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Dormio Gold Sandman Mattress

The Dormio Gold Sandman Mattress…organically luscious

The Dormio Sandman mattress is constructed to provide each sleeper with supreme comfort, long-lasting support and provide correct natural body alignment using healthy natural materials. Each side can be customized to match the sleeper’s body weight, shape and desired comfort. The Sandman mattress, 10″ high, consists of 8 pieces [...]  read more

Press Release – Dormio Orangic Beds

Dormio Organic beds specializes in organic mattresses and bedding products.

With so many mattress stores around, this one is truly different.

Located in Mississauga in the Home and Design Centre, it’s just a stone throw away from the 403, 401 and QEW.

You know something is special as soon as you walk in the door.

Peaceful atmosphere, nice natural smells fill the air and the sound of the forest [...]  read more

Why Natural Crib Mattresses

Why Natural Crib Mattresses?

Traditional crib mattresses are a primary source of chemical poisoning in babies.  Several scientists even claim that toxic gases released from crib mattresses, when breathed or absorbed by a sleeping baby, can cause crib death or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)  These claims have not been 100% scientifically proven, nor have they been disproven, and there is urgent [...]  read more

Latex Mattresses – Sleep is so critical

Sleep is so critical, that it isn’t any wonder everybody is trying to design a mattress that will help people get a better night’s rest.

Latex mattresses aren’t new they are just becoming more popular.

Her’s why:

Latex is natural and stays naturally clean.

Latex is durable, unlike petroleum based foams, very resilient and always bounces back.

Latex is able to take your body shape [...]  read more

What’s in a mattress…….?

What’s in a mattress……?

Today’s mattresses are not like the ones that were manufactured 50 years ago. Today’s mattresses contain flame retardants, petroleum base foams, plastics, vinyls, fungicides and pesticides. A lot of mattresses are manufactured almost entirely of raw ingredients from the petroleum industry. These ingredients are then made into synthetics such as [...]  read more

One Month – Organic Beds Toronto

It’s been only about a month since we put up the Open sign in the window, and already you can start to see that all of our hard work is starting to pay off.

And there was a lot of hard work!  Two months of 60-70 hour weeks; painting, building, tearing down, building back up, planning, arranging and setting up our showroom.

I think we did a great job, and I think so will you!  It’s exciting [...]  read more

Wool, the Miracle Fibre, Dormio Organic Beds

We’ve put together a whole bunch of events for the month of April.

Our general theme for April is WOOL, THE MIRACLE FIBRE

We will be starting with the NATURA FACTORY AUTHORIZED SALE.

The sale is scheduled to start Saturday April 2nd and run ’til Sunday April 10th.

This is the way it works…… Natura sells Dormio Organic Beds at a discounted price and we match the savings. For every [...]  read more

Dormio Organic Beds

Today we launched our new website.

It has taken a long time, but I think you’ll find it very detailed and easy to use.

Most of the items you can purchase online. Others we recommend you personally try before making the purchase. If you do purchase online, we promise to call you to thank you for your order and update you with a delivery date.

Now I wanted to continue on from where I left off from [...]  read more

Finally – the store is open!!!! Dormio Organic Beds Toronto

We took a bit longer than expected but the extra time allowed us to try new things – the outcome is great!

Wait ’til you see what we’ve created for you!!!!!

All the bases have been covered.

The biggest and best selection ever under one roof!  I think we have created a really great and unique shopping experience!

The number of mattress feels we offer are just too many to count, the [...]  read more