would depend on the kind of mattress that one sleeps [...]  read more

A bit of rubber history and we are not stretching the truth

Rubber, the most fascinating natural material, is also known by the Maya name caoutchouc. Knowledge of the elastic properties of rubber was brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus, who observed inhabitants of Haiti playing with bouncing balls. Considerably later, in 1615, a Spanish explorer reported how milk (latex) gathered from incisions made on specific tropical trees was brushed on cloaks, [...]  read more

Organic Pima Cotton

What is Pima cotton?

Pima cotton is the name for extra-long staple (ELS) cotton grown in the U.S., Australia, Peru and in very limited production in a few other locations around the world.  It is grown in select areas where the cotton can benefit from a long growing season in a hot, dry climate.  Its production costs are much higher than upland cotton costs in the same area.

The name was given to [...]  read more

Hypnos Eminence Mattress

Hypnos Eminence

Elegantly covered in the finest gold and silver Belgium damask, the deep luxurious mattress encloses the very best of trusted traditional fillings including pure silk and cashmere. It is the very zenith of craftsmanship, expertly designed and handmade to perfection.


  • 2088 honeycomb nested pocket coils
  • Available in Regular (17.5G) and Firm (17G)
  • 3 rows of genuine Hand Side Stitching
  • Luxurious Gold and Silver Belgium woven Damask cover
  • Hand-tufted with woollen tufts

Layers of material, starting from the material closest to the coil:

  • Cotton felt (700 g / sq meter)
  • Spunbond long cattle whitehair (1200g / sq meter)
  • Air bonded wool & cotton (900 g / sq meter)
  • Bonded wool-silk (500g / sq meter)
  • Bonded wool-cashmere (500 g / sq meter)
  • Non-allergenic white fibre in borders
  • 8 Strong padded handles
  • 16 Brass air vents
  • Pocket coil foundation is standard

Dormio Organic Beds…naturally better

 [...]  read more

What is the Dormio Gold Collection Made Of??

Latex Gold rubber

Latex rubber cushioning was invented in 1928. Latex Gold has been researched and processed in New Zealand since 1953. Latex Gold is made from 100% natural rubber extracted from the Hevea brasiliensis tree, a renewable resource grown in Malaysia.

The natural milky juice of the rubber tree is processed to form a soft, yet durable, material. The honeycomb consistency gives the rubber [...]  read more